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Lycos Mail – Free Email Service To Send Large Attachment Without Size Limitation

No matter how fast a courier service provider can deliver a disk image from Mountain View to Redmond, it is not any faster than transferring disk image digitally over the Internet or dedicated leased line.

So, to share or transfer a large embedded system image between vendor and client instantly, it’s better to share over P2P network (KAD, eDonkey, BitTorrent, etc), online file storage (SkyDrive, XDrive, etc), file hosting (RapidShare, zShare, etc).

What about sending the large file to recipients as an email attachment?

Well, I’m afraid none of the Email service providers or system administrators will allow their email servers to handle such “heavyweight” message.

But, Lycos Mail was certainly against the odd and make it happen!

How can the new Lycos Mail do it and it’s still providing free email service to the general public?

Lycos Mail allows unlimited file attachment size and doesn’t restrict attachment file type
It’s not a fictional tagline, it’s real. The new Lycos Mail, but is still free, allows users to send any attachment file type of any size to any email service providers or email servers!

Lycos Mail provides two options to attach a file – smaller than 20MB or larger than 20MB. On the safe side, I recommend you to choose “Attach BIG file (larger than 20MB)” to send a program file (executable file) or a file size that is larger than the recipient mail box storage.

How to use Lycos Mail to send executable program file or any unlimited sized attachment to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Exchange Server, etc?
How to use Lycos Mail to send executable program file or any unlimited sized attachment to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Exchange Server, etc?

By using BIG file attachment option (highlighted), Lycos Mail will host the file at their file server and insert the file download link in the email sending to recipients, rather than sending the files as email attachments.

That’s why, you can use Lycos Mail to send executable program file or a very large file as attachment (indeed, unlimited sized attachment file size) to any email service providers without a problem (unless the sender email is blacklisted as spammer).

Note, the file hosted at Lycos Mail file server is expires after 10 times of download or 30 days of temporarily hosting, whichever comes first. (Article Ref 5281-OSGC-6017).

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  1. Jin 21-11-08@11:36

    Well, for people for are unfortunately on an email service that doesn’t allow huge file transfers and are unwilling to switch services, you can try out 2large2email.com (http://www.2large2email.com/). They’ve got options to allow file transfers of up to 2G in size.

  2. Josh 09-01-09@04:53

    I recommend using Otengo. Unlimited file tranfer. You can send high resolution videos and pictures. Also allows you to send picture albums.

  3. Lou 29-01-10@23:21

    For very large and urgent files, Binfer [http://www.binfer.com] is the best solution. It transfers files of any type and size without requiring you to upload them.

  4. Doris Li 08-11-10@16:53

    My friend send me email with attachment using lycosmail which I cannot retrieve. Please let me know how can I extract the attachment. The mail received was on 3rd May, 2010.

    Thank you.

    Best regards

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