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How To Use mp3DirectCut – A Standalone MP3 Cutter To Cut MP3

mp3DirectCut is a tiny, standalone freeware, a “MP3 cutter” that you could use to cut a MP3 file into pieces (for fun?). You may use this free MP3 cutter program to cut a portion of the most sensational rhythm of song in MP3 format for mobile phone ringtone.

Certainly, mp3DirectCut is in my standalone program list and kept in my pocket almost every day! (Pocket? It’s the 8GB thumb drive – tiny size in physical measurement but big in storage capacity!).
How to use mp3DirectCut to cut a MP3 file (for ringtone)

First, download the freeware from Martin Pesch’s website, or directly download the official self-extractable file (MD5 checksum 9104b7fe19005bda2ffdb86c092412e4) or download the zipped mp3DirectCut (file “installed” by the self-extractable file; MD5 checksum 9f5e812833552dd705b50ddcd763f07d).

mp3DirectCut - a tiny, standalone MP3 cutter freeware that someone can use to cut a MP3 file for ringtone.
mp3DirectCut - a tiny, standalone MP3 cutter freeware that someone can use to cut a MP3 file for ringtone.

If you “install” the self-extractable version, double click the mp3DirectCut icon created on Desktop. For those who use the zipped format (which contains the files “installed” by official self-extractable file), extract it and double click mp3DirectCut.exe.

Click File menu and click Open (or press CTRL+O keyboard shortcut) to select a MP3 file.

mp3DirectCut - define the start of selection.Click Play button to play the MP3 file. Click Stop button when the sensational rhythm comes in. Next, adjust the time value of Now: (see next screenshot; highlighted in blue colour) and click Play again. Repeat this step – adjust and play – until you’re happy with the “precise” time when the sensational rhythm kicks in. Then, click the Set Begin button to mark the “start”.

After clicking the Set Begin button, click the Play button to continue playback and click Stop button when you expect it to stop. As usual, repeat the “adjust and play” step to precise “end” your favourite rhythm. Once you are happy with the “end” time, click Set End button.

mp3DirectCut - save the selection to mp3 formatFinally, the Selection text-box (see next screenshot; highlighted) contains the portion of rhythm that you’ve defined by clicking “Set Begin” and “Set End” button. To cut, copy, or save this portion (for ringtone), simply click Save Selection from File menu (or just press CTRL+E keyboard shortcut).

(The Save Selection will save the “cut” portion into MP3 format. If your mobile phone supports MP3 ringtone, just transfer the file to cell phone. Otherwise, get a converter to convert the MP3 to ringtone format supported by the phone.)

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  1. samsher 08-12-10@12:27

    how can i use the cutter to cut the mp3 songs in my file. i know who to use but who can apply for that………plz reply me….

  2. jraju 30-09-16@19:40

    Hi, Really a worthy article to easily follow. I have benefited from your article to how to split in simple way. I use audacity but find it difficult to position the cut points. But your tutorial, by selecting the start point and end point, after stopping at the required point needs special mention idea to make it easy. Thanks

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