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How To Fix Nokia 5800 Expired Certificate Error During SIS Installation?

For past few days, I’d been busy finding workable solution to the annoyed “expired certificate” problem that happen when I attempt to install SIS/SISX program files in Nokia 5800.

The Google result suggests me to reset the date of phone to be earlier or later than current date, format the phone with *#7370# secret key followed by changing the phone regional settings to other countries (UK, HK, etc), set “Online Certificate Check” to off, etc.

There are forums and blogs mentioned that the version 10 firmware is well known for this “expired certificate” bug and thus should upgrade to the latest firmware version 11.0.008.

However, my Nokia 5800 firmware is already at this latest version out of the box. So, what’s next?

After trying with so many suggestions from Google search result to no success, I almost give up repeating the *#7370# formatting process and thought of calling up Nokia Care Centre to tell them this Nokia 5800 is a crap!

Next, to add yet another record in my Nokia 5800 defects sheet :-(

But now, I’m pleased to tell you that I’ve fixed this “silly bug” at last try, with the help of a China blogger who reply me in just one simple line – remove the bundled microSD card and format the phone with *#7370# secret key!

How to solve the Nokia 5800 “Expired Certificate” error that fails most SIS program files installation?

To be frank, I just don’t believe that one-line reply could be a real solution for me. But, I’ve ran out of ideas and found nothing newer than his suggestion.

So, I simply take it as last resource to try. Eventually, this simple trick does works magically, and I can’t wait to tell him how excited and grateful I am!

For reference, here is the solution in detail (in case you’re not sure what additional steps I’d done on top of his one-line guide):

Backup all messages, notes, calendar entries, and contacts.

I used Nokia PC Suite to backup all these four components instead of using Nokia 5800 inbuilt backup function, which doesn’t has an option to backup Notes (but I’m not sure the ALL settings will back up the Notes).

Remove the microSD memory card.

When the phone is powered on, don’t simply remove the memory card. Otherwise, the memory card content will likely corrupt.

To remove the microSD card when the Nokia 5800 is switched on, press the power key (the button next to the power charging port), scroll down to locate and select Remove Memory Card, opt “Yes” as the “Removing memory card will close all open applications. Remove anyway?” message is displayed.

Shortly after, the “Remove Memory Card and press OK” message appears, and then the microSD is ready to be unplugged or removed from the dedicated slot.

Notes, both SIM card and microSD card slot are next to each other on the same side (another defect, personally), don’t be careless and end up corrupting the SIM card (if you happen remove SIM card instead of microSD card).

Format the Nokia 5800

Access to touch keypad and enter *#7370# secret code (not so secret, anyway) to restore phone settings to factory default (even the user data and files are deleted).

Next, you’re prompted to enter the Nokia phone lock code. The default is 12345, if this code hasn’t been changed by yourself or any one.

Then, the phone restarts and you’ve to select the country region (just select your own country from the list, in this case), followed by request to enter current date and time.

When the phone is ready, power it off again to re-insert the memory card (for highly safety measure, unless there are nothing important kept in the memory card, e.g. picture, music, documents, etc).

As the phone is switched on again with memory card inserted, the “preparing memory card” message appears.

Finally, I’m happy to be able install all my wanted Nokia 5800 programs and games without getting the “Expired Certificate” error message that says “Certificate may not yet be valid, is expired or phone’s date setting may be incorrect” :-)

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  1. Mahdi 22-01-09@04:24

    Man I LOVE YOU!
    it WORKS!
    I was going to throw the phone through the window!!!
    but now I’m loving my phone :-)

    SO Many thanks!!

  2. Ranvir 22-01-09@20:42

    Thank you so so much!!!

  3. Navid 23-01-09@04:46

    Great Idea,Great Solution,Great Man.Tanx a mill

  4. TK 23-01-09@17:10


    Very details step by step walk through.

  5. Mkoleiny 25-01-09@19:36

    i read it

    but i don’t yet test it

    but thank you at all, if it working i will be very happy in my life

  6. fara 30-01-09@21:05

    thanks a LOT!!!

  7. Tonmoy 30-01-09@21:08

    AWesome Work BRo…!!thanks ….

  8. simpson 30-01-09@22:26

    it really helps. thanks alot. u are the man.

  9. tridngvn 02-02-09@14:12

    Thanks a lot!
    It works!

  10. Kaushal 03-02-09@15:04

    Hi, I am from India, I read the tutorial in detail, But what about nearly 250 original songs and their licenses? how can I back that up, as after formatting, as I am told, the licenses will not work!!!!!! Please reply!

  11. maria nelia 03-02-09@15:17

    thanks to you it works!

  12. Walker 03-02-09@20:18

    Ni Kaushal, are those 250 songs kept in microSD memory card or phone memory?

    As for My Nokia 5800, there is no special “license” bundled or songs kept in phone memory. So, I couldn’t answer your question. Sorry.

  13. Sorin Calinescu 03-02-09@20:43

    I thank you honestly for your precious help!!!!

    I was thinking to resell my 5800XM, because of that error… but, thanks to you, now I’m happy with my phone again!!!


  14. yasir 04-02-09@02:23

    thanks man, before i read ur artical , i was so upset for expired cirtificate,
    so now i restarted my phone, its amazing . its work.
    thank u very much , i m so thankfull to u ,u solve my problem.
    i love my phone now.

  15. sanjeev bathinda. punjab. india 06-02-09@22:32

    when such types of problems get resolved by just sitting in front of PC, it is then the real power of internet comes forth.


  16. Amit Rathiesh 08-02-09@01:55

    Thanks dude, that really helped me.

    Finally I’ve got respect 4 a Chinese guy too… lolz…

  17. Chaz 08-02-09@13:01

    I have activated the free 3 months of drive and walk with nokia maps, could you please tell me whether formatting the phone will effect this?

  18. sanjeev bathinda. punjab. india 08-02-09@16:15

    No. I’ve tried many times and with a bit variations, but didn’t succeed.

    I don’t understand how the above people succeeded with this method.

  19. Walker 08-02-09@17:34

    Hi Chaz, I haven’t activated the 3 months free walk and drive feature so I can’t answer this.

    If you’re adventurous, just do it and see if you could reactivate it by going to Nokia Maps > Option > Extra > Option > Enter License Code.

    Otherwise, just wait for 3 months (by then, Nokia Device Software Update should have a solution to fix the “expired certificate” problem) :-)

    Hi sanjeev, I’m not sure what happen to your phone. sorry I can’t help.

  20. vga 09-02-09@04:41

    respect from romania :) it works

  21. Dave 10-02-09@06:22

    thanx it worked

  22. Lokesh 11-02-09@03:46

    hey buddy,
    during formatting i forgot to remove memory card.. :(
    so after formatting my card is working fine but problem is still there…
    also i did backup the data on pc but now it is not getting imported to my phone…
    help me out please…

  23. Walker 11-02-09@21:52

    Not sure what is the cause that you couldn’t restore backup back to the phone.

  24. gk007 14-02-09@18:24

    Thanks!! This worked brilliantly, before the .sis files that hadn’t even expired didn’t work (I checked them using SISWare), now they do!!

    Thank You so much!

  25. Tyson 15-02-09@01:33

    you know what mate?! you are a legend big time

    nice one for that :-)

  26. Lokesh 16-02-09@17:26

    Fortunately i also backed up all data on phone itself,so got all the contacts back…. :)
    but certificate problem is still there…
    may be next time it gets sorted out….

