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Direct Download Fedora And Red Hat Linux ISO CD Image

Red Hat 9 is the last official release of Red Hat Linux distribution. The replacement project is now better known as Fedora Core, which serves the blueprint of Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases and its compatible derivatives such as CentOS and Scientific Linux.

So, why do you think some people are still looking for Red Hat 9, Red Hat 8, Red Hat 7.x or Red Hat 6.x? Answer is, the poor system administrators who have lost the CD image!
If they’ve choice, Red Hat Enterprise or Fedora Core is better. But, the legacy applications just can’t run on these latest Linux kernels, unless the company willing to redevelop those good old-goodies to run on latest Linux platforms.
The management won’t consider forking out resources for redevelopment even the server hardware running out of life. Guess what, they’ll asking the poor administrators to “silently” run a VMWare if the cost is “justified”!

OK, enough for the stories. Now, (hopefully) here are direct download links and the howto you’re looking for:

Direct download of Fedora Core and Red Hat Linux

All these ISO CD images are hosted on the genuine Red Hat FTP servers (by judging on the domain name). If you can’t download it as the FTP server prompts for a login and password, use the anonymous login method (see the steps outlined at next section):
  • Download official Red Hat OLPC Linux CD image
  • Download latest official Fedora Core Linux CD image
  • Download official Red Hat Linux 6.2 CD image
  • Download official Red Hat Linux 7.0 CD image
  • Download official Red Hat Linux 7.2 CD image
  • Download official Red Hat Linux 7.2 CD image
  • Download official Red Hat Linux 7.3 CD image
  • Download official Red Hat Linux 8.0 CD image
  • Download official Red Hat Linux 9.0 CD image

How to download Red Hat Linux CD images from Red Hat FTP server?

If you’re prompted to enter a login and password to download any one of the Red Hat Linux CD images listed above, you may use the “anonymous” FTP login approach, which I’ve confirmed it works at this time of writing:

Use the anonymous FTP login approach to download Red Hat Linux CD image.

All you need to do is tick the check-box labelled as “Log on anonymously” (the screenshot above is taken from IE7 running in Windows Vista).

Sometimes, however, that troublesome FTP login prompts will repeatedly pop-up “forever” in IE7. You may wonder what I’ve told you or doubt that anonymous login method really works as I’ve said.

DON’T WORRY! If you’re using Firefox to access that FTP links, you might see an useful alert message “421 There are too many connected users, please try later” – that would have suggested why you’re prompted FTP login “forever” in IE7.

Another good point of Firefox, in my system, is that it didn’t prompt me to explicitly login FTP anonymously and that useful alert certainly claim me down!

Thus, don’t give up the chance if you’re desperately looking for one of these Red Hat Linux CD image. And, wish you good luck, if you happen to be one of the poor Linux administrators mentioned above :-(

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