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Windows Update VS Windows Error Reporting

Remember the Vista version of Windows Error Reporting (WER) program? Yes, it’s called Problem Reports And Solutions.

If you’ve just disabled the Problem Reports And Solutions program, consider to turn it on again for the sake of Vista performance and reliability.

Is that enough if I only turn on the Windows Update service? I think Windows Update service alone isn’t enough to ensure your Windows Vista computer running in good state and shape.

Windows Update VS Windows Error Reporting (WER) service – why have to enable both?

Yesterday, I just noticed the WER service has found a solution for my Vista Windows Explorer hangs up problem that happened on 10th of August.

According to Microsoft feedback, Vista Performance Update KB938979 has been released on 7th of August to fix a series of Vista performance issues that might happen on specific hardware.

However, it isn’t automatically installed by Windows Update service, even if I’ve turned it on explicitly. Probably, the Performance Update is not applicable to all Windows Vista computers and thus it’s only available if you ask for it.

So, it seems to me that the Windows Update service is only concern about Windows securities and bugs that will be affecting majority Windows computers. Otherwise, Windows program updates that only fix specific performance issues on certain hardware will be notified (but not automatically install) by the WER service or the Problem Reports And Solutions program!

Although it’s really easy to confirm the said Performance Update KB938979 has been installed, you might not sure it’s right for your case. Even if you’ve encountered some Vista program hangs up or performance hiccups, it takes time to manually identify which particular Windows program update will be the right solution!

So, it’s better to let the WER service or Problem Reports And Solutions program to do the job! As the proverb that said, [ Get the right tool to do the right job ] for the best efficiency!

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  1. gabe 18-08-07@20:50

    according to Microsoft these updates are planed to be released via windows update sometime soon

    also the autopatcher.com has a program that installs all public Microsoft hotfixes

    and http://thehotfixshare.net/bo

    has all non public hotfixes but its not recomended installing them unless you are sure that it addresses your pertcilar issue

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