  27. Ash 16-02-09@20:40

    Excellent – works. Google maps is far better than the installed app.

    Thank you.

  28. Alvin Chin 18-02-09@17:53

    i m feeling very disappointed about what happen on 5800—“expired certificate”….
    this is what i just face since the 1st day i’m try using 7610, n70, n73, 6110, n95, n96…
    nokia should notified all user to send back those sold out hand phone and reinstall the “normal” software version for all user, else who will buy it in future???

  29. Christian 18-02-09@18:21

    it worked for me — thank you very vey much!

  30. michael 19-02-09@09:20

    it doesn’t work for me :( certificate error expired :(

  31. john 19-02-09@14:53

    it’s not working

  32. Dave 20-02-09@21:21

    LEGEND – thanks

  33. Alley 20-02-09@23:47

    Its work! Thank you very much!

  34. K E I 22-02-09@08:42

    I faced this bug while trying to use “Nokia Download!”. This not work. T_T

  35. cookie 25-02-09@01:37

    you’re the man!! u solved my problem!! i love u to death!!!

  36. emre 26-02-09@07:17

    you’re my hero i love you
    you are the best

  37. Stephen 26-02-09@08:06

    Worked Perfectly

  38. jawad 27-02-09@03:00

    Hi, i tries this like 7 times and it still doesnt work, my product code is 0575581

    im really confused

  39. jawad 27-02-09@03:19

    sorry for that just tried again for thr 8th time and it just worked :)

  40. Oleg 27-02-09@21:56

    I woun’t say anything new but i must say it.
    Thanks man!

    May the force be with you!!!!

  41. muiz 02-03-09@18:31

    it is definitely scrapped. I was upgraded to ver 20 and experience the cert expired error and do this instruction and similar happened.

    do i need to attemp 8times and work?

    thanks anyway

  42. saedos 03-03-09@00:06

    thanks man !

  43. paul 06-03-09@08:54

    hi dude, i followed your tutorial and i managed to reset my phone but when i tried to install my phone said software wasn’t supported, but i tried it anyway and it installed ok. just gonna backup info back to phone then try it out. hopefully it will work, i’ll let you know .
    thanks dude.

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  45. SENDIL KUMAR K 08-03-09@04:03

    no, this method didnt help me. its the same. any other suggestion or help would be greatful. hope some one will come with great ideas to overcome the issue.

  46. chishan 11-03-09@23:50

    i’m from malaysia! thanks a lot of your advise. you are the god!!! it really helps a lot thanks. good luck for you and your family

  47. TCzzz 13-03-09@03:25

    Well after hours of searching the web and seeing many solutions for this,it seems i found one that worked.
    Although i didn’t try the others i saw since they didn’t look too confident about how they did it and the final result.
    But with you post and great detail i tried what you said and didn’t have one problem.First time worked great.
    I intended to install googlemaps and that’s why i got the error in the first place.Now although on map install it said not compatible i continued anyway and it at the moment seems too work without issue.

    Thanks for the great post.

    One little note you have copyright on you heading,would it be possible too ask your permission to post this info with full credit too you at a couple of forums i belong too.
    I know i could just do it anyway and you probably never know but out of respect for the great post i thought i would ask.

  48. NAjm 13-03-09@11:05


    Thanks for the information but i am still getting cert expired error while installing any softwares.

    prevously my version wa 20.x.x and after the format it is 11.x.x even though it is not working……………………..please let me know for any further inputs.

    Thanks in advance

  49. Walker 15-03-09@22:07

    @TCzzz, thanks for your notice and this is a note for you and all others who would like to do the same:

    If you ever like to see Google returns more than 1 search results of same content that appears in multiple domains, and never feel sick, please do so.

    Otherwise, please be kind to put a reference link back to original post, in addition to your own style of writing to describe the same technique in a better way.

    Those who are familiar with my writing know that my way of explaination is suck. If you simply copy and paste, it make you suck as well.


    I never thought of putting the “copyright” word until this silly bug that really really upset me:


    @NAjm, sorry that I couldn’t help you.

  50. Udesh Settinayake 18-03-09@02:13

    your absolutely superb! thank you very very much for every detail you gave. I’m really happy:D Good Luck!

  51. TCzzz 19-03-09@04:58

    thanks for the reply.i have taken notice of what you said and made my on easy 5 step detail on how to fix the cert error and posted it where i intended with a credit to you and a direct link back to this post.
    I think you still explained it better then i have,lol


  52. martinec 19-03-09@18:25

    hi everyone, i tried it with my 5800 v.20 and it worked. I spent more than 30 hrs searching the web for all certificates, opda etc, and finally this solution helped. May God give you health to U and to your children:)))))

  53. Bhanu SHankar 21-03-09@14:52

    This doesn’t help. Just a waste of time.

  54. afique G 21-03-09@20:28

    sup man. thanks a mill. U RAWK!

  55. jet 22-03-09@00:29

    it really works, thank you!

  56. KC 22-03-09@15:28

    Thank you so much! I thought I was never going to get any themes on my phone! Thanks again!

  57. kojoseph 25-03-09@16:08

    hi,your method really work fine on my 5800XM,walkernews..
    thanks a million,you are a life savior.
    gotta stick this site!

  58. fanzy 27-03-09@21:31

    works! i used the built in back up and yeah baby it works! thanks dude!! :D

  59. Louis 30-03-09@07:47

    I’m new to nokia guys,tell me if 12345 unlock code works.The pad doesn’t register 1 all the rest of the pad numbers work,example;abc2,or def3,etc.Then after five attempts it says 5 incorrect attempts will unlock in 5 minutes!All this happens after I press secret code*#7370#.I’m sure I didn’t enter any phone locking when I bought the phone,only sim card.Anyone can please help?

  60. TCzzz 01-04-09@08:54

    It works fine if for some reason after your format the 12345 didnt work try 00000 instead.
    Dont know why 1-5 wont work since thats the default code and since the phone been formatted that would be the code too use.

  61. Vikkize 02-04-09@00:52


  62. Mcfagget 02-04-09@01:05

    wait, i dont get it.
    i exactly followed all your instructions.
    and when he tries to prepare the memory card he fails and says i need to install it via the apps.
    so i tried to install the game that i wanted to work, and it still says certificate expired.. ?
    some help me please.

  63. mihai 02-04-09@15:55

    Man it works!! u are the best!!!!!!!! :-*

  64. Asif Pervez 03-04-09@00:15

    Thanks dude. It really worked.

  65. andrew 03-04-09@12:54

    thanks guys. i’m in uganda right now and this is sooooooooooooooooooooooo. cool

  66. ms 03-04-09@18:41

    Excellent! Worked, thanks

  67. wiebenik 04-04-09@07:13

    Werkte eerst niet: ik kon de code 12345 niet intikken omdat toets 1 niet reageert! Ik had hetzelfde probleem als Louis een paar dagen geleden beschreef.
    Echter, daarna probeerde ik het helemaal opnieuw. Maar nu hield ik de toets 1 lang ingedrukt: en dat werkte prima!!!!!
    DUS: toets 1 lang ingedrukt houden indien niet meteen een 1 verschijnt.

    Nu heb ik eindelijk google maps. Yoepie

    **** Edited: Google translated:

    Not worked, I could not type the code 12345 as test 1 is not
    respond! I had the same problem as Louis a few days ago
    But then I tried it all again. But now I was
    1 key pressed long: and that worked great !!!!!
    So long press button 1 if not January 1 appears.

