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SWF-Export v1.8.0.5: A Better SWF Extractor Freeware From Hungary!

On last Saturday, while I was away from town, Levente sent me 3rd email and the latest compilation of SWF-Export v1.8.0.5.

Unlike SWF-Export v1.8.0.0, Levente has made some code changes in v1.8.0.5 that eventually remove restrictions written in previous post – “SWF Extractor: A Hungarian Freeware To Extract SWF From Microsoft Excel And Word Document

Again, both Kaspersky IS at home and office are happily working with SWF-Export v1.8.0.5. So, it’s clean and green SWF extractor freeware that you can safely keep in a latest 16GB thumb drive!

Though, SWF-Export is not a “giant”, as the program itself is merely taking up 16384 bytes or 16.0 KB of disk space in my NTFS hard disk that formatted by Vista Ultimate!

SWF-Export doesn’t require special installation or complicated setup, means that you just double-click SWF-Export to run directly! And, it works even without installing any Microsoft Office program on the host system.

So, SWF-Export can extract the interactive Shockwave flash (SWF) that embedded in a Microsoft Excel 2007 document (*.xlsx), regardless Microsoft Office 2007 is already installed.

Summary of features in SWF-Export v1.8.0.5:
  • Extract / Export SWF (Shockwave flash) object from Microsoft Word document (*.doc or *.docx) or Microsoft Excel document (*.xls or *.xlsx) – it’s compatible with the latest Microsoft Office 2007.
  • Simple user interface and 100% in English.
  • The running SWF-Export is no longer “hidden” from Windows Flip 3D, ALT+Tab hotkey, or Windows Task Manager.
  • Rename SWF-Export.exe is allowed – no more “Program name error!” window.
  • Automatically save the exported SWF object into a file with SWF file extension (The *.swf file can be opened / playbacked in web browser or uploaded to blog for sharing).

Once again, thank you Levente for sharing SWF-Export at WalkerNews.net – click here to start downloading SWF-Export v1.8.0.5 (the md5sum of SWF-Export.exe, not zip file, is e2520633ea21107ea92ab861028f2f14)

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  1. Bill 25-10-09@17:31

    Thanks for the post,however


    (Suspicious File ,High Risk Worm)


    Is there a way to fix it?


  2. Walker 26-10-09@02:16

    @Bill, I have just downloaded a copy from the link in this post and scan it with Kaspersky IS v8.0.0.506 and it shows no virus detected.

  3. Walker 26-10-09@02:22

    @In fact, I just notice that report you showed me, only 2 out of 41 antivirus software raise alert (at least the big boys don’t see there are potential threat).

  4. Levente 06-12-09@10:57

    Hi Guys!

    The application is 100% clean, no spyware, adware, virus or any other malicious code inside.

    Cheers, Levente

  5. Walker 06-12-09@13:19

    Good day Levente. I trust you!
    Btw, I feel really sorry on the free activation code email I sent to you.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family too!

  6. Levente 06-12-09@23:45

    Good Day Walker!

    First of all, I want to say: thank You!

    Don’t worry about the activation code… next time I will be faster. ;-)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You and Your family and to all people in the World.

    Levente from Budapest

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