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Bring Alice Back To Win A Nokia 6110

Comes on to play the Alice In KL Land flash game and get chances to win a Nokia 6110 Navigator!

Do you still remember the story of Alice in Wonderland? Well, little Alice is all grown up now. Though in her heart, she still dreams of new adventures would come her way.

Enjoy Alice Lost In KL Land flash game and win a Nokia 6110 Navigator - the first Nokia Smartphone with A-GPS enabled feature.

One fine day, her wish came true! Alice somehow stumbled out of Wonderland and found herself lost again!

The search and rescue party weren’t able to locate her anywhere on their grid. Now it’s up to you to get her out of the unfamiliar territory and bring her back to the Wonderland. You’ll need pure wit and the Nokia 6110 Navigator to find your way.

Nokia 6110 Navigator is the latest and the first Nokia smartphone with Assisted GPS (A-GPS) feature enabled. According to Nokia, A-GPS navigation technology allows telco operaters to reduce the initial time needed for GPS device to calculate its current position and is especially useful in urban areas.

Hurry, before it’s too late! Be sure to lead her back safely, as fast as you can and then latest Nokia 6110 Navigator might be yours. Chances will be higher if Alice love you too much than your competitors! :-)

The faster you can bring Alice back to Wonderland safely, you could the latest Nokia Nokia 6110 Navigator - the first Nokia A-GPS enabled smartphone.

Play Flash Game And Win Nokia 6110 Navigator – Bring Alice Back From KL Land To Her Wonderland!

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