    Now I finally google maps. Yoepie

  68. Jaz 04-04-09@14:21

    Many Thanks bro : ) It works ; )

  69. Walker 05-04-09@19:42

    For those who are running latest firmware v20.x, beware that the “software keypad” to enter lock code is alpha-numeric.

  70. Louis 07-04-09@04:31

    What if I go to settings, phone, phone management, factory reset?
    It won’t explode, no? Could that work as in resetting?
    Thanks nice people.

  71. savio 07-04-09@15:22

    dude it just works like a cham…………….. thanks from mumbai

  72. mk20 07-04-09@23:51

    FROM ITALY I SAY YOU’RE A GREAT MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    on 5800xm v.20!!

  73. Louis 11-04-09@04:53


  74. Zee 14-04-09@20:54

    Hi i did exactly what you said but no luck.

    I am trying to install TomTom.Mobile.v6.01.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1.Cracked-BiNPDA
    but it keeps saying the same stuff.

    any help

  75. ntc 17-04-09@00:46


  76. paijo 17-04-09@15:13

    thank you very much you’re the best

  77. Louis 18-04-09@07:41

    To Zee,
    I tried installing that same gps tom tom,and it’s now in the repair shop!Nothing works,I’ve done it really good this time…be warned you can render your mobile useless with these (not official softwares),also aviod the sygic ,66…

  78. Walker 18-04-09@15:34

    I always avoid a cracked software that made from code change.

    Life is safer during Windows 9x time, where the cracked software are mostly done by entering a valid key code exposed by others.

  79. Vunce 19-04-09@02:28

    Thanks buddy, U hav been a gr8 help. I always installed only Java files but since i visited this site, i thot i wil giv it a try. It did work. U r simply awesome. Thanks,

  80. steven 20-04-09@03:55

    Thanks alot mate!!! x

  81. creea 24-04-09@01:06

    Well it seems it worked but after this i can;’t connect to the internet.(wi-fi) :(

  82. Walker 24-04-09@01:40

    I do not have problem of using Wifi for web browsing after using this trick.

  83. hardman 24-04-09@02:01

    I have tried this step by step and it didn’t work, what could be the problem? I’m getting so frustrated.

  84. louie 24-04-09@16:35

    hei guys,,can dis trick may be used even my phone is still v11…

  85. Shto 27-04-09@15:25

    YOU ARE THE KING EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Richard 30-04-09@06:32

    thank man!!!! your GREAT!
    N5800xm v20

  87. gracey 02-05-09@19:35

    geez! it works. thanks

  88. cencas 04-05-09@18:12

    hi, is there any side effect after we format our phone..? i im quite scared .. :)

  89. Dr.Salah 04-05-09@22:54

    No No No No
    I can’t believe myself finally……
    I LOVE U Man
    Many Thanks

  90. cencas 05-05-09@15:50


  91. cencas 06-05-09@09:06

    could someone plz tell me why my 5800xm say repairing library corrupted. recently i added songs (actually manyy) but it takes time to feresh the music library and then it comes out with repairing library corrupted or something like thatt.. and at last only a few could play in music player!!.. plz help mee..! =((

  92. Rich 08-05-09@00:22

    They have bought out a new firmware now which you can install using the Nokia ovi suite, I installed that and now it downloads everything.
    I hope that helps a little bit.

  93. ali 08-05-09@20:20

    i have updated my nokia 5800 to version 20.0.125, it was successful and now i am not able to play the pre loaded songs which are in SD card, nearly 250 songs, help me out…

  94. zozon2001 09-05-09@16:44

    This was very useful, THANKS

  95. Jeni 10-05-09@08:13

    i did as you told, but i stil can’t install ths sis file
    it’s say’s “unable to open. file type not supported”
    it’s a GPS program “sygic 7.6” if you…

    is there any other way to instal it ? or may be other GPS program you suggest ?

    i’m from israel if it’s matter ..


  96. Walker 10-05-09@12:35

    @Jeni, that error is not related to this topic.

    Nokia 5800 is running Symbian OS S60 5th Edition UI and thus some of the S60 3rd edition application might not able to run or install on this platform.

    If that is the S60 5th Edition compatible SIS file, that might be a corrupted file?!

  97. phoneboy 12-05-09@03:30

    cheers works flawlessly, now i can get any app i want

  98. mark 12-05-09@18:11

    ive lost the wire to connect my phone to pc.

    do i need to back-up to pc or will back-up to memory card work?

  99. Gman 15-05-09@03:05

    Thanks man! I didn’t think that would work *thumbs up*!!!!!!
    I downloaded much app’s thanks to you ;)

    -Best wishes Gman :)

  100. Miguel 15-05-09@20:10

    It really help.

    Thnx a lot for this Thread. :]

  101. bd 26-05-09@06:19

    it WORKS!
    thanks man!

  102. Zink 27-05-09@04:23

    Thanks a lot man, i couldn’t have figured this out without you.
    Many thanks

  103. Benny 28-05-09@04:18

    Thanks for this it seems like its working for everyone but it doesn’t work for me. I’m still getting the certificate error .. its so annoying. Can you help me somehow? :(

  104. yash 28-05-09@21:52

    I updated my firmware version frm 11.0 to 21.0.025 & it is not working plz do something otherwise i will throw my phone. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i want to use alll the app.

  105. sheela 30-05-09@12:02

    ooops…… *genius

  106. hashem 31-05-09@04:28

    Thank you from iraq. it worked. I am back to my phone because of you two.

  107. JT 31-05-09@22:37


  108. Chameng 01-06-09@16:47

    You know I dont have a 5800XM but you helped me assist somebody who has an error like this. Im from customer service of ____ , u know.

    Tnx man. ;)

  109. Chameng 01-06-09@16:57

    @yash, Nokia phones are market dependent. If you bought your 5800XM from the Philippines then ver21.0.025 won’t really work for you. You have to wait coz there’s a coming version just right for your phone. In the meantime, do the *#7370# first so it will go back to your original firmware version.

  110. Flavier K. South Africa. 03-06-09@20:55


    -Change your date NOT BACKWARD but FORWARD.
    For me it was on 1 june 2009 and I changed it to 1 june 2010.
    And believe me there was a pub for 2010 Fida WorldCup in SA
    On TV And by some how the stupid “expired certificate” message
    Is no longer there. I can install all compatible app on my
    Nokia 5800 even when restored my date to normal I can still install
    ALL Compatible: ovi store app, google map, fring, nubizz … All.


  111. joe 06-06-09@23:38

    thanks man

  112. Salman Qazi 07-06-09@07:17

    Bro thankss alotttttttttttttttttt man u r genius thank u very very much

  113. remcyl 10-06-09@17:21

    still doesnt work for me, im from the philippines, on latest firmware v21, but still no luck. i only need a cert and key and im good to go… anyone willing to help me out and lend me a cert and key?

  114. mim 15-06-09@22:19

    hi – i’m wondering will i lose the latest update of my phone, if i hard reset my phone the way you explained in your post?
    reason i’m asking is: the update isn’t yet available online in my country, or by my network provider so it’s been quite a hassle to find a nokia care shop and wait for them to install it.

  115. Walker 16-06-09@04:38

    The phone will still running the same firmware, e.g. v21, even after doing a hard reset on the phone.

  116. Mudit 18-06-09@00:12

    Thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx……….a lot man!!!!!!!!
    ‘m really greatful to you

  117. duffer 18-06-09@19:48

    Hi Guys, what is the secret code to find out how many hours used? Also, if I did a hard reset (7370), would this reset to zero the total hours used? Thanks for your replies.

