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Download Windows Vista Ultimate MUI Installer

Windows Vista Ultimate is the only edition that entitled Windows Ultimate Extras.

Besides offering DreamScene (i.e. playing animated video as Windows Desktop wallpaper), another useful product will be Windows Ultimate Language Pack!
By installing the Windows MUI, e.g. the Chinese language pack, the International/English edition will be easily converted to speak its interface in your mother tongue – from Command Prompt to Windows Help system.

Better still, non-Unicode Chinese program will appears with readable Chinese words (and not the ugly, weird “characters”).

Of course, it’s possible to write in Chinese as well!

To download and install the Windows Vista Ultimate Language pack (MUI), click the Vista Orb, type update in the Start Search text box and double-click the Windows Update shortcut in Program listing.

Download Windows Vista Ultimate Language Pack or MUI

You should get about 34 Windows Vista Ultimate Language Packs, including the latest 19 language packs added on last Tuesday (23 Oct 2007).

Alternative for Chinese literate who is running International/English Vista Ultimate edition, download either one or both Chinese Language Pack (Simplified/Traditional) from FileFront.com.

Execute the Windows Vista Ultimate MUI installer.


(Refers to “Direct Download 36 Vista Ultimate MUI packs from Microsoft servers“)

This Windows MUI installer will create a Windows Cabinet file (filename IP.CAB). The installer will quit and delete the IP.CAB if the installation platform isn’t Vista Ultimate edition.

(However, I think it’s possible to extract the IP.CAB file and manually “install” the Language Pack content to other Windows Vista edition. If you get it done, please come back to share with us your work.

Update – refers to Same Frank solution on using Vista MUI Tools v2.2 for such automation!

To keep the IP.CAB file for inspection, act fast to make a copy of IP.CAB before the Vista MUI installer delete the Windows Cabinet file (that’s how I did it as shown in this picture).

Make a copy of Vista Ultimate MUI cabinet file.

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  1. CityShaman 09-12-07@22:47

    “…(However, I think it’s possible to extract the IP.CAB file and manually “install” the Language Pack content to other Windows Vista edition. If you get it done, please come back to share with us your work.)…”

    Yes. I managed to manually install the swedish language pack .exe on an English Vista Business installation.

    I decompressed the lp-sv-se_0bb9314bb33c9c0cae897bd34147e14e11daa3b5.exe with winrar, then created the directory “C:\Windows\sv-SE” and copied all the .mui files there. Then i copied the same files again , plus the .msc files, to “C:\windows\system32\sv-SE”.
    (it will probably work just fine to copy ALL the files from the language pack to the two directories)

    then i copied the Licenses directory from C:\windows\system32\en-US to c:\windows\system32\sv-SE
    (dont know if its needed)

    then i copied everything from system32\en-US to system32\sv-SE WITHOUT replacing anything.

    And the same with windows\en-US to windows\sv-SE.
    Just to make sure that there werent any critical files missing in my new language directories.
    (dont know if that is needed either, but thats what i did)

    i then changed the registry key…


    to read…


    and created a string value inside it…


    then i rebooted and got a swedish operating system. Successful MUI installation with a non ultimate vista.
    There are a few system tools still not translated. But that may very well be because i didnt copy every file. Or simply because the language pack doesnt translate it. Commandline is completely translated.

  2. Walker 10-12-07@17:26

    Good work, CityShaman!

    I’ve just found that the Chinese MUI package have been removed from FileFront.com. Has anyone came across new sources that host legit Vista MUI pack?

  3. CityShaman 10-12-07@19:57
  4. Walker 10-12-07@23:02

    Thank you very much, CityShaman!

  5. Direct Download 36 Vista MUI From Windows Update Server – Walker News 30-12-07@03:47

    […] CityShaman leaved me comment that it’s possible to manually install the extracted components in non-Ultimate editions of […]

  6. mroids 04-01-08@18:46

    I’d just like to thank CityShaman for sharing his work in converting to a Swedish display language. I’m also confirming that the same technique worked in changing from Spanish to English (thank god, because I dont know a word of Spanish) on Vista Home Premium, so kudos for that.

    I’d also like to point out that some programs, such as the Windows Sidebar, will stop functioning correctly once you use this method, but CAN be fixed. In the case of the sidebar, the ‘Windows Sidebar’ folder in Program Files uses MUI files from the language pack (just look inside your folder to see which ones, theres two of them), which need to be copied into the appropriate folders (I had to make a en-US folder). However, the Gadgets folder contains all the default gadgets in Spanish, so the only way I could fix that was by copying the whole folder from somebody elses computer (it’s only around 4mb) and replacing the one in mine.

    I guess the same applies to some other programs, and also to the Vista themes (mine stopped working, so I changed to the standard version) which I’m sure you can easily replace. Thanks again to both this article and CityShaman, and I hope this clears and confusion.

  7. Walker 05-01-08@00:34

    Mroids, I’m really appreciated of what you’ve shared with us.

    Good to know that it’s possible to do so.

    It will be great if someone has found or developed an automated program to complement Microsoft default support of MUI on high end Vista editions!

    Thank you CityShaman and Mroids!

  8. mroids 06-01-08@01:46

    Just another quick report, here’s a list of the programs you may feel inclined to copy the respected MUI files to (just use the same method I mentioned with the Windows Sidebar). All of these should be located in Program Files:

    Windows Calendar
    Windows Collaboration
    Windows Defender
    Windows Journal
    Windows NT
    Windows Photo Gallery
    Windows Sidebar
    Microsoft Games (default ones)
    Movie Maker
    Microsoft Framework (listed as Reference Assemblies, I’m not too sure about this)

    To fix any broken themes, locate the Windows\Resources\Themes folder. In my case, the Aero folder just needed a en-US language folder, just like the programs.

