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Download Raiden PC Game For Windows Vista

Be it a simple or complex kind of game, it’s really fun to have some games in a personal computer (nothing wrong to have them in office PC too)!

And Raiden jet fighter is used to be my favourite at all times (although most of my friends comment that Raiden is for dummy).
As long as I enjoy the game, that’s enough for me to continue favour the game. I doubt there are players who will hate the game that they used to play with when all his/her friends dislike the game.

So, I’m here to consolidate all the fantastic download links of three versions of Raiden PC game that I’ve gathered for my Vista Ultimate.

Classic Raiden II arcade game ported for Windows OS

Raiden II Arcade Game

Raiden II flash game for web browser with Shockwave addon

RaidenX flash game for web browser with Shockwave flash object addons installed.RaidenX is a flash game version that based on classic Raiden-II arcade game.

Classic Raiden III – Bulky with nice graphics and sound

Download classic Raiden-III for Windows Vista.Classic Raiden-III PC game with bulky game folder but built with nice graphics and amazing sound effects.

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  1. Laurent 07-08-08@04:06

    Love it too, thanks for sharing !

  2. gebooy 12-08-08@08:44

    thanks for download link raiden II, but i can’t set to FULLSCREEN..can u help to fix ??

  3. CIV 07-09-08@05:45

    Does Raiden II’s BGM work? It doesn’t seem to for me.

  4. Guy 12-08-09@14:44

    Raiden II doesn’t play any background music during gameplay. Is it supposed to do that or can you help me with the problem?

  5. Jorge 08-07-10@01:45

    thx a lot man! all the games worked great for me!
    anyway u can also get Raiden IV for the pc? or maybe a rom for an emulator? i really want to play that game!
    thanks in advance :D

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