  118. Sameera 18-06-09@22:49

    If this not work for some1… dont do anything just change your phone date to 12/12/2008. it will worl for all the apps.. no need to format also…

  119. aakash 20-06-09@08:36

    not worked help it man

  120. Waheed 21-06-09@01:44

    I bought the phone from a O2. This phone was locked so that can’t be used in any other country. But i unlocked the phone so i was able to use in Pakistan. Now if i reset my phone, will it be again locked or will work fine??
    And the last thing I have version 11.x . Will it be lost after the reset or remains updated.

    Waiting for your response WALKER.

  121. Walker 21-06-09@14:57

    The format code will not wipe out the software version, but I can’t confirm about the lock code (I think it won’t).

  122. vishal 30-06-09@11:27


  123. Dr Aung Htet Htun 01-07-09@21:40

    Hello.. I am from Myanmar( Burma ).
    I brought a noikia 5800 on May 2009.. and also have certificate error…I try the way you said.. but it still has C.Error..Please help me to crack it.. Please send email to me how to solve it… i am so annoyed by it.. thanks alot

  124. Disney 07-07-09@03:06

    I Have Updated My Phone To Version V21.0.025..
    Now If I Try To Restore The Factory Settings Then My New Version Will Be Deleted Or Not ..!
    Again Old Version Will Appear…? (V.11.0.008)
    Could You Help Me Out..?

  125. A. Mousa 11-07-09@15:46

    Its greaaaaaat man ,thanxxx alot. I follewd the steps and it works, imagine!
    thank you man

  126. David 12-07-09@16:01

    Hi maaan,
    what about all the other programs I already installed. Will I have to reinstall them after a “format”?


  127. shantanu 14-07-09@12:48

    hey man u r a genius beside this problem it also removed my preloaded songs not working after firmware update problem.Thanks dude.

  128. Liz – Kenya 18-07-09@04:03

    Hi Walker… Asante Sana – Worked like Magic

  129. Shravan 20-07-09@00:14

    hey it worked once i followed the 5 step process… but later on it is again givin the same expired certificate error…. wat to do… do some one know wat to do pls lemme know…. shd i again follow the same process (which is actually a pain to do every single time i wanna install some app)….

  130. Simon 20-07-09@03:49

    This didnt work for me at all. I have followed these instructions to the letter twice now with no success. First time i was on firmware version 20.0.012, then i updated my phone, tested if that fixed the problem on its own, it didnt. Then i tried these instruction again on the new firmware version (21.0.025) with no luck. I appreciate the time you put into this and it has obviously helped a great many people but does anyone know what else i could try to fix this problem?



  131. Graudins 20-07-09@21:41

    Dude, i love you! Thank you so much!

  132. smalnas 21-07-09@23:40

    hey nice one man this really works

  133. Joe Tall 25-07-09@16:29

    Thank you! It works on Nokia from SFR France!

  134. vanessa 25-07-09@17:09

    thank u for the info.. i have just tried it and it works!
    finally i can use adobe reader and quickoffice to my nokia 5800 XM.

  135. yatin 26-07-09@13:38

    i have done it 2 months back , it worked correctly ……….

    but now again the ” certificate error ” started coming , is there any solution ???

  136. Russ 27-07-09@22:15

    Nope, doesn’t work.

  137. downloader 29-07-09@11:55

    @ walker
    hello, i done these steps almost 3 to 4 times it works fine on that moment. but after some time or a day it again starts showing same error
    not even allows me to install jar files also.

    please help me how to solve this.
    do reply me

  138. chester 30-07-09@12:51

    hi there you are the best apapreciate your help now it works too=) i have my gps software running appreciate it so much. your the man. thank you=)

  139. Vladimir 05-08-09@05:04

    Thanks a lot man !

  140. kamran 05-08-09@19:16

    Great. thanks for your great help.

  141. Deep $ 09-08-09@22:53

    THANX A MIllion… A Billion… It works…….!!!!!!!

    was struggling wit is expired problem since ages….!!

    Keep up the good work man.. :) :)

  142. Devang 11-08-09@17:49

    thnx man….. its work….yeeeeeeeeee now m doing unlimited download

  143. JORDAN 11-08-09@21:24


  144. ivan 12-08-09@12:19

    is the certificate error same as expired certificate?

  145. HeAVeN 13-08-09@02:48

    O thanks Buddy . . .. . . . i love u . . .. . . this finaly worked

  146. Ishan 17-08-09@01:33

    Thanks brother. really helpful. I’ve been searching for this.

  147. raksil 17-08-09@20:14


  148. chethan 22-08-09@13:56

    i am chethan from india. my bro bought 5800xpress music for me,who is in hong kong. mnow i am using it in india….i am getting the error as expired certificate. i am not able to instal any of the files…i had visited 2 ,3 mobile stores i didnt get any ideas to remove that… in one shop they flased my cell once then also i am getting the same error…..i have installed the new software version also which is 21.0.025…………………. please help me….

  149. KagerouXD 22-08-09@23:47

    thank u alot there… succeded on my second attempt on the *#7370#. Tried to install a signed HelloOX 1.03 which wuz previously failed but now done and installed nicely =3 finally i got my phone hacked T____T ahh… so hapi.. thx again…

  150. SAROJ 25-08-09@22:54

    YA THIS METHOD WORKS.but after some time or days the same problem starts again.what to do?why isn’t anyone talking about the solution to this problem?

  151. Mohim 27-08-09@00:19

    Bro i tried 3 times..but styill its not working..actually i’m trying to install smart movie soft. in my nok 5800…wht can i do..:(

  152. saneem 28-08-09@00:16

    man ur gr8…thnx a lot!!!

  153. kishorez5n 31-08-09@14:24

    jus change ur date to 1 yr ahead, i mean to 2010 then install the application, ther ll b no error n al.. den de application is installed… then change back ur date to 2009… nw everything is done in jus 40secs!!!

  154. Indra 07-09-09@06:56

    thnx man !!!! it is great !!! it works!!!! i can’t believe it!!!!! thnx a lot!!!!

  155. Manmeet 11-09-09@21:54

    Thks bro it was of a great help work fine.

  156. James 16-09-09@03:24

    i have followed every step with caution.. however im sad to say that it has not worked. After the memory card being “proceeded” i navigated to application manager to install G desk but without a doubt notify message popped up; “Certificate Expired”. Can you please help me out? Very good tutorial i must say very precise, accurate and helpful.

  157. Nathan 20-09-09@07:01

    Thankyou this works i was trying for days to work this out.

  158. ali 21-09-09@21:40

    Just upgrade to the latest firmware version. its 100% work

  159. SweetNostalgia 24-09-09@16:02

    Thanks a lot, great advice and step by step instructions…


  160. rifinio 27-09-09@21:24

    thanks A LOOOT
    now i can enjoy MY NOKIA 5800 XM

  161. mehek 28-09-09@16:09

    hey bro, i tried ur steps n worked out correctly…but i jus cant downoad de .sis file..
    de file is shakesms-5800-n96-n85-e66-beta-unsigned.sis…n ya,do u think its k downloadin software like dat?

  162. Slax 28-09-09@21:50

    I still have problem with certification … If I chose restore data from PC suite app does it restore and old certification ?

  163. Walker 29-09-09@02:05

    @mehek, I think your download problem is a separate issue (maybe the link is broken or connection problem?)

