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How To Add Background Music To Your Video At YouTube?

I’ve uploaded more than five screencasts to WalkerNews.net channel@YouTube but none of those original video clips contains neither narration nor background music to spices it up.

Not that I want to go Charlie Chaplin style because I like his movies, but I’m shy to speak :-). There is no background music, simply because of I’m trying to save some uploading bandwidth.

However, regardless of what reasons I have, my screencasts don’t have to be silent after uploading to YouTube (if I really want to them sing).

The YouTube AudioSwap, as its name implies, is to tune the audio (of a video) with another from YouTube music library on the fly (i.e. directly, online at YouTube)! This feature is no doubt capable of adding background music to make silent-video hot, rock, jazz, classical, blue, country, etc:

How to add or change background music of a video in YouTube?
How to add or change background music of a video in YouTube?
So now, all of my screencasts at YouTube channel can sing, and I hope you won’t feel boring when watching them with earphone/speaker on (but you may feel unexciting of my poor demo skill that looks as suck as my writing :-(.

So long you’ve login to YouTube and watching at your own posted video clip, it’s not that difficult to find a hyperlink or web button that describe “AudioSwap”. Just click on it and there is a “huge” music library ready for you to choose a dream song.

In order to find music that likely matching video playback length, select the option “Only show songs of similar length to my video”. Remember to click “Preview” button to hear and feel your selection before rushing to press “Publish” button. Of course, there is currently no limit of using AudioSwap.

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