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iPhone 3G With Excellent GPS Features

iPhone 3G, the next generation of Apple iPhone, is finally materialized with 3G connection support and a list of most wanted GPS features!

The well-integration of Apple iPhone software and GPS technology provide walkers no much excuses of missing in new city, oasis, jungle…

First, the multi-touch interface makes it easier to fix a destination and track the progress on the go.

Next, iPhone 3G intelligently power on and off GPS function to ensure battery life last longer for your adventure journey.

Apple iPhone 3G includes wonderful GPS featuresOn top of A-GPS (Assisted GPS) that could quickly identify your position, iPhone 3G endeavour to use all possible sources of wireless signal (GPS satellites, Wi-Fi hot spots, and cellular towers) to get the most accurate location fast!
iPhone 3G signal a blue GPS indicator when GPS signal in used. If it’s out of GPS signal coverage, iPhone 3G identify its location via Wi-Fi. Otherwise, the last resource for iPhone 3G to know its location is counting on signal from the nearest cellular towers.

If you like Google Maps, Apple provides an alternative service called Maps with GPS on iPhone 3G:
  • Use keywords to find a list of services around your location or destination.
  • Find out all possible routes to destination and watch your progress with live GPS tracking.
  • Switch between map view, satellite view, and a hybrid view of both
  • Streams live traffic information and indicate traffic speed along the route in easy-to-read green, red, and yellow highlights.

If you plan to get a new phone or GPS device, give iPhone 3G a try. I should have no much complaints for such a nice smart-phone that only selling at $199 (better than my aging Nokia N73 :-)

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  1. Walker 11-06-08@10:02

    Just found that I’ve not mentioned about GeoTag – a latest GPS feature that is now available in iPhone 3G as well.

    GeoTag, a.k.a GeoCoding, adds geographical identification metadata that derived from GPS information to various digital medias (e.g. websites, RSS feeds, or images, etc).

    Each of your photos taken by iPhone 3G will be geotagged with GPS location information. When these photos uploaded to geotag-aware web services or applications, everyone can easily see where every snapshot was taken.

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