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How To Quit From Telnet Login Prompt Immediately?

To many of you, this is not an interested post. However, it will not cost much for recording it here as a reference.

Question: You’re accessing Linux command prompt in front of server console or via remote access client (be it a insecure telnet or encrypted SSH connection).

Then, from that Linux command prompt, you make a telnet connection to other telnet server (be it a Unix/Linux-based or the Windows Telnet server).

While at telnet login prompt, you find out that is not the right telnet server to access and want to quit immediately.

So, how could you exit from the telnet login prompt immediately, without waiting for it to time out or forcibly terminate the telnet client process?

Answer: I find out that the telnet client of either Windows Vista Ultimate or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 supports the same “escape” key.

This special key, better known as “escape character” brings up the telnet > command prompt instantly when it’s pressed.

As seen in this following screenshot, the “escape character” is ^]. That’s to say, press CTRL and ] together for the telnet > command prompt and just enter quit command to end the telnet client process properly:

Telnet client - how to exit from telnet login prompt immediately?

With this “proper” way, there is no need to wait for time out, simply close Putty window, or execute kill -9 command from another session.

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  1. alpagu 04-01-11@23:41

    thanks, that is great for me..

  2. Sri 18-10-12@22:59

    Worked like a charm….

  3. Chuni 26-08-13@21:23

    thanks a lot, you really saved my time with this.

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