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Only One Symbian S60 Freeware Works On Non India-based Nokia 5800!

Other than Nokia at Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan, Nokia India also offers some third party S60 freeware made for the touchscreen-based Nokia 5800.

Up to now, there are nine Symbian freeware and games made for S60 5th Edition UI, i.e. the touchscreen interface as the one with Nokia 5800.

Although it’s possible to download all of these software, only one freeware works with my Nokia 5800. Thank god, the one that’s working, called SMS Timer, is a pretty useful S60 freeware for me!

With SMS Timer, I could easily schedule birthday greeting SMS for closed friends in contact list at exactly 12am on their special day!
I didn’t try the two mobile games (Touch Card Match and Touch Maneuver) which I’ve tested them earlier with installation files from Nokia Hong Kong. After all, I don’t really like these dummy games, except the Big 2!

In additional, I also skip the Cricket Widget, as I’m not a fan of “ball” :-)

These are the S60 freeware that only work on India Nokia phone:

Smart Guard

Smart Guard encrypt user data kept on both phone memory and memory card. Unless you are the owner, who know the passcode (or the hacker who can crack it in no time) can access to your privacy!

As what I understand from the brief description in download page, this function provided by Smart Guard is suppose different from Nokia inbuilt phone lock mechanism, as you could unlock the screen for your friend to make call or write SMS but a passcode is required to access your messages, contacts, photos, etc, that are protected by Smart Guard.

I heard there is one model of Sony Ericsson smart phone offers similar function of Smart Guard as FOC. Anyway, I didn’t Google this for prove.

For sure, this S60 security freeware is interesting to me, but the message “This application works only in Indian region” upset me!

Marble Maze

Marble Maze is a S60 mobile game that takes advantages of Nokia 5800 orientation sensor! It’s a labyrinth game about leading the ball into a goal by tilting Nokia 5800.

Quoted the description as saying, Marble Maze could be an addictive game as there is 40 different labyrinths and 3 different types of ball (i.e. metal, rubber, and a super ping pong ball).

At least, if I couldn’t play Big 2 Master, it should be possible to easily play this game even sandwiched in a tube during peak office hour! But I couldn’t as it’s not working with my Nokia 5800 (blame me for not living in India!) :-(

I won’t know the Marble Maze is only working on India Nokia phone if not via Google Search, as the program just flash and close when I click the Marble Maze icon! There is no error. But even there is one I couldn’t have noticed that, unless my eyes can take snapshot as a high speed shutter does.


Another Symbian security freeware made for S60 5th Edition UI, and it’s even attractive than Smart Guard.

As stated in download page, Wave Secure is able to track, remotely lock and erase data of a lost or stolen phone via Buddy Notification or over the Internet (Nokia 5800 inbuilt WIFI for accessing Internet)!

When I open Wave Secure for the first time, this message pops up, telling me “Please insert Indian SIM card to activate Wave Secure” :-(

Easy Reject (Call and SMS Spam Blocker)

Easy Reject is SMS and Call management software for Symbian S60 5th Edition UI. The functions are obviously about blocking unwanted call with busy tone or filtering spam SMS.

By the way, I think I could use Easy Reject, as it’s not a freeware. There is a message saying, “This trial version is limited to handle up to 20 incoming calls / messages. After expiration, you can purchase a Licence.”

Cricket Widget

A widget requires Internet connection to work. Otherwise, there is no meaning to start it in offline mode.

The Cricket widget could be useful to fans of cricket sport as it streams real time ball-by-ball update of matches being played, in addition to match other features like summary and scorecard, breaking news, photograph to reminisce the historical cricket matches.


As its name implies, My Ringtone is a S60 application that said allows user to cut portion of favourite song as mobile phone ringtone (similar function provided by Windows Movie Maker or mp3Directcut), or to create a ringtone fusion by merging 3 songs into one tune at your wish.

Similar to Marble Maze, it flash and close without an error as I open it, and I guess it share the same reason of Marble Maze :-(

[ With reference to Nokia India download page for Nokia 5800 ]

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