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Why Using Adsense Competitive Ad Filter

Displaying ads in a blog can be a win-win deal for both blogger and reader – quality ads help webmaster to pay off hosting bill while readers enjoy with information and services that are mostly relevant to the topic.

That’s the purpose of Adsense contextual advertising!

However, the Adsense contextual ads unit doesn’t know the “quality” of the “relevant” ads it’s showing on a blog!

These junk ads are only appears relevant in title to the blog content, but in fact it’s leading the readers to a link farm or MFA website (a.k.a. Made-For-Ads) which are 99.99% of low-cost-per-click advertisers!

The junk ads not only reduce publisher’s Adsense earning day by day, but it’s also very annoying readers who follow the ads to a useless site or service!

So, why Adsense publishers should use the Competitive Ad Filter?

Apparently, this FOC service helps publishers earn better and keep readers satisfied with quality ads! (Though, Adsense Help only emphasize this feature on blocking ads that lead readers to the competitors’ sites!)

Personally, I think Google Adsense should have an automatic mechanism (as a value-added service) to track down and filter out those junk ads! Otherwise, Adsense publishers will have to pay for similar service offer by AdsBlacklist!

No choice but have to keep an eye on the Adsense ads showing in your first 10 most popular articles and add those LCPC ads (i.e. the Adsense junk ads) into the Adsense Competitive Ad Filter! This will not merely increase the Adsense earning but it also keep the blog readers happier as they find other relevant and useful information or service via quality Adsense Ads!
When entering these sample form of URL in Competitive Ad Filter,
  • example.com will block ads to example.com and example.com/sub
  • example.com will also block ads to www.example.com and forums.example.com
  • www.example.com will block ads to www.example.com but not to forums.example.com or example.com
  • example.com/sub will not block ads to example.com/products or example.com/sub/index.html

Thus, it’s wiser to leave the ‘www’ off of URLs in the filter list to get a better filtering!

How to use the Adsense Competitive Ad Filter to blacklist junk ads?
How to find the Junk Ads URL without clicking the ads (that against TOC)?

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