    @Slax, I don’t think so.

  164. Slax 29-09-09@02:23

    I must select region Hong Kong or UK or I can chose my own ?
    In 1st try I was chose my own :S maybe that’s a problem ?!

  165. Slax 29-09-09@06:15

    I didn’t make it with Hong Kong and UK :S

  166. Mohit 02-10-09@07:34

    This method Is exclusively for Nokia 5800xm….

    first of all I need to say some thing….. “This is a F.W bug……And I hope nokia will fix this bug in a month”

    Exclusive Method:
    people you need signed applications(nokia 5800 compatible Appz)

    1) Make your phone memory backup data using nokia pc suit 7.1(very important)
    2) After that remove your Micro sd card from mobile..
    3) Remove your SIM card also(very important)
    4) press *#7370# and unlock code to format your phone memory(yap.. this is safe default is 12345)
    5) You will lose all your important date with this action…so make a backup of your phone memory
    6) Now nokia 5800 xm will reboot…..wait for a minute….
    7) Then select your country region as “Hong Kong”
    Set the current time……(set your phone to offline mode)_
    9) Now you can put that Micro sd card ……
    10) And don;t insert that SIm card right now…just wait….and try to install any .sis file
    11) And Volla…u may install any singed application ……
    12) After that just install your Sim Card…..
    13)Chng settings back 2 ur region

    Hope this will make nokia 5800xm owners happy……..

    THIS WORKS FOR ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. SMC 03-10-09@08:03

    does this wipe off all the default applications of your nokia 5800 or just restore default settings? thanks!

  168. Colorman 03-10-09@10:15

    Man YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!

    Thanks so much!

    Finally i could install acrobat!!!

    I works fine your procedure on 5800 @ version 20.2.014

  169. Walker 03-10-09@23:55

    @SMC, it will not wipe off the default apps bundled with the firmware installed but it does reset all settings to the default of the firmware.

  170. mullo 04-10-09@02:17

    This didn´t work at all. I still get this f…ing “cert error” message when installing .sis-files.
    Nice try anyway.

  171. Andrei 08-10-09@03:33

    I’m trying it on now on my Sony Ericsson Satio.. same OS.. aaand.. nope! Doesn’t work. Thanks anyway

  172. The Misfit 08-10-09@05:26

    This works for certain time period only. One i format the phone as its explained above it works for certain time period and then again the same problem “CERTIFICATE EXPIRED”.

    Didn’t help me.

  173. ThuG 15-10-09@07:22

    Mate, thank you so much for your tip! My phone finally has a Bright Light Touch! I can see in darkness! Wohoo! Thank you again mate. May God shower you with all his blessings. Yes, actually shower. =P.

  174. ahmed 19-10-09@19:18

    tried all tricks here but no one works. please i need help my 5800 is v 21.0.025

  175. jacob stanyden 20-10-09@01:51

    YEYYY! thanks :P

  176. Tribal69 22-10-09@23:51

    It does not work for me I followed these step but still I can not install .sis files
    I have firmware 30.

  177. Mube 23-10-09@03:31

    It doesnt work.

  178. Rishi 31-10-09@21:48

    thanks allot buddy.i follow the secret key and i solve my problem.i was so pissed off with this issue.thanks thanks.

  179. lee 01-11-09@12:40


    my 5800XM always have a problem…when i want to edit pictures it dosent seem to work…it always came out..soo can u help me//also i love to dwonload music from the computer well when i download it in the computer i put the USB in my 5800 the total song are 140 but when i search in my 5800 the total song are 116…why is like that???also when i try entering my talking dictionary in my 5800 it say:dictionary not found you should install the dictionary pakage…what does it means??how can i install it??ohhh pls help me….

  180. LubomirXM 02-11-09@22:51

    I expierenced this problem too just today…i had to hard reset my phone yesterday because of a homescreen problem…and then i restored everything from the backup but still had to install some things so i did and I saw this error “expired certificate” and i did what u told us to do and now it shows me on the same apps another error “certificate may not yet be valid,is expired or phone’s date setting may be incorrect” what to do now… ?

    P.S.:these are the same files that fitted perfectly previously on my phone

  181. LubomirXM 02-11-09@23:11

    a little edit….i just had an “expired sertificate” error while now and now i got that longer error :P

  182. LubomirXM 03-11-09@03:52

    ok now…………. i`m pissed….:
    1st.i updated the ****in firmware to the latest version
    2nd.I formated the card
    3rd.I reseted the phone AGAIN and i stil lget the error….I`m making a sertificate and it still doesn’t work….please guys…help me

  183. LubomirXM 03-11-09@04:16

    ok i did it….ha ! finaly and here is how it worked with me…

    if there is nothing more u can do just go to the app u need to install–>options–>scroll down to Details–>File

    then look at the date at the bottom and make the calendar one day before that…for example the app is on 10/30/2009 and u make the calendar on 10/29/2009.But this is only if u get the full msg “certificate may not yet be valid,is expired or phone’s date setting may be incorrect”

  184. LubomirXM 03-11-09@05:21

    hmmm with some apps it doesnt work but without checking each date almost every each was succesful with 29 oct. 2009 and some with 12oct.2009

  185. David 18-11-09@07:45


    Thank you

  186. marcuspoleern 18-11-09@16:03

    didnt work for me… :-(

  187. sid 19-11-09@17:40

    help maan itz still there…i want to install fingerprint application from s60v5.us…but after following ur details twice its still recurring…!…..

  188. Quimwell 20-11-09@15:16

    I have nokia 5800d.. would those ticks work on my CP? the error i am receiving when i install applications is “certificate error” please reply if there’s anyone who knows to solve this problem.. thank you so much!!

  189. Sanjay Singh 23-11-09@15:10

    No Dude it did’nt work for me. Any way thank you. I will try again and again.

  190. Repoman 24-11-09@21:30

    You are a hero. thank you very much

  191. farhan 27-11-09@19:09

    hy dear…..i ve followed the instruction to get rid of my expire certificate problem…..where i was mistaken is to set my fone offline……..thank’s indeed to you ppl comments….& help.

  192. prem 27-11-09@20:16

    Thanks and it worked.

    Nice information.

  193. steve 28-11-09@01:26

    i have a satio with the same problem…cannot get anything to install…help…..

  194. Rawan 28-11-09@04:53

    hi i have a problem with my Nokia 5800 and to tell u the truth i’m about to smash it into the wall, I’ve been getting pictures sent from another phone to mine and after i save it, it tells me it corrupted even though i sent it from my other phone,and all of my songs keep disappearing from the all songs icon…
    please help me i could really use it….
    Thanx.. :-)

  195. love 04-12-09@16:43

    Thanks a lot man .i am being pleased by you .thanks once again .its really working

  196. Sreekumar 05-12-09@04:27

    Thanks machuuu…i was fed with my new Nokia 5800xm, which is keep on getting the Certificate expired error…after re installation, now i can install new software…

    Once again thanks…

  197. tulsi 06-12-09@18:50

    i have tried this method.it worked just only few times.it doesnt work for more than 1 days.can u plz send me detail to my id how to make it work long time

  198. xrin 12-12-09@01:25

    tried every step u described here but didn´t work :( – thx anyway

  199. sam 14-12-09@15:18

    i have tried it but the problem didnt got solved i ended up formatting my mobile 3 times but didnt worked .also read somewhere to set date of future but didnt worked dat as well .please help me out on this

  200. Waleed_Prince 18-12-09@00:21

    S T I L L G I V E S C E R T I F I C A T E E R R O R !!!
    hey ! I have tried your idea.
    remove the memory card
    format the phone
    then send a game to my nokia by my P.C from bluetooth
    but it still gives CERTIFICATE ERROR contact product supplier
    now tell me what should i do. ?
    changing the date is must or not ??

