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Download Nokia 5800 Touchscreen-based Symbian Freeware From Nokia HK

As what I expected, the Nokia at my home country website doesn’t offer any interested Symbian freeware for the touchscreen-based Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

Therefore, I browsed Nokia Hong Kong official website and pleased to know that there are many Nokia 5800 compatible or touch-based SIS programs and games offer for zero-cost download.

Best of all, these are freeware, support multilingual interface, and don’t have to sign in for download (except you’re required to “read” the “accept” the lengthy agreement before initiating download process).

Although not everyone likes to install all these freeware, I’m certainly believe that some of these S60 touchscreen-based programs or games are attractive to keep in your Nokia 5800 (or the coming touchscreen-based Nokia phone, e.g. Nokia 6208c, Nokia N97, etc).

So, here are my preferable list of most-wanted Nokia 5800 Symbian freeware and games (order from top to bottom):

Fortune and Fengshui guide for the year of Ox

Symbian freeware for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - Fortune and Fengshui guide for the year of OxI bet this is the most-wanted Symbian freeware among Chinese and Fengshui followers! If you’ve doubt of anything related to Fengshui for year 2008, this guide might be helpful.

Other than Fengshui guide, also include general fortune advice for the respective Chinese zodiac in the year of Ox and the screensaver / theme that said bring good luck to people who suffer “bad star” in the year of Ox.

Although I believe Einstein more than a diehard fan of superstition belief, I’m kinda support some part of Fengshui theory that can co-related to scientific explanation.

Overall, this free Fengshui and Fortune guide is relatively comprehensive!

Mail for Exchange

Nokia Symbian freeware - MfE or Mail for Exchange - a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync compatible client.MfE, stands for Mail for Exchange, is a Symbian freeware from Nokia, which in the past is only available for Nokia ESeries and some Nokia NSeries model.

Technically, Mail for Exchange is an ActiveSync client that allow me access on the move a synchronized copy of office emails, calendar entries, contacts, and tasks hosted on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP2. (That’s to say, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync must be active and available in order MfE to work.)

If you travel with a Nokia smart phone, Mail for Exchange should be useful (if your office willing to bear the data packet cost charged on your 3G Internet access bill).
Talking Dictionary

Nokia 5800 Freeware - Cambridge Talking DictionaryTalking Dictionary is really cool and useful to me who has problem in pronunciation :-(

Unlike the bi-directional English-Chinese dictionary that I have in N73, this Cambridge International Dictionary of English with Chinese translation includes pronunciation for most dictionary words.

In additional, Talking Dictionary provides phonetic and example sentence (in both English and Chinese) of the words.

Touchscreen-based Symbian Game

There are six touchscreen-based Symbian game developed by Activate and mBounce, all available free download without any restrictions, multilingual interface, and are quite fun to play with :-)

Nokia 5800 free game - Touch PianoNokia 5800 free game - Touch Card MatchingNokia free game - Touch GuitarNokia 5800 free game - Touch ManeuverNokia 5800 free game - Motion Dice Box

Out of the six, I kinda like the Motion Dice Box, which makes good use of accelerometer sensor – you can shake the dice by shaking the Nokia 5800, as if the phone is a dice box! There is a similar game in Apple iPod and now I’ve one in my Nokia 5800 too :-).

Nokia 5800 free game - Touch PopperFor those who keen on “bet for fun” during gathering (e.g. the coming Chinese New Year), Motion Dice Box is certainly a best “tool” to have “betting fun” on the move!

The Touch Popper is my favourite as well. I used to poke the bubble wrap (a pliable transparent plastic material commonly used for packing fragile items).

Unlike busting the physical bubble wrap, playing nonsense with Touch Popper doesn’t result in plastic rubbish that is bad for environment :-).

Where to download and How to install these Symbian freeware for Nokia 5800?

Follow this link to browse and direct download the SIS installation files. The Chinese version is available here as well.

If you happen getting “expired certificate” error message during SIS installation, don’t panic or disappointed by this annoyed message.

There is nothing wrong with the expiry date of the SIS installation file and it’s not because of these Symbian freeware restrict installation on non-HK Nokia 5800.

The culprit is bundled microSD memory card! I encountered the same problem earlier but I’ve “fix” it and I have install all of these freeware on my very personal Nokia 5800 :-).

See previous post on how to fix “expired certificate” error of Nokia 5800.

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