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Missing Windows Search After Vista SP1 Upgrade

Suddenly, I found the Windows Search shortcut is missing from Start menu. I thought that might be a Start menu customization setting, but the expected option is not there.

After googling a while, it seems that the Vista SP1 upgrade has removed the Windows Search shortcut!
So, how could you get it back if you want to? I can’t figure out how to pin the Windows Search shortcut back to Vista Start menu, at this moment.

But, the Microsoft Knowledge Base article KB941946 suggests some hints to bring up Vista default Desktop search program (by default installation, this is Windows Search Explorer):
  1. Windows logo key is used to be seated in between CTRL and ALT key on the left-hand side of keyboard.
  2. Hotkey or keyboard shortcut refer to pressing one or more keys together to activate a Windows function.
  • Press the Windows logo key + F hotkey whenever and wherever you want the Windows Search Explorer window.
  • When Windows logo key is not available, then you might able to bring up Windows Search Explorer window by pressing CTRL + ESC hotkey followed by F3 at whenever and wherever.
    Otherwise, you may just press F3 while you’re in Windows Explorer, Vista Desktop or Start menu.
  • When you’re working with Windows Explorer, you may also just press CTRL + F to call up Vista default Desktop search program.
  • Click Vista Orb and start typing the search term in the Start Search text-box. If there is no match in the result returned by Vista Instant Search, click the Search Everywhere or Search Internet link that appears near to the bottom of Vista Orb / Start Search text-box.

It’s a bit not comfortable when something you’ve used to but suddenly missing or misplaced. Anyway, just remember F3 or Windows logo key + F hotkey for this purpose, from now onwards (until an alternative found for adding the shortcut back to the Start menu).

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