  201. pramod 19-12-09@10:51

    hai friend
    thanks for ur valuable tips
    but after format my 5800 some of the applications were not working
    like photo editing
    volume increasing etc
    someone told that is because of the missing of codecs is it true?

  202. LubomirXM 27-12-09@06:47

    for the `still not working` problem,read my comments above,they may help you

  203. Shantam 28-12-09@04:08

    hiii…..well i tried u’r trick……bt it’s not working……is it a firmware bug as i have v30……..pls do reply

  204. MOJO 02-01-10@11:46

    Dude Ur the bomb, thx, worked great.

  205. Naier 03-01-10@00:53


  206. shashank 04-01-10@15:15

    tried everything but it works only in offline mode (without sim) , help me out

  207. pratk 04-01-10@19:13

    its!doesn’t work dude….i tried it for 6 times???plz help me..i m in problem…

  208. Charissa 06-01-10@00:05

    thank you so so so so much! was so frustrated because of this. THANKS! ^^

  209. begli 08-01-10@23:35

    sorry dude , we should accept that it works only with v20 but not v21, because i tried all these steps but unfortunately didn’t work, thanx anyway
    Has anyone else found solution for CERTIFICATE ERROR just let us know guys!

  210. raj 12-01-10@02:02

    Luv u bro….
    it worked

  211. J 21-01-10@18:19

    cheers mate worked perfectly, was getting worried about this problem!!!

  212. Naga 22-01-10@15:26

    Hi, i tried but its not working..
    Still getting ERROR

  213. Wasco 22-01-10@19:42

    hey guys! thanks a lot …i t works great but i have one problem which was starting after i did this….to get this story short or long lol…i downloaded e buddy for nokia 5800 and stupidly i installed some files on phone, and some files on memory card…but it was working just good ..i had some problems with CERTIFICATE ERROR after i try to install some other aplication and i used your method to overcome this problem …and it worked, but after that…my e buddy icone got a key on it and it wont start….wont uninstall or install a new one on it..i cant find it in installed aplication or any were…pleease help me..i just got a phone and i already mest up…thanks a lot and if someone have a solution please leave a comment.

  214. rishabh 22-01-10@21:22

    yaar still not working certificate error is still coming .
    actually i want to install sbp tv software and touch fart

  215. ahmed 22-01-10@23:51

    hay guys thnx it works effeciantly but there a problrm its back after 2 or three days what should i do :S:S:S:S:S:S

  216. dr suresh sharma 26-01-10@14:00

    thank you dear….

  217. zeeshan 27-01-10@01:32

    thank u very much……….
    better that i too didn’t threw mine………..

  218. pradeep 27-01-10@21:42

    where do i find online certificate check in 5800

  219. Walker 27-01-10@22:25

    If you’re asking for the setting, then

    click menu key > Settings > Application manager > Installation setting > turn the “Online certificate check” on or off.

  220. GHAITH 30-01-10@15:45

    Hi man thanx for the detailed instruction

    but guys I living in bahrain and every time I search for update appear to me that no update is available and my 5800 phone now v11 and I dont know what to do
    when I connect the phone to nokia updater I cannot finish the update process it disconnect

    plezzzzzz guys any idea


  221. cera_007 31-01-10@04:15

    Help @ Nokia 5800 Certificate Error Please Contact the Application Supplier Solution
    Can Anyone help me I have Tried every bit to Solve the Problem of “Certificate Error Please Contact the Application Supplier” in my new Nokia 5800 Bought Yesterday I had done every thing From changing date to Resting Phone but None worked can any one Help me Out by Providing step by Step Procedure to solve this Problem I don’t know how to get the Certificate and Use The Key File… Please I Request you all It’s Urgent.

    I found a many post regarding this but still I am not able to understand…

    Waiting for the Response………….

  222. atul panchal 01-02-10@23:50

    you are so helpful person
    its great to provide free help to others
    thanks a lot lot man

  223. sid_t 02-02-10@00:59

    i have the latest firmware v40.0 on my 5800. And it says certificate error….. so if i do the hard reset the way u suggest, would i also lose my firmware update?
    And if i reinstall the update won’t the problem come back?

  224. bud sorin 05-02-10@21:15

    Someone please help me!
    I do all steps and now don’t say ” certificate error” when i want to install something.
    But i can back up data from card !i cant get my contacts back:((
    When say preparing memory card say that can’t be install because its some data fail in card .
    How can i get back my contacts or how can i delete that data fail from card??
    Pls someone help me

  225. Derick 09-02-10@20:04

    Great Chinaman! It worked on my E61i as well. thanks a lot!

  226. Derick 09-02-10@20:06

    Thanks buddy. it was a superhit for my E61i Nokia.

  227. Norm 10-02-10@00:20

    In UK Nokia now giving Maps system totally free but I suggest format phone first as above then reload latest software through PC Suite.

    New maps much better than previous ones.

    Get the link to free maps from Nokia site.I understand they will be installed with all new nokia smartphones from March.

  228. stefika993 15-02-10@23:53

    i cant format my 5800 cause the lock code I entered is not somehow correct.
    I tried 12345 and nothing…. is there any solutions?

  229. stefika993 16-02-10@00:27

    solution found…. for 5800 that have software version v20 or newer:
    1. power off the fone
    2. press and hold green, red and camera (for taking photos) button and press the power button until it gives sings of life xD
    3. just pick everything it needs and thats all, you’re not prompter for any passwords and stuffs….

    ps dont be an idiot like me to forget to backup contacks ;)

    everuthing done but still have the same problem while instaling application – in this case shakesms…. help psl

    pusa bok!

  230. Mokhtari 17-02-10@22:02

    simply, you are the best. Thinx

  231. bojioq 19-02-10@00:00

    I nearly had a heart attack when my phone flashed up the words Memory Card will be formatted, OK or CANCEL. But i hit cancel and I still have pretty much everything but my memory card backup didn’t restore the phone. I’ve also lost all my apps, but I can download again. Cheers anyway buddy

  232. DEEPU 19-02-10@12:33

    S T I L L G I V E S C E R T I F I C A T E E R R O R !!!
    hey ! I have tried your idea.
    remove the memory card
    format the phone
    then send a game to my nokia by my P.C from bluetooth
    but it still gives CERTIFICATE ERROR contact product supplier
    now tell me what should i do. ?


  233. philippe 21-02-10@23:31

    Thanks Man It works Great

  234. DaDy 06-03-10@07:51

    tnx mate :)) easy peasy and everything is working nicely again

  235. DAVID 06-03-10@19:05

    still doesnt work ;(

  236. dreamme 10-03-10@01:35

    does it work on nokia 5530????

  237. Sugen 11-03-10@21:20

    thanx..it worked..

  238. yanbaha 15-03-10@00:21

    thanks a lot freind !!
    simple..but really coll and so efficace
    thanks a lot

  239. Ninja 18-03-10@12:13

    i think i understood what the problem was.
    it seems that after the format if the phone updates the date and time from the operator then the bug reappears. Therefore what i did was i removed the sim card. formatted the phone and then disabled the auto update of the date and time. After that i inserted the sim card. Now all applications can be installed and i love my phone.

