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Microsoft Word 2007 Hidden Functions Generate Lorem Ipsum And Sample Text

There are at least two hidden functions in Microsoft Word 2007. Some said these are Microsoft Word 2007 Easter eggs. However, Microsoft denied there is such little surprise as the software giant practices trustworthy computing.

So, these hidden Microsoft Word functions are well documented online in Microsoft Help and Support. Indeed, these are uncommon Microsoft Office functions that not everyone will use or probably will only use one of them once in a blue moon.

If you’re about to design a Microsoft Word document template, these two little “hidden” functions – the rand() function and lorem() function – might save you some time in typing dummy text!

Microsoft Word Uncommon Functions :

If you are asking about how to generate and insert sample text or Lorem Ipsum text in Microsoft Word document, these are built-in, uncommon Microsoft Word functions:
  • =rand(x,y) is used to generate sample text in x paragraphs and each of the paragraph contains of y lines.
    The x and y are optional, but they must be a numeric number. For example, you can type =rand(), =rand(1) or =rand(10,5) in a new Microsoft Word document and press ENTER to generate the localized sample text (localized means the sample text appears in language according to Microsoft Word localization).

    The =rand(x,y) is available in Microsoft Word 2007, Word 2003, Word 2002, Word 2000, or in Word 97 for Window.
  • =lorem(x,y) seems only available in Microsoft Word 2007, is used to generate the famous Lorem Ipsum text (dummy text that used by typographers to demo font styles and document layout).
    As with =rand(x,y) function, the x and y value are optional, but must be numeric if in used. For example, =lorem(3,5) to generate Lorem Ipsum with 5 lines in each of the 3 paragraphs specified in =lorem() function.

    Unlike =rand() function, the Lorem Ipsum text generated by =lorem() function is not localized.

Microsoft Word Lorem Ipsum and Sample Text Functions Not Working

Two uncommon Word 2007 functions used to insert sample text and Lorem Ipsum text.If neither =lorem() nor =rand() function works in Microsoft Word 2007, please check if the “Replace Text As You Type” option is turned off in your setup:
  1. Click the Office Start Button (top-left corner),
  2. Click the Word Options button,
  3. Click the Proofing option (on the left pane),
  4. Click the AutoCorrect Options button
  5. Go to the AutoCorrect tab

While at the AutoCorrect tab of dialog box, make sure the “Replace As You Type” check-box is ticked/checked. When this option is disable, the =rand() and =lorem() functions are turned off as well.

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