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Testing Adsense Scroll Button

After discovering Link Unit Ads in the Adsense conventional Ad unit, now there are another new features being tested.

  • Up and Down arrows to scroll for more relevant ads (bottom-left corner in the blue color rectangle)
  • Sometimes appears with a short sentense that read “Show More Ads”

Adsense Ad unit with two scroll arrows to display more relevant ads.

A Link Unit keyword is much attractive than the tiny arrows showing in that position!

But, I doubt it’s really useful and will bring much earning or profit to publishers and advertisers. The former idea of combining Link Unit and Ads Unit into one will be much practical in general. The reasons that I think this new feature will not work well could be as these:
  • The tiny arrows is not significant and intuitive enough to draw great attention.
  • Unless reading a Yellow Pages, how many of you will bother to click that arrows for next page of ads?

Probably, this feature will never be “advertised” by Adsense. Otherwise, another farewell party will be called for it, sooner or later, as the one made for “Onsite Advertiser Sign-up”!

(I’ve been really busy for the past one month – not for holiday or Christmas preparation, but works that really matter. With this opportunity, I wish you all Merry Christmas!)

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