  240. abz 20-03-10@01:20

    not works :(

    what’s wrong?
    maybe i’ve missunderstanding with your article

    please email me the simply step-by-step point dude :)
    thx so muccch, realy need it!

  241. jonathan faustin 27-03-10@17:05

    i do as you said but my nokia 5800 continue on saying certificate error whats the problem man tell me please i need your help please man thanx in advance

  242. dn06se 05-04-10@17:34

    I am from Malaysia…i t works for me. Thanks for sharing.

  243. vichheka 19-04-10@12:25

    I don’t know how to use nokia pc suit to backup message,notes,calendar,entries,and contacts. Who can help me? Please show me the picture how to do it.

  244. Ogelinho 20-04-10@02:16

    still doesn`t work for me :(( nokia 5800 V40.0.005

  245. Nikhil 21-04-10@16:04

    MAN will it work on my Nokia 5233 pls help

  246. Avinash 25-04-10@08:12

    thanx a lot MR. it really helped me a lot …trick worked on 5233

  247. kennie 05-05-10@15:13

    Thanks friend, finally i can install it

  248. chinmay 10-05-10@20:13

    Man i have just updated my software to 50.0 from 30.0 .If i will format my cell phone with *#7370# then do i have 2 update my software again ??????
    plzzz reply……

  249. sandeep 11-05-10@13:10

    hello kennie,

    how did you get it to work, can you please put a stpe by step approach.
    I tried the same, it still gives me ‘certificate error’.
    Unable to install QuickOffice

  250. sandeep 11-05-10@13:16


    even I have 50.0 . I tried format with *#7370#.
    Your software will still be of V 50.0 even after update. You dont have to update again

  251. dhanushka 11-05-10@15:06


    NO, you don’t have to.

  252. dorz 17-05-10@13:02


    I follow the instruction and did eventhing what it said.. but what i don’t understand when you said

    As the phone is switched on again with memory card inserted, the “preparing memory card” message appears.

    But my phone doesn’t appare “preparing memory card”

    What have gone wrong there

  253. nouky 21-05-10@13:40

    preparing memory card did not appear but instead installing

    And I still gets the certificate error

  254. adan 22-05-10@21:17

    thanx man!!! im nealy give up!!! it works!!! arghh!!! it works im so happy!!!

  255. jean07 23-05-10@05:54

    if i ‘ll fornat my nokia 5230 i’ll lose GARMIN app

  256. Chris 23-05-10@11:26

    This isn’t for me, but still thanks very much.

  257. pawan 24-05-10@03:15

    Guys its really amazing and now i m able to install applications in my nokia 5233.

  258. RzV 27-05-10@02:04

    That chinese guy is one hell of a guy.. Thanks a lot for this tutorial.. It works..

  259. ashish 31-05-10@02:38

    will it work on nokia 5233?

  260. allwyn 16-06-10@09:52

    thanks for the detailed procedure , I formatted the nokia 5800 using #^7370# and 12345 as the code it formatted the phone but i still get the “certificate expired ” error message. Please help

  261. Suraj 18-06-10@22:29

    The steps mentioned doesnt work on Nokia 5230…

    I doubt it would work on 5800 also…

  262. mrazster 20-06-10@05:09


    This has been bugging me for quite some time now.
    But this solution worked perfectly fine..

    THNX a bunch…much apreciated !!!!!

  263. Bikal Singh 29-06-10@23:53

    Thanks A Lot.
    Still Got To See If It Works Or Not

  264. tillu 14-07-10@22:00

    Its a problem with acquiring DATE AND TIME UPDATE FROM THE NETWORK.phone shows wrong time and date when phone is restarted.even when changed to correct time ,certificate error persist,looks like nokia has some other clock running !!

    SOLUTION:Just try some another SIM card,if it acquires correct date and time from the network PROBLEM IS 100% SOLVED no need to format at all……

  265. paolo salvacion 17-07-10@22:23

    finally!!! your brilliant dude haha… I’m so happy I can’t express myself wa
    hhh ahahaha…

    thank you so much for putting up this info…

    take care.thanks again.

  266. randell 21-07-10@13:51

    hi..my phone was originally came from europe but i presently here in the philippines, my problem is…to be able to use my phone here in my country i used to open line it here..will it affect my phone if i will do your instructions? coz im affraid my phone might get back to bein locked! thanks!

  267. Walker 21-07-10@23:42

    I am not sure, for your case, will it lock the phone again.

  268. Norman 23-07-10@14:24

    did all thats written above, but i still get “expired certificate” :-(

  269. yama 24-07-10@17:36

    dear friend as you said I do that but still my nokia 5800 show that error “expired certificate” please once again shortly direct me how to fix it. thanks

  270. tillu 26-07-10@13:05

    Upgrade your firmware,its a major bug in nokia..
    changing sim card which can retrieve correct date and time from network works 100%.you have to set correct time first and then restart with automatic time update enabled.

  271. Meedan 27-07-10@20:57


    I have Nokia 5233 v21.1.004 – I had updated my software by dialling *#0000# – then options Update software.

    i have tried all the methods given in this post & replies, changing date, chaning country to Honk kong,europe,UK. I removed me SIM Card, formatted the phone tried to install without SIM Card, tried with 3 different SIM Cards & 3 different Memory card. have spend almost 5 hours continiously for this bug but everything in vain. Search entire google & tried almost 50 different methods given all around the web. but nothing worked for me. Formatted my mobile almost 20 times with soft reset, hard reset but all in vain. I have purchased it recently or else I would have thrown this shit.

    if still any genius know some other method which really works do let me know.

  272. meet 28-07-10@18:27

    will this trick work for nokia 5233

  273. GIRI 29-07-10@02:05

    hey man its not working , pl help me

  274. mahesh 01-08-10@08:23

    hey its not working for me.mine is 5233 model

  275. Chris 05-08-10@10:28

    Sir, you are my hero. :)

  276. zhivar derawgar 10-08-10@14:00

    hi thank you finally works. you are the best

  277. Some Guy 11-08-10@11:31

    I’ve tried this and every other crack-pot fix. None of these ideas makes any sense or actually works. All it does is waste more time. Do yourself a favor and never buy Nokia crap. It’s always the same, never works properly.

  278. tillu 11-08-10@22:30

    Ninja March 18th, 2010 12:13 PM

    i think i understood what the problem was.
    it seems that after the format if the phone updates the date and time from the operator then the bug reappears. Therefore what i did was i removed the sim card. formatted the phone and then disabled the auto update of the date and time. After that i inserted the sim card. Now all applications can be installed and i love my phone.

    This guy is saying the same thing what i said…..
    this trick works man!! try it…..

    …and thankyou for the people who appreciated me………

  279. Arief Hussein 21-08-10@16:32

    sorry sir its not worked.
    again the new error ” Certificate may not be valid or phone’s data setting may not be correct”.

    Please advice me the soluction.


  280. Ellipius Mutero 01-09-10@23:29

    I seems to that you are the Hero man, big up yousself…

  281. Suman 07-09-10@22:11

    is there any trick to show the cell-info display seperately on home screen of 5800 ? It always overwritten by the date/profile display.

    waiting for ur kind reply.

  282. Varun 12-09-10@13:57

    Dude i did everything as u said.. It still has the problem.. I use a Nokia 5230 Nuron..