    You may as well just reinstall Windows Media Player (or use your own player) for your language.

    As Walker mentioned, this would be great if someone could develop an automated program!

  9. Thanh 12-01-08@02:16


  10. Walker 12-01-08@18:20

    These are the genuine Windows Vista setup files (to create a bootable Vista setup CD) from Microsoft certified source:

    boot.wim (~116MB)
    install.wim (~2.24GB)
    X13-49120.exe (~73.7MB)

  11. Ureal 27-01-08@04:35

    CityShaman’s method does not work with the chinese mui kit as it contains no Mui files. Anyone know of another way to install the chinese MUI on a english vista business?

  12. Xskaredyx 28-01-08@23:22

    And what that chinese mui contain? What did u find inside when u decompressed it? Describe the way how did u decompress that file?

  13. Goldparty 07-02-08@19:56

    Here it is !!!

    ————————-Credit to goes to “Same Frank” ———————–

    Testing right now-but it probertly works…!

    File been to Kaspersky Lab for analyse– ITS CLEAN !


    its password protected due the upload to Kaspersky lab : password “kaspersky”

    will return with the results later..

    Goldparty “white hat”

  14. Walker 08-02-08@12:57

    Looks promising. Hopefully I’ll have time to test all these after my holidays!
    Thank GoldParty and Same Frank!

  15. Goldparty 13-02-08@01:27

    Good news.

    I had just tested it by installing Japanese MUI into my machine.

    1. First I created a MUI folder, download the Ja MUI into that folder.
    2. I then created an INSTALL MUI folder
    3. I started the program, chose method 1, clicked Install it asked for MUI Pack in .exe format
    4. I clicked the MUI exe and clicked open. It asked for output file and I clicked the INSTALL MUI folder.
    5. It converted the .exe into .cab and a box in Chinese came out saying converted successfully and click OK to exit.
    6. I then clicked Install again. It asked for the .cab file. I pointed it to the INSTALL MUI folder

    Here it went wrong and returned with a parameter error. A box came saying operation was successful and asked if I wanted to delete the files.
    I clicked NO and sure the parameter error had prevented the installation.

    7. I then copy the .cab file to the MUI folder and clicked Install again
    8. It asked for the .cab file and I pointed it to the MUI folder

    Bingo! No more parameter error and the installation went ahead.

    9. After installing for about 20 or 30 minutes, a box in Chinese came out saying congrats man the installation was successful. I clicked OK.
    10. Another box in Chinese popped up asking if I wanted to delete the temp files. I clicked YES and rebooted when its finished.

    Bingo again. The Japanese MUI was indeed installed and working. My harddisk was 1G free space less!!


    CREDIT GOES TO “SAME FRANK ” and the unknown chinese

  16. Walker 13-02-08@21:53

    I hope this is real.

    Has anyone tried it please comment to prove the method mentioned by GoldParty?

    Hopefully it won’t be too late for me to test once I back from holiday.

  17. Walker 13-02-08@21:57

    By the way, why don’t you guy create a “web identity” of yourself?

  18. mroids 25-02-08@04:38

    I’m currently grabbing the .exe version of the English MUI to see if this method works (even though I already got English to install on here, Windows Update is still dodgy, so I’ll see if this fixes it)

    I’ll pop on later to say if it worked!

  19. Walker 25-02-08@06:29

    Thank you Mroids.
    Looking forward your update.

  20. mroids 25-02-08@08:09

    Okay, I contacted Frank and he sent me the latest set of instructions on using the MUI tools (mentioned above), as well as another method he originally used (plus the tools required for that) to change the language (i’ll possibly get round to that later).

    It’s late now, so I’ll have a go at it tomorrow hopefully!

  21. N2h 25-02-08@12:44

    Mroids any luck at your end?
    its 4.43am here in the UK and iv been trying to get this working all night! came across this forum and this seems teh most promsing- im trying to install english MUI onto a ukrainen vista busniess build

  22. Walker 26-02-08@04:18

    Wow, where do you get Frank email?
    BTW, glad to see your cool avatar!

  23. mroids 27-02-08@07:29

    Sorry I havn’t been able to try it yet N2h – however, if you’re desperate, using the method listed above by CityShaman definitely works!

  24. mroids 27-02-08@07:42


    This link will take you to the discussion forum where Frank uses his method – I’m sure he’d be more than happy to provide you with his email and instructions.

  25. Walker 27-02-08@20:51

    Thank you for pointing me to Frank forum.

    I don’t really have much personal time recently, so as the time to follow up.

    So, looking forward your good news and a link to the English version / new guide if there are.

    Thank you!

  26. Same Frank 28-02-08@06:29

    Just want to thank mroids and Goldparty for making people aware of the existence of such a wonderful Vista Mui Tool (v2.2).
    It works almost 100% but on 2 very important conditions.
    Before you run the program:
    First you must enable Administrator account and log in as “Administrator”
    Second, you must disable User Account Control.
    And it works.
    Also thanks to Walker for this wonderful place.

  27. Walker 29-02-08@03:22

    Same Frank, thank you for this useful program and the guide you have shared with the rest who are looking for.

    Btw, do yo have an official link to download the program?

    It’s my pleasure to have these info posted here. Thank you.

  28. Same Frank 03-03-08@19:30

    Comment edited by Walker:

    With Same Frank consent, I’ve posted his comment as a new post to make way for follow-up on Vista MUI Tools – Vista MUI Solution With Vista MUI Tools

  29. stranger 27-09-09@20:54

    The howto works with windows 7 as well :) Thank you very much

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