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Blacklist Junk Ads In Adsense Competitive Ad Filter

A blog with ads could bring little surprise at month end that might able to compensate the hosting fee or utility bills!

So, it’s important to make sure only high quality ads are shown in your blog – quality ads not just increase earning but also improve readers’ experience if they’re directed to useful services or information that are highly related to the topic being read.
For Adsense publishers, make sure you’ll regularly monitor the ads and blacklist those useless, annoying junk ads with the free-of-charge service called Competitive Ad Filter!

Right now, I’ve blacklist few tens of these Adsense junk ads with the FOC Competitive Ad Filter service. You may have seen some of these appear in your blog too.

Adsense Junk Ads (same web theme, 0 Pagerank, etc)
Pay attention to these group of URLs that appears with same web template / theme and associated to MeanWhile dot com – which I think Google Adsense should have banned it! If you’re kind enough, please comment with your own list of URLs that associate with MeanWhile dot com or other LCPC junk ads!

Blacklist Adsense junk ads with Competitive Ad Filter

Other LCPC Junk Ads (Simple web template, 0 Pagerank, etc)

How to blacklist Adsense junk ads with Competitive Ad Filter?

P/S: Why should Adsense publishers rely on AdsBlacklist.com?
Because Google Adsense doesn’t offer such service right now! (But, I doubt about the useful of AdsBlacklist.com service at this moment!)

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