  283. Devsam 13-09-10@03:25

    thanks man,it works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  284. thanksalotman 13-09-10@16:55

    thanks alot man.. taking out sim card before hard reset works O: i tried tons of the “reset” throughout net but non worked well thought there xD

  285. kid 17-09-10@18:00

    You’re an angel! I so love you!!!

  286. johny 10-10-10@16:28

    this formula is not working in my 5800

    can any one help me

  287. iman 18-10-10@21:47

    this formula is not working in my 5800 for all of programs either !

  288. tillu 18-10-10@23:27

    Try some another SIM card,if it updates date and time correctly from the network, your problem will be solved

  289. naqib 11-11-10@22:37

    can u show me how to backup data by using pc suite step by step pls!!!!!! anyone….

    really need ur help…^_^

  290. nits 15-11-10@13:36

    Thanks a lot

    One of my big problem solved

  291. Arock 25-11-10@01:39

    I did this all step by step but the expired certif is still there :|
    Help me pls

  292. JOG 02-12-10@11:20

    it did not work on my 5800 Xpress Music…It still displays “certificate error. contact the application supplier”…

    is there any solution to this??? please help…

  293. fred 08-12-10@01:43

    Man seriously..Ur a LEGEND!!

  294. zair 14-12-10@05:28

    God bless you my son, you saved my phone from certain death !

  295. shoaib 16-12-10@11:44

    guys now look at this easy idea

    just go yo opda.hk and create a developer certificate and key
    install it in ur symbian s60 v5
    tada its done u can now install signed and unsigned apps

  296. jebin 18-12-10@20:47

    wow,how easy to solve this damn problem,,i gave my cell to many so called mobile expert but they only take time but this idea is brilliant n so simple…. still some symbian doesn’t work on my nokia but i m happy that at lest some sis file work ..i m happy

  297. akash 18-12-10@22:16

    the trick sucks man……………………

  298. Tillu 18-12-10@23:55

    1.Changing SIM card works too if can update date and time correctly from network…

    2.Hard reset works after removing SIM card ..,as mentioned above..
    Remove the sim card.
    Format the phone
    Disable the auto update of the date and time.

    After that insert or preferably do not insert the sim card. Now all applications can be installed

  299. dirtynoah 29-12-10@21:49

    i tried all the steps but didnt work it still says expired certificate

  300. abhra 26-01-11@15:51

    i followed the process……….the *#7370# process ……..but i dont have the code to unloke my code …….i have never changed it too….. so i tried the code 12345. it dint work ………… plz plz plz help !!!!

  301. amy 29-01-11@14:01

    Did not work for me.
    Yikes! The rest got rid of two of my themes! I cannot get it back.

  302. Malar 01-02-11@14:55

    OMG!!! it’s working!!!! cant believe….. thank u thank u thank u… sooooooooooooo much……..
    Thank u soo much man!!!!!!

  303. Moeen Ahmed 12-03-11@13:54

    Sir I don’t know how to remove this problem of error certificate and also i have a problem of compatibility error.
    How can I remove these two errors?

  304. Sherry Zee 18-03-11@21:30


  305. Nica 20-04-11@21:18

    Thank you so much for this. It really helped!

  306. Andrija 06-05-11@15:47

    How to backup? Will it delete programs, documents, contacts, everything?

  307. Jog 18-05-11@23:41

    Got the phone & 2 months later, ‘ERROR’ everytime on start up. Thought of posting it to Davy Jones’s Locker untill reading your solution. You just saved my phone from a watery grave !
    Much appreciated.

  308. Ajay 28-05-11@17:15

    Hey i have a 5230 will the same method work on my phone…..pls someone help me out….i have about 597 apps showing me the same bloody certificate error…… am totally irritated with this error….. :-(

    also when i keep my menu button pressed the apps running are not shown…..pls can some one tell me a way to cure that too…and don’t tell me go to nokia care center…..pls help….

  309. Ajay 28-05-11@17:37


    Use the nokia pc suite to take a backup….and yes it will delete “everything” all programs and files….total format…… a friend tried it on his 5800EM…the procedure works…the contacts and other stuff can be backed up…..

    but for the apps u should better back up the installer files if u have them for the app..if u have them…u better back up the .sis or .jar file of that app….

  310. gad 31-05-11@22:55

    How do I resolve this error, ”requested application not granted”? I get this error often when I am installing applications related to the homescreen. Please help.

  311. PrincePrince 28-06-11@00:07

    It didn’t work for me. :S
    Why didn’t it work? I did exactly as you said.

    Backup, take out memory card, reset settings, when it turns on turn it off, then insert memory card and start it up.

    Still gives me the same error. :S

  312. meghna 30-06-11@22:11


    I read your blog. I have the same problem and my cellphone is nokia 5235. Will this method work for my phone too.. Pls reply asap.


  313. spencerzenz 18-07-11@22:24

    thanks a lot it works!!!… bravoo!!!!

  314. peter 21-07-11@09:32


  315. musweu 02-08-11@21:12

    hey thanks alot man you saved my life, see my nokia 5800 was going to be history but now it will remain a mistory to keep on learning thanks, the world needs alot like you

  316. morrie 06-08-11@07:16

    Didn’t work!!! thanks any way…can you please tell me another solution ?

  317. talha 15-08-11@03:02

    hey this is not work for me my phone’s v is 51.0.66

  318. berna 18-08-11@18:23

    im sad..it not work in my phone its still saying expired certificate..do u have another way?why its not working..

  319. abajanian 24-08-11@18:54

    I am so happy because I was going to replace this phone because it would not receive mail automatically due to the certificate error but this solution worked for me .

  320. Floor 01-09-11@18:38

    Stupid thing still won’t work! Now I really tried everything…

  321. hrc112 22-09-11@22:45

    Thanks a lot! :)

  322. bonbon 25-11-11@11:06

    hello im bonbon from phils… i tried your advice and thanks a lot it works… thank you so much… now i so love my 5800xm thanks…

  323. celine 16-12-11@04:29

    it’s not working with me it gives that i don’t have the right password can u please suggest any password so i can try this again and again ? i m going crazy!

  324. Yen 08-01-12@13:04

    Hi. I’m Yen from Vietnam. Thank you so much. It works. Now I can install Qt ^_^

  325. Ali-UAE 12-01-12@01:26


    I am hereby advising nokia to appoint you at their service center!

  326. MAT-NZ 10-06-12@17:06

    You wouldnt believe how frustrated i was trying to look for an answer to this problem online and finding out nothing. AND FINALLY FOUND YOU. SOOO HAPPY

  327. Kun 14-07-12@15:23


  328. James 15-07-12@20:04

    thx dude it w0rks…saa z0mm!

  329. Christian 17-07-12@18:25

    and yea, you really need to get your mSD out, in order for you to install an app. and this nokia5800 really sucks :/

  330. HajCalderone 09-08-12@22:40

    Hey I’m Haj from philippines and i just want to ask if my applications in my phone 5800 xpressmusic will be deleted if i do reset my phone? does it take you long to reset it??tnx

  331. Roman Hossain 10-09-12@18:44

    ‘xplore’ was worked at my nokia 5800 xm before formatting the phone. now if i try to install it, ‘certificate error’ shows. what should i do to solve it?

  332. Kaung Sett 11-09-12@16:23

    Thank you soooooo much

  333. Charles Sam 07-01-13@02:19

    Thank u so so so very much. I almost gave up on my phone till I saw your post and decided to follow it step by step.now, by God’s grace, I’m able to install all my favorite apps again. thank u so very much.

  334. Subin visalan 28-08-13@15:34

    Thank u so much dear…

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