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How To Bypass Experts Exchange Membership Restriction

As with most computer users, Experts-Exchange (EE) used to be one of my favourite websites to search technical solution for some IT-related problems.

If there is no solution found in the EE database, you can raise a question and credit EE points to the expert who offer the most workable solution.
However, if you’re referred to any EE Question And Solution page by search engine results, external links, etc, you might notice some frustrated messages that said [ View This Solution in Just 30 Seconds! ] or [ You must sign-up to view this comment! ] – the text contents are blurred or pixelized and thus appears unreadable by human eyes!

How to crack Experts-Exchange premium web content that require membership?

Wait a second, don’t be disappointed and close the browser – at this time being, there are 3 ways to bypass Experts-Exchange membership restriction!

The first method is the simplest tips at this moment while the second and third could be a reference to crack / hack similar membership-only, so-call premium web contents.
  • Just scroll the page towards bottom. Actually, experts’ comments and solutions are all appear at the bottom in clear text format without the said 30 seconds limitation and definitely readable by human eyes!
  • Spoof the User Agent String as Googlebot. You shouldn’t be prompted with membership-only messages after changing or spoofing the Firefox User Agent String as
    Googlebot/2.1 (+http://www.googlebot.com/bot.html)

    Spoof Firefox User Agent String to appears as Googlebot in order to browser some of the membership-only or premium web content.

    This spoofing User Agent String technique will works only if the Googlebot is given full access to these membership-only, premium web content!

    So, if the webmasters allow web crawlers (e.g. Googlebot) to explore only a small portion of their premium web contents, the Firefox web browser that pretend as Googlebot will get the same result.

    However, webmasters who implement Google Adsense might have granted Adsense crawlers full access to their membership-only, premium web contents. But, I’m not sure that Google allows Adsense crawler and Googlebot sharing the same snapshot or the same User Agent String. If you’ve these information, please leave a comment.
  • Using the Google Cache feature. If you’re in the Google search result page, click the Cached link to browse the cached version of EE Questions And Solutions page.
    Click the Google Cached link to view Experts-Exchange membership only or premium web content.

    The cached content appears as what the Googlebot saw during its latest visit to Experts-Exchange.com, i.e. a similar effect of spoofing User Agent String.

Now, what could you do if you’ve just made a payment to EE for reading the experts’ solutions? Ask for refund!

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