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How To Relocate Or Change Google Chrome Cache Folder Location?

If you have a reason to change or relocate Google Chrome default cache folder to other directory or even different disk partition, the chrome.exe comes with a command line option switch to do the job.

It’s pretty easy that everyone can make it – no complicated step, not an advanced skill, no registry change, doesn’t required third party program – the magic of command line option switch, a good old concept that are mostly found in Linux / Unix or Windows command line utilities.

Anyway, if you have doubt, just spend 2 minutes watching the screencast below (another silent-video but should serve purpose well than my poor writing skill :-(

If you have good broadband connection, this screencast is available in High Quality video mode (HQ) for better visual experience. Check it out at WalkerNewsdotnet Channel.

How to change Google Chrome default cache directory

This work is tested and proved with Google Chrome v1.0.154.36 (and should be working in future release, hopefully):
  1. Right-click the Google Chrome program shortcut and select Properties from the menu
  2. Append the chrome.exe command line option switch at the end of program path in Target text-box:
    --user-data-dir="type the full path of your own cache folder here"

Takes note that you must specify the full, absolute path of the user-defined cache folder for --user-data-dir option to work as you wish.

Unlike the --user-agent that change the Chrome user agent string, the --user-data-dir command line option switch is effective as soon as you double-click the “tweaked” chrome.exe shortcut without having to close all chrome.exe process and restart the Chrome browser.

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  1. Shohug 30-12-08@17:51

    thanks!!! for the article. your method works well but i want to do it using registry key changing or programatically. please help me to do this.

  2. Stone 31-12-09@22:14

    Hey there, it didn’t work for me. You should give a full example of how the line should look so people know hwo it should look so it works… like: “D:\Documents and Settings\Stone\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe –user-data-dir=”C:\temp”” – Should there be a space, or not? I tried both, Windows gives me an error every time.

  3. Apa 05-01-10@22:19

    Stone, you need two dashes before the parameter: –user-data-dir=…

    It works for me when I start it from the shortcut, but if I click a link on Skype for example, it opens a new Chrome window instead of a new tab in the existing Chrome.

  4. Lex 14-03-10@20:37

    It moves all user data, so when you use RAM DISK you will loose you data every time you restart computer. I need only to change cache folder without personal data like extensions etc.

  5. Patrice 27-06-10@04:07

    To change location of the cache, per example on a Ramdisk, I find that on the Internet:
    “C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –disk-cache-dir=”Z:”
    It works!

  6. Patrice 27-06-10@04:11

    Be careful, there are two dashes before disk-cache-dir = “Z”

  7. Raist 12-08-10@10:09

    the problem is, if you set chrome as the default browser and click a link, then when it’s loaded the default location is restored. it works only when you manually load the program with the changed shortcut…any idea? :)

  8. JF 08-11-10@01:01

    I just moved cache dir to flash drive with disk-cache-dir. it’s working perfectly. no luck to try ramdisk on win7 but hope current solution should give some improvement.

    thx for tips :)

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