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Vista Lunar Calendar: Download Microsoft Chinese Date And Time Installer

Question: When is the next Chinese New Year? What is the date of coming Moon-cake festival? When is mom and dad birthday in their “Chinese calendar day”….?

Well, I’m afraid that you need a Chinese Lunisolar calendar to assist you finding answers for the questions.

I am sure there are plenty of Chinese web sites offer such calendar online (ask Google, this “Oracle” knows).

But, if you interest reading Chinese Lunar calendar day, I’ll suggest you to download a copy of Microsoft Chinese Date and Time installer (ICalClkSetup.msi) for your Windows-based computer, be it a Windows XP or Windows Vista (and I believe it works fine in most Windows editions).

Microsoft Chinese Date And Time is a value added calendar utility that displaying Chinese Lunar calendar day.Microsoft Chinese Date and Time (微软中国日期和时间) was released on the 23th of October, 2004, as a value added calendar utility for genuine copy of Windows XP.

Other than capable to display Chinese Lunar calendar day, the calendar utility also displays up to 5 different clocks, including the local system time clock! This is what you could have in Windows Vista too, which supports displaying multiple clocks for different time zones.

I kinda like this features, especially when I travel across different time zones with the Dell Latitude that running complimentary copy of Vista Ultimate SP1.

Oh, by the way, the coming Mid-Autumn festival is on 14th of September, 2008. And the next Chinese New Year is on the 26th of January, 2009.

[ Download Microsoft Date and Time, (China version) ]
[ Download Microsoft Date and Time (Hong Kong version) ]

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