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Translate And Configure Raiden III Setting

Finally, I’ve found a friend who can read Japanese to translate the Raiden-III configuration program, i.e. config.exe.

Besides the settings page, he has also help to ‘decrypt’ the Direct3D error message that pop up in my Dell Latitude D410!
Double-click the config.exe program, which is part of the Raiden-III game settings, allows users to define the screen mode (window or full-screen mode) and keyboard or joystick settings for 1st / 2nd player.

Configure Raiden-III to run as window mode or full-screen mode.

The default keyboard settings for 1st player is quite convenient to myself, i.e. the Z key meant for shooting, X key meant for releasing bomb and the Arrow keys are use to move the Raiden jet-fighter in up/down/right/left direction

Configure Raiden-III to use keyboard or joystick, and the keys to shoot, release bomb or move the Raiden jet-fighter around.

Raiden-III failed to play on Windows, due to Direct3D failed to initialized.Now, if the Windows running on PC / laptop failed to open the classic Raiden-III, you might have seen an error message dialog box similar to this:

Depending on the locale available on Windows (using AppLocale on XP or the Vista Ultimate MUI pack), you might see some Japanese words or some weird characters that follow the word Direct3D. My friend translated that for me as “failed to initialize Direct3D”.

According to the official system requirement for playing this classic Raiden-III are as follow:
  • Windows 2000/XP
  • Pentium4 (1.7GHz and above) or Celeron (2.0GHz and above)
  • At least 512MB of RAM
  • DirectX-compatible graphic card with at least 64MB of RAM and support hardware texture acceleration for texture and lighting (e.g. ATI Radeon 9000 or later nVidia GeForceFX)

Is that enough? Take a look of the Raiden-III trailer that I’ve just found in YouTube:

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  1. rafa 09-10-09@09:13

    im still having direct3d problems… =/
    i did all things…
    any help?

  2. Alex 11-06-10@03:55

    HI, I got raiden III working on my laptop, however, the ship you control is missing parts(the wings). Is this some sort of glitch? Can I fix it?

  3. VukZ 08-07-10@16:34

    For that “Failed to initiate 3D”, is there a way to fix it? coz it shows up on mine, and i’ve no idea how to fix it at all… Anyone help please?

  4. John 28-08-10@00:11

    I got the same problem with the ship you control missing some parts to it, it look weird like your controlling just a piece of the wing. Can it be fixed? Everything else is perfect.

  5. Shane Riordan 20-01-11@15:35

    Dude, thanks for the config info. Now I’m playing fullscreen with my logitech rumble pad. Runs flawlessly on my win 7 64bit machine.

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