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How To Remove Unwanted Microsoft Updates From Windows Update Program?

Windows Vista Ultimate users entitle to download additional software that known as Windows Ultimate Extras.

Although there are few tens of these “special” program (if by including 34 language packs where most users only need one out of all to enable Vista MUI feature), actually only few are really useful.

To me, I only interested in BitLocker and one Chinese language pack so as to “experience” the Windows Vista security and multilingual user interface functions.

No doubt, I like to play Microsoft Tinker sometime, especially when having lunch in office :-(

As these optional software do not affect Vista security or performance, the Windows Update program reports the system is up to date upon inspection.

However, all these uninstalled, optional software are still appearing in View Available Updates.

I find it a bit messy and want to remove them from the list, by guessing that I will not likely to use any one of them. So, if you share a same mind of me, do you know how to do it?

Well, it is simple – the Windows Update program inbuilt a “hidden” function to hide (not remove) Microsoft updates that you don’t want to install:

Use Hide Update function to remove unwanted Microsoft updates from Windows Update program.

As shown in the screenshot, just select the unwanted Microsoft update and click Hide Update option from the pop-up menu.
Certainly, this function required administrator privilege to complete. Due to Vista UAC feature, even “administrator” is required to acknowledge the Consent UI window, unless you’re using the real, built-in Administrator account or has the UAC feature disabled.

As they are not removed, just hidden, therefore it is possible to restore them later by clicking Restore Hidden Updates on the left pane of Windows Update main program window.

In the Restore Hidden Updates window, review the list, select wanted update, click Restore button, and proceed to View Available Update window again for installation.

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  1. S 25-02-10@01:20

    Thank you so much for this! ^_^ I’ve been trying to get rid of that unwanted notifcation of available updates for so long! ^_^

  2. jkc 21-08-10@09:00

    Thanks!!! I knew there had to be a way. I appreciate you sharing it…

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