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Nokia 5800 Lock Code Problem After Upgrade Firmware To v21.0.025

The latest Nokia 5800 device firmware was out in the earlier of April but only yesterday I had mood and free time to upgrade my touch touch baby.

Although the earlier firmware upgrade from v11 to v20 didn’t erase user data (e.g. contacts, notes, calendar entries, settings, etc), I made two copies of backup before flashing it with NSU (one backup to memory card by using the inbuilt backup function while another one save to my Vista SP1 Desktop via Nokia PC Suite).

Luckily I had done this; otherwise I might have to cry for a day :-).

Why? Because I was panic and went on to “format” the phone after found out the keypad to enter lock code is no longer default to alpha-numeric!

For those who have gone through the Nokia 5800 firmware update from v11 to v20 should know that the v20 presents an alpha-numeric keypad defaulted to alphabet input.

As the Nokia security code (a.k.a. lock code) is used to be numeric only so the new default touchscreen keypad poses difficulty to most users. The novice even find it a great challenge or a nasty glitch and complained about lock code not working or security code fails soon after upgrading to this v20 firmware.

Although I filed the same complaint, but I knew that it can be easily fixed in no time. What I did was to update the lock code from numeric to alphabet, using the first of three characters on each key. So for example, the lock code 23267 is then set to “adamp” :-)

However, this “fix” made me crazy as soon as the phone rebooting after the v21 update completed. Now the v21 presents a numeric keypad, no more alpha-numeric, to enter lock code or security code!

This round, patience and alert are not with me, totally out of control, as my other half urged me to go out on time for dinner with parent-in-law. Due to the pressure of time, I panic and decided to format the darn phone with three secret keys, even that kind of “factory restore” doesn’t reset the Nokia security code. Somehow, I did it and end up to lost those user-based data and settings. WTF!

After cooling down, I found out that actually I can press the # key continuously for few seconds to get back that freaking alpha-numeric keypad, in order to enter my valid lock code that made up of alphabet only. (Probably, this “shift” key might also works in the v20 keypad for entering lock code as well. Mind to leave a comment for answer of this?)

Now, I am not sure this round the v21 update does erase the settings, contacts, notes, calendar entries, etc, but I am certainly able to restore all those user-based settings and data from the backup in memory card, that made by Nokia 5800 backup function in the File Manager icon.

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  1. Abdul-rahman 30-05-09@04:21

    Thnx u 4 this info. :D
    u saved me. i was about formating it

  2. Sherin 31-05-09@15:04

    Thank You so much for sharing

  3. John Court 29-06-09@07:40

    Seems every one with nokia 5800 V20 has been complaining about this. You asked for a comment on holding the # key for a while to switch from alpha to numeric on V20. I can confirm that does indeed work. This looks like a simple keypad mode default on V20 and V21 has caused no end of grief for people…better documentation on switching keypad modes would have helped too.



  4. Walker 29-06-09@21:41

    Hi John, thank you for confirming this. I agree with you that Nokia should have made a note or changelog to tell people of the keyboard mode switching, which I personally think it’s important and worth to know.

  5. John Court 30-06-09@08:34

    Yes its one of those simple cases that probably wasn’t checked in testing and unfortuately will cause the classic “this thing is crap” response from first time users that get themselves tangled up. The solution is VERY simple for people. To re-iterate :

    1) On nokia 5800 V20 the lock code input defaults to alpha-numeric and the default code is unfortunately 12345. To input numeric simply hold the # key for a second or so and the keypad mode will change to numeric input. You will have to do this every time you input the lock code if you keep it numeric.

    2) On nokia 5800 V21 the lock code input was changed to default to numeric which will work fine for people who haven’t changed their lockcode to alpha but will bite anyone who has (i.e. those upgrading from V20 that managed to get the lockcode changed to an alpha). To change to alpha-numeric input again hold the # key for a second or so.

    Thanks Walker for your solution…it might be worth posting widely.


    John Court

  6. andrew 30-06-09@12:17

    So , what is the default CODE again? I know is not 12345…. I still having problem with this people… Please help …. Thanks again…

  7. John Court 01-07-09@04:47

    On my phone at V20 it was 12345 this was in Australia on the 3 network …. on V21 I can’t say yet if they changed the default (the nokia ovi site isn’t letting me complete the firmware download of V21 and locks up at 97MB every time !!)…. for your circumstances I suspect it will depend on what has been done to the phone by your carrier and yourself. What version are you running and have you or some care centre changed the lock code at some point ? The amount of noise I am hearing I guess it is also possible that some well meaning telco changed the lock code to something that might work on V20 in alpha mode … the 1 key doesn’t so it could be something like 2345 however be aware that if they did this it could have been changed to alpha numeric “adgk”. Unfortunately without knowing your specific devices history and firmware revisions and network its unlikely that anyone but your telco can help. Thats the thing with security once things get out of control the only way to bring them back is often a factory default reset.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help.


