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Transformer Hiding In Firefox 3

Geeks around the world call this Firefox Easter egg and I thought the guys behind Firefox 3 are fans of Transformer (or they work like the robots?).

Perhaps, this is the second and latest Easter egg that has been found so far (am I right?).

To get the first Easter egg, enter the about:mozilla URI in Firefox web browser Address bar and (gently) press the Enter key.

Then, how about the second Easter egg? Well, you might already know that.

In Firefox 3, type about:robots in the Address bar and press enter (as shown in the screenshot), the hidden “Transformer” Easter egg appears to welcome humans (to this lovely web browser in the Earth)!

And take note on the last message, stated that “They have a plan”!

The hidden Transformer Easter egg in Firefox 3 welcome human to this lovely web browser.

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