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Adsense 2-in-1 Ad Unit Includes Link Unit Ads

Is this new Adsense 2-in-1 Ad Unit that includes the Link Unit ads?You might aware of New Blogger-Adsense integration feature called Inline Ads that allows New Blogger users to easily embed or show ads between posts in the index page.

But, has anyone seen or noticed this type of Adsense unit?

I don’t recall there was announcement of new Adsense unit. So, I regard this as a new Adsense 2-in-1 Ad unit that include Link Unit ads.

When I first saw this strange looking Adsense unit, I tried to put mouse pointer above the link (inside the yellow line). The underlined link looks extremely strange that resemble this


After clicking the link, it will open a page similar to Adsense Link Unit result page! Hence, I called this as 2-in-1 Adsense Ad Unit.

If this is not a new unit, I might had missed some of the Inside Adsense newsletters. Otherwise, the Adsense system might have been hacked by some PRO :-)!

As this type of Ads unit is not showing up consistently, I’ve no clue of under what circumstance it will pops up.

Hopefully, there are some positive signs of ads income or better CTR result with this what I called 2-in-1 Adsense Ads Unit!

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