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Useful CTRL Hotkey In Windows Vista and XP

Keyboard shortcut, also known as hotkey, is a useful and intuitive interface to work with a computer system.

Sometimes, only the hotkeys are able to trigger some common Windows functions when the application doesn’t provide them explicitly. For example, the CTRL + Z or CTRL + Y are really worth to remember keyboard shortcuts if you want to undo or redo changes made while composing a web-based email, writing a blog post in WordPress or Blogger, etc.

Now, let’s see what could the CTRL related hotkeys do in Windows OS (including the latest Windows Vista Ultimate)!

CTRL + F4 to close the active window in a MDI form or tab in IE7 or Firefox.

CTRL + PRINT SCREEN to capture screenshoot of Windows context menu with Snipping Tool – execute Snipping Tool, click Cancel snip button to put it in standby mode, bring up context menu and press CTRL + PRINT SCREEN hotkey.

CTRL TAB or SHIFT + CTRL + TAB to toggle between tabbed browser windows (applicable to IE7 or Firefox).

CTRL + Q to show tabbed browser windows in thumbnail format – it’s more efficient if there are little tabbed windows in IE7 web browser!

CTRL + I to access web browser Bookmark / Favourite

CTRL + B to organize web browser Bookmark / Favourite

CTRL + H to access to web browser History

CTRL + D to add the webpage to Favourite / Bookmark

CTRL + F5 to unconditionally reload whole webpage from Internet (not from browser cache folder, i.e. without using the cached content in Temporarily Internet Files folder).

CTRL + W is an alternative to CTRL + F4 hotkey, i.e. to close the active application.
CTRL + Z to undo changes (regardless application provides Undo function)!

CTRL + Y to redo changes (regardless application provides Redo function)!

CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to bring up Windows Task Manager

CTRL + SHUTDOWN to shorten Windows XP shutdown time – run the Windows Task Manager, simultaneously pressing the CTRL key and click the Shutdown menu!

CTRL + ESC to display the Windows Start menu – similar to the Windows key!

CTRL + SPACE to toggle input languages – similar to Left ALT + SHIFT keyboard shortcut.

Press Left ALT + SHIFT or CTRL+ SPACE hotkey to switch between input languages.

CTRL then SHIFT to toggle between Microsoft IME input and Non-IME input method.

Press the CTRL key once and release, then press the SHIFT key again to toggle between IME input method.

CTRL with mouse click to selectively highlight or deselect multiple files in a folder.

CTRL while Windows boots up is similar to press F8 hotkey when Windows boots up – to bring up the Windows Boot up menu or Startup menu.

CTRL + C to copy the highlighted items

CTRL + V to paste the highlighted items

CTRL + X to cut the highlighted items

CTRL + A to select all items

CTRL + N to open a new application window (only applicable if the application supports multiple windows, e.g. Microsoft Office, IE7, Firefox, etc).

CTRL + F to bring up the application Search dialogue box (if it’s available).

CTRL + P to print document directly to the default Windows printer.

CTRL + E to activate web browser “Search Internet” text box (available in IE7, Firefox, or web browser with Google Toolbar installed).

Any other CTRL related hotkeys for Windows? I believe yes. Appreciate if you could top it up via the comment form

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  1. Kasya 28-01-08@16:43

    CTRL+ENTER in the address bar of IE7 (maybe Mozilla too)
    For Example: Type google and CTRL+ENTER. IT will write http://www.google.com/

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  4. DJ 27-08-08@11:44

    windows key+R to start run

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