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How To Get A Free Copy Of Windows 7 Beta Product Key

Unlike the GNU Linux, Microsoft Windows requires product key and activation for all of its operating system, including the beta release.

Why there is a need of product key and activation for beta release?

Well, the answer is simple – every component must be tested completely in order to fix all potential bugs and glitches discover during beta stage of software release life cycle.

So, if you want to test on Windows 7 Beta, the next Windows release to replace Windows Vista, you must have a valid product key to proceed installation.

Of course, the price is zero to get you one genuine Windows 7 Beta product key! If you paid for it, please help yourself to file a case at nearest police station :-(

How to get a free product key for Windows 7 Beta installation?

All you need is to click this link to select the product key for your choice of Windows 7, then click the GO button to proceed login with your own Windows Live ID (the same login ID used to access Windows Live Hotmail, XBox Live, MSN or Windows Live Messenger).

Request for a free Windows 7 Beta product key.

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