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How To Add An OEM Logo To Vista System Properties

I believe that some of you’ve came across an OEM hardware logo displayed on Windows System Properties window, particularly on those branded workstations / laptops.

Of course, being able to display an OEM logo in Windows System Properties has little or zero benefits to most general users (except for advertisement by hardware manufacturers)
However, you might just want to have some fun, to impress your superior, to show off a little Windows skills, etc, then you might wanted to know how to add a picture or logo in Windows Vista SP1 System Properties window.

For demo, this screenshot shows how the OEM logo and related information are shown in Vista SP1 System Properties window (specifically, this window is just known as System window, that you could open up with Windows + Pause hotkey or right-click Computer follow by clicking Properties menu):

How to add an OEM logo and related information to Windows Vista SP1 System Properties window

How to add an OEM logo or image to Vista SP1 System Properties window?

Prepare your own OEM logo or image, cut / crop it to 120×120 pixel and save it as BMP file format (a.k.a. Bitmap file format).

Next, save this 120×120 BMP file to %windir%\system32 folder as OEMLogo.bmp, i.e.
copy YourLogo.bmp %windir%\system32\OEMLogo.bmp

Now, open up Windows Registry Editor,i.e.
  1. Click the Vista Orb (Vista Start button)
  2. Type regedit on the Start Search textbox and press ENTER
  3. Click the regedit.exe link shown in the Program list

Browse to this Registry path

(If you can’t find the OEMInformation key, right-click the CurrentVersion key, select New followed by Key option and name the new Key as OEMInformation)

While at the OEMInformation key, right-click on the right-pane, select New followed by String Value to create these Registries as “String Value” type:

Logo – the full path of OEMLogo.bmp, i.e. C:\windows\system32\OEMLogo.bmp

Double-click each of those Registries and enter the text descriptions, as show in this screenshot:

Windows Registry keys that show OEM Logo and related information on Vista SP1 System Properties window

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  1. jamie colebatch 31-12-08@06:38

    thanks this works a treat due to my pc is a an old rm school computer

  2. mEr0viLL 30-07-09@13:16

    CoolLLL thanks for the tip!!!

  3. kakashi 04-11-09@05:40

    It doesn’t work with my windows 7 :(

  4. kakashi 04-11-09@05:55

    The Manufacturer etc works…only the logo one…which i fancy more

  5. kakashi 04-11-09@06:10

    Back..It works…even with 125×125 :) thank you

  6. Chris Gralike 25-02-10@17:13

    This option can also be automated using a answerfile (unattend.xml) and WDS for automated deployment for company deployment.

    Use the WAIK for windows 7, open the catalog and install.wim thats located on the Windows 7 DVD using SIM and locate the Component {ARCH}_Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup > OEMInformation.

    Add it to the OOBE (Out of the box experience) System pass and configure it with the settings you like.

    Next create an answerfile by saving the selected options to a file called unattend.xml.

    Add the boot.wim and install.wim from the windows 7 dvd to the WDS instance.

    Next add the unattend.xml file created with SIM to the install.wim using the properties view of that .wim image.


  7. Walker 25-02-10@22:45

    Chris, thank you for sharing this.
    Nice one!

  8. jez tosh 30-03-10@03:17

    it works ! great dude thanks for the trick

  9. KENNETH 29-05-10@18:14

    When i open “my computer” then click properties it display “page failed to load”…can you give me solution for this…hope someone can help me….my OS is Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7600

  10. TestMonkey 25-07-10@02:04

    Make sure it’s an 24bit .bmp, otherwise it won’t work.

  11. Zaxotes 25-07-10@21:22

    The LOGO Doesn’t work… others are perfect

  12. TyMo 02-08-10@22:45

    @Zaxotoes: Open the logo in paint. At the bottom it shows the size, in pixels, of the picture. Resize it to where it is 125 by 125 and make sure you save it as a bitmap image. Then it should work.

  13. Jamesst20 04-09-10@12:37

    WOW! Awesom! Thanks you! It really worked! I Created a program to make this easier :)

  14. ricrack 27-09-10@15:35

    Tested !!, works great for Windows 7 Ultimate 32b, saludos desde SLP, Mexico

  15. sonric68 03-11-10@19:27

    Thanks!!!! I successfully edited the OEMlogo. :)

  16. jeansrock 23-11-10@22:49

    Great! it works!!! thanks..

  17. Shadmehr 16-04-11@17:07

    It works fine,
    I just found OEM Folder inside system 32 which have all images and can change anyone of them :)

    Thank you

  18. John Galt 25-07-11@08:11

    Thanks! Works great on Windows Home Server 2011. Used a 300 x 300 bmp for the logo.

  19. Albu 29-11-11@18:33

    It’s work ! Good tutorial,
    Thank you,
    Best regards.

  20. Junior 19-06-12@03:30

    It´s work great… very good tutorial. thank you very much.

  21. Kevin 26-04-14@13:56

    I can only put this information (Manufacturer, Model, SupportURL, SupportHours, SupportPhone)? Does not work with other names? how to know the names of the available records on? thank you

  22. Jati 03-03-15@15:00

    Thank you very much…. and good tutorial
    most thanks

  23. Osikeme 26-12-15@16:50

    Thanks…..Many thanks…..You are great

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