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Excel Trend Line To Predict DB2 Tablespaces Free Page

One of the sysadmin tasks is to ensure the servers will not running out of free disk space, so that the server availability will not be questioned.

In the case of DB2 administration, DBA should have a series of tablespaces used/free pages figures recorded on a daily basis. With this statistics on hand, plot a chart with trend line to predict or estimate when the tablespaces will run out of free pages.
Using MS Excel to predict DB2 tablespaces free page in next couple of months

Import the DB2 tablespace free page figures into MS Excel (the date is optional, but will be useful for clarity).
In Linux platform, you may schedule a cronjob to automatically record the tablespaces statistics (e.g. How to log DB2 tablespaces free pages statistics). After some times, extract the date / free page figures in tabulation format and import it to Excel (e.g. DB2 SQL to query tablespace free pages statistics).

Next, highlight the column of date and/or free pages and then click the Chart icon on Excel Toolbar to create a line chart for these imported figures. (You may also click Insert menu follow by Chart…).
Remember to create a LINE chart type (a must) and place the chart in a new sheet, not as an object in the current worksheet (optional, but good for better visual inspection).

Now, add an Excel Trend Line to the chart so that you can estimate when you will have to add more tablespace containers or hard disk spaces before the DB2 database running out of free pages.

How to add a trend line on the chart in MS Excel?

Click the Excel chart created, then click the Chart menu follow by Add “Trend Line…” and follow the simple instruction.

How to add a trend line on the Excel chart to analysis the tablespace free pages left in next couple of months?

For the line chart with linear distributed data (unless your DB2 free pages statistics flustrates randomly over the days), select the Linear type of trend line

Select the correct type of trend line for the line chart data distribution in Excel

Right-click the trend line and select “Format Trend Line…” menu, click the Options tab in the Format Trendline dialog box and enter the Forward Forecast Periods until you get the Trend Line cut over X-axis.

Format the Excel trend line and enter the forward forecast period.

The meeting point between trendline and X-axis is the date where the tablespace run out of free pages (a closed estimation).

An closed estimation of DB2 tablespace running out of free pages, with an Excel linear trend line.

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