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Adsense: Keep The 1-2-3-3 Limitation In Mind

How many Adsense Link Unit ads can be displayed on a page? Why some of the Adsense units are not shown the page?

“I was wondering why one of the Adsense unit keeps on showing nothing while there are four pieces of Adsense for Content code placed in the page?”

Don’t panic; if a particular Adsense unit exceeds the maximum limit of its type, the system automatically turns off “extra” ads of the type from appearing on the page.

So, what is the maximum number of each Adsense categories?

Well, the information are in the Adsense policy, at the section called “Ad Placement”.

And to help publishers remember that golden number, a new post of Arlene Lee might make it easier to keep in mind.

As a summary, each page cans only place or display a maximum number of
  • One Adsense Video unit,
  • Two Adsense for Search unit,
  • Three Adsense for Content unit,
  • Three Adsense Link Unit.

Sometimes, there are just too little of quality or relevant ads for a page. So, that’s a good idea to keep the number of ads low. Otherwise, the same ads are repeated twice or more in the page and make the feel of reading…arrr!

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