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Download Screen Capture Freeware For Nokia 5800 Or S60 5th Edition Nokia Phone

While using Nokia N73, I used Screenshot freeware of Antony Pranata. If you like the Print Screen button or Windows Vista Snipping Tool, Screenshot is the screen capture freeware for mobile phone powered by Symbian OS.

However, Screenshot is only working on S60 3rd Edition user interface – it fails to work on S60 5th Edition UI for touchscreen-based smart phone like Nokia 5800 :-(.
While waiting for the possibility of Antony to post Screenshot for S60 5th Edition (hopefully), I’ve to look for an alternative.

The search mission completed after couple minutes, with this Best ScreenSnap of SmartphoneWare, created on 26th of Dec 2008.

Best ScreenSnap is screen capture freeware for Nokia 5800.

At this time of writing, Best ScreenSnap version 1.00 is offer for download as a Symbian S60 5th Edition freeware.

That’s to say, any (Nokia) phone running on Symbian OS with S60 5th Edition user interface can install and make use of Best ScreenSnap, e.g. Nokia 5800 and the coming Nokia N97.

Similar to Screenshot of Antony, Best ScreenSnap can setup to use the camera capture key to snap screenshots and automatically save the screenshots to user-defined storage (phone memory or microSD memory card).

On top of that, the Best ScreenSnap setting page allows user to define screenshot default quality (higher quality means a bigger size of screenshot) and the default behaviour after taking a screenshot (automatically save to memory or send it via Bluetooth, Infrared, multimedia message or email).

The only defect of this screen capture freeware that bother me is not working with auto-rotate display. Best ScreenSnap capture the screenshot vertically regardless the screen display is shown as vertical or horizontal view (as shown here):

Best ScreenSnap is freeware for Nokia phone running on Symbian OS S60 5th Edition user interface.

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