  8. mia 01-07-09@20:52

    Hi guys im gona buy nokia 5800. Nagagandahan kasi ako. But should i upgrade to v21 firmware? For what purpose is this? Just to make many apps on phone?
    Pls answer me guys. Sorry for ignorance but i wana learn! TIA.

  9. Walker 01-07-09@21:39

    Suppose an enhancement.

  10. John Court 03-07-09@06:33

    Just an update on the V21 upgrade … I managed to get that for my 5800 yesterday and it did NOT change my lock code (i.e. I could still use the original numeric one I had set in V20) so that is a good thing for those upgrading provided you make sure you KNOW what your original code is and set the keyboard input mode appropriately.

    Mia, on the V21 vs V20 I have noticed two things that were important to me. Firstly the lock code keyboard now defaults to numeric input, this is nice since I no longer have to hold the # key before entering my lock code but not really a big deal. Secondly I have found the browser no longer locks up or is as slow on some fairly large and dynamic web pages that I visit regularly. There are also mention in the release notes that they improved the touch pad accuracy/response. In all I haven’t seen a downside to the V21 yet. As a precaution before upgrading ALWAYS do a full backup of the device first via Ovi Suite on your PC and I made sure I turned off the lock code feature during upgrade just in case things went wrong (i.e. since you have to enter the lock code to turn on/off lock code feature activation in settings it means after upgrade the worst that could happen would be you couldn’t turn it back to auto locking compared to not being able to get into the phone at all if the feature is left on during upgrade).

  11. Rebecca 27-07-09@14:23

    THANK YOU! You saved me, too!

  12. james 29-07-09@14:48

    So many thanks for sharing valuable information

  13. Bala 01-08-09@09:47

    ah….you saved me. Code 12345 worked for me. Thank you

  14. Alegom 06-08-09@10:35

    I have to say it: if it weren’t for you, i would lose my mind.

    So I deeply thank you. Take care. ;)

  15. Jamie A 03-12-09@04:35

    I recently bought the nokia 5800 on eBay when it arrived it asked me for a phone lock code i had no idea what ir was so i got in contact with the person who sold it me but and he sed the code had always been 12345 but i have tried this several times and it doesnt work. Any Help would be highly appreciated


  16. mikeybups 04-12-09@22:26

    hi any one no how to rest my 5800 express the thing is the lock codes I no one off the codes that i set myself but i have forgoten the rest I need to use the factory setting but the phone tells me its wrong and i no it is the wright ones ? i updated the phone software to 3. somthing and after that i could not get into yhe phone

  17. Christina 18-01-10@19:12

    was just wondering if anyone would be able to help me out, i entered my security code for the phone keypad but bumped one of the numbers and can not unlock the phone key pad now. Is there some master reset or something i can do to unlock it?

  18. ademola 25-01-10@19:33

    i upgrade my nokia 5800 last week and since my security code is not working again i enter 12345 but is giving code error please kindly help me out. thanks

  19. kollin 13-02-10@05:58

    I upgraded my Nokia 5800 last week with the lock code on . but after the upgrade everything was working well except that i cannot lock my phone again, it ask me for the lock code i type the default code 12345 and it then ask for the new code i type the numbers 0809 but after typing it again by confirming it says CODE ERROR Why? so now i cant lock my phone anymore. please what can I do if any??? I have tried to set it back to Factory setting but it still the same.

  20. peter 17-02-10@15:20

    Thanks for the info, you saved me.
    I had a alphabetic lock code and after I updated from version 20 to 31.0.101 I could not enter the code as the keys for entering the lock code after firmware update were numeric only. Reset does not reset the code and I was really stuck.
    Holding # was the answer but no indication on the screen that # does that or in the user manual.
    Not good Nokia !!!

  21. Adrian 16-03-10@23:02

    Thanks a lot for sharing this info !!!!

  22. Hardy 27-03-10@03:19

    Thanks man thanks so much………….

  23. Kuladeep Reddy 06-06-10@14:40

    I had to Hard Reset my Phone of 5800…..Since then my Memory Card is locked…….I tried using the keys like 12345 or 00000 but it did not work. i used the code what people have suggested by in vain. Please help me to get out of this situation

    Kuladeep Reddy

  24. You Wei 23-06-10@16:39

    hi there. I got my phone upgraded to 50.0.00. Got the lock code problem as well as its not 12345. Any idea what i can do? Thanks in advance

  25. aimee 28-08-10@22:32

    to reset your 5800 xpressmusic just dial/type *#7370# , i recommend to upgrade your phone to its latest version 50.0.00 …. =)

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