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Google Adsense Fine-tunes Western Union Payment Option

Western Union is one of few payment options for Adsense publishers. If you couldn’t receive Google paycheck via EFT (electronic funds transfer), Western Union is second best choice if this alternative cash transfer service available in your country.

Up to now, there are limited number of countries allows EFT from Google. So is true for Western Union, where this cash transfer option for Adsense payment is only available in Argentina, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Egypt, Lithuania, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Romania, and Taiwan.

Depends on central bank policy in respective country, there is a maximum payment amount a receiver can withdraw from Western Union.

So, what happen if Adsense paycheck amount over the Western Union maximum payment limit?

In the earlier days, Adsense automatically ignore your preferable payment option (in this case, it’s Western Union) and go for secured express delivery check (that comes with fees imposed dearly by banker and/or courier service provider).

Now, Google fine-tune the process by splitting the “oversize” paycheck into multiple payments that each of these is well below or equal to the maximum limit set by central bank. Therefore, Adsense publishers continue to enjoy the Western Union cash transfer benefits (i.e. fast and cheap as compare to other non-EFT options), regardless of the “size” of payment from Google.

Again, it’s depend on respective country central bank policy, receiver might have to withdraw each of the multiple payments in same OR different banking day.

Beside the update on split payment, Adsense also extend the deadline of claiming payment from 35 days to 60 days. If you payment is not picked up within 60 days of issuance, Google automatically credit the payment amount back to your Adsense account and set the payment status to hold.

For more information, follow the link of Adsense payment options or specifically the Western Union payment options.

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