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How To Copy File Over Remote Desktop Connection

Prior to Windows XP, our Helpdesk relied much on VNC connection for most daily PC-related cases.

Then, there is an alternative called Windows Remote Desktop protocol or simply the RDP!
To be frank, I prefer to use Remote Desktop than VNC server for the sake of security. The latest Remote Desktop version 6 even strengthen security feature by introducing Network Level Authentication support. Unless you’re using VNC port forwarding over SSH Tunnel, the connection is not unencrypted at all!

And perhaps, the most attractive feature of RDP service to me, is the much responsive graphics than VNC!

Other than providing the ability to remote access graphically another networked computer, the RDP service also supports resource sharing! The Examples of resource sharing includes copy text between Remote Desktop via the Clipboard function, redirect sound playback and printing or copy files over the established Remote Desktop connection.

Yes, I found all these features in Remote Desktop version 6 of Windows Vista Ultimate!

Click the Vista Orb, type remote desktop in the Start Search text box (Vista Instant Search), click the Remote Desktop Connection shortcut in the Program list, you should get this screenshot:

Windows Vista Ultimate Remote Desktop version 6 support Network Level Authentication feature.

Click the Option button to expand Remote Desktop Connection dialog box for more surprises! For example, click the Local Resources tab to specify how you would like to share the system resource over the established RDP session. In here, you can define how the remote computer should play the sound, how the ALT-TAB works in Remote Desktop, how to print and copy text over RDP session, how to use a smart card reader or copy files over a Remote Desktop connection, etc?

Specify which local disk partition to map as Remote Desktop Network Drive.

As shown here, one of the local disk partition appears as a mapped network drive in Windows Explorer at remote PC, with a comment that said “Disk from Remote Desktop Connection”.

How to copy files over an established Remote Desktop connection?

So, that’s all about how to copy files between remote computer and Local PC over an established Remote Desktop connection – specify the disk partition to share as network drive in remote PC!

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  1. Abs 03-06-10@14:07

    Thanks a lot man !!

  2. Shailesh 04-08-10@22:51

    this is really helpful.thnx for sharing the info.

  3. raj 17-09-10@05:56

    The network drive is huge and it takes a lot of time to access it over rdp. Is there a way to share just some folders (with a limit on the file size)

  4. pter 14-10-10@21:17

    Thanks, you saved me a lot of time.

  5. akshobhya 04-05-12@20:14

    size limit for copying files from remote desktop to local system

  6. Gaurav Kumar 11-10-12@00:22

    Helpful tip but in the case where this feature is restricted by enforcing enterprise policies, or in the case where the OS is prior to Vista, we had no viable solution.
    Then came to the rescue the “Clipboard RDC”. This is an open source cross platform utility that uses clipboard to transfer files much like we transfer text to/from servers in RDP. Go give it a try at http://goo.gl/tO9Fr

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