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How To Write Chinese Text In Windows Vista

Do you need NJ Star or Chinese Star for Window Vista?

No! Unless for advanced features, I don’t think you need to install Chinese Star, NJStar, etc. Windows Vista Global IME support comes with additional language inputs to allow users writing in multiple languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, etc!

In fact, I’ve been using the Windows additional language input since Windows 95 to Windows 2000, Windows XP, and now Windows Vista, to write Chinese characters and text!
How to install Windows Vista additional language input (IME) to write Chinese characters?
  1. Click the Vista Orb, type regional in Start Search text-box and click the “Regional and Language Options” in the Program list,
  2. Click on the “Keyboards And Languages” tab followed by clicking the Change Keyboard button,
  3. In the “Text Services And Input Languages” dialog box, there are Default Input Language section and Installed Services section. To add Chinese language input (if it’s not found in the Installed Services section), click the Add button,
  4. In the “Add Input Languages” dialog box, you’ll find more than hundred of additional language inputs or IME that are currently supported in Windows Vista. If you prefer to Chinese PinYin input method (like myself), you can locate the “Chinese (PRC)” item from the list and tick the check-box labelled as “Chinese (Simplified) – Microsoft Pinyin IME”.
    How to write Chinese characters in Windows Vista? How to add the MS PinYin IME in Windows Vista, in order to write Chinese characters and text?

    If you prefer to Traditional Chinese characters and New ChangJie input method, locate the “Chinese (Taiwan)” item and tick your favorite IME in the list.
  5. Click OK to close the Add Input Language dialog box,
  6. Click on the Advanced Key Settings tab of Text Services And Input Languages dialog box, where you can set a keyboard shortcut / hotkey to switch between English and Chinese input method. By default, you can press the ALT+SHIFT hotkey to switch between English and Chinese IME (Microsoft Input Method Editor).

Besides able to write Chinese characters and text, the powerful Windows Vista MUI (Multilingual User Interface) also support non-Unicode program (e.g. able to properly render non-English characters in Chinese program, such as Storm Codec II) and seamlessly switching multilingual user interface!

To learn more about Windows multilingual supports or MUI feature, refer to Microsoft Global Input Method Editors (IME), Office XP Tool – Global IME (Simplified Chinese).

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  1. Dragono 14-10-08@03:43

    when i want to add Chinese language keyboard, i just find “Chinese (Simplified) – US Keyboard”..

    I didn’t find “Chinese (Simplified) – Miscrosoft Pinyin IME” and whatsoever..
    I have reinstalled my vista, but it still the same..

    What happens..??

  2. I’mMe 30-01-09@20:48

    ya… i had the same problem 2……. :(

  3. Botkilla 01-03-09@14:04

    I’ve just added Chinese PinYin capability to my computer. Everything works fine except for when I want to type out the character: 女. I know the pinyin for that character but it is not on the list when I search for the specific character I want. Is there something “special” I have to do in regards to typing that character?


  4. Walker 02-03-09@01:27

    I suppose you meant “girl” for the Chinese word 女.

    To enter this with PinYin input method, type nvv or nv

  5. chink 21-11-09@19:27

    omg thanks sooo much!!!

  6. chikybabe332 09-02-10@04:39


    Thanks so much for this tutorial. I spent quite a big of time and effort trying to figure it out before finding your site.

    Thanks again!

  7. 单洋 28-02-10@05:35


    works quiet well on win7 :)


  8. lynn 10-04-10@16:54

    oh my gawd… i love you…
    i can type chinese now without problems
    thank you sooooo much <3

  9. Wilhelm 17-04-10@04:09

    I’m got the simplified characters to work, but not the traditional Taiwan. I selected the keyboard and can switch to it, but I don’t get that bar that allows me to choose different characters like with the simplified. Is it because I only have the keyboard option?

  10. apple 21-05-10@00:16

    I have recently seen somewhere that when the person types out chinese characters, the bar that pops out, whatever you call it, the one with all the chinese characters when you start typing, seems to be different because she has like, this cute polar bear holding the bar which shows the chinese characters. Is there anyway to edit the settings so that I can achieve the same results?

  11. Walker 21-05-10@01:23

    I think that is a 3rd-party Chinese input tool rather than the one bundled with Windows.

    I can imagine how fun to look at its interface. If you know the software later, please share with me.

  12. kamisamalimu 19-07-10@12:06

    谢谢你。 我终于可以用中文打字了。万分感谢。

  13. tn 24-08-10@02:17

    tQ u(“,)

  14. Emmanuel 26-09-10@20:40

    I have a french (belgian) keyboard.
    Can anyone here help me. Because the above solution doesnt work well for me.
    On a french keyboard, Q is A, W is Z and , is M …… So when i try to write the pinyin, eg a word like qing, it comes out aing …….
    Please help! I really got loads of chinese homework to do and its so frustrating hitting the right letter and producing a wrong one…. I have Windows Vista 32 on a packard bell laptop…
    Any solution is greatly appreciated.

  15. Walker 26-09-10@21:07

    If I understand your problem correctly, you press on the key labeled as Q but Windows said it is A.

    If that is the case, you need to change the Windows keyboard type to US-English version.

    On Windows 7 (I don’t have Vista now):

    1) Open Regional and Language in Control Panel
    2) Go to Keyboards and Language tab
    3) Click Change Keyboard button.

    Good luck.

  16. Zoe 12-10-10@20:05

    Hi Walker,

    谢谢你!Would you please also tell me how I can type Chinese Traditional? I’ve tried Chinese (Traditional Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan), they don’t seem to work on my Vista. Any suggestions?

    Many thanks,

  17. Walker 12-10-10@23:10
  18. Hajar Alwi 06-12-10@18:56

    Dang! I bought NJStar ‘cos I didn’t know about this! =.=


  19. jessica 08-01-11@23:38

    i just set up ” Chinese Traditional ( Taiwaness ) ” as the direction , thank you so much ! im also planing on buying a Chinese key board to connecgt to my lap top , will it work ??

    thank you so much and sry if the question sound a bit amuture , im just very new to this . thanks again .

  20. Peggy 09-01-11@14:39

    Hi Walker, Is there any way to input chinese traditional without knowing pinyin or zhuyin , something free from microsoft such as hand writing chinese with a tool or with the mouse on my windows vista? Thank you in advance.


  21. 家思 28-03-11@02:29

    多谢 :)

  22. Sherron Leo 03-04-11@13:40

    Dear Walker, Thank you so much..got and done!

  23. Matt 09-09-11@22:02

    I followed the instructions exactly but nothing changes when I press the hot keys, what do I do now? :(

  24. Matt 09-09-11@22:21

    never mind I figured it out :D. Or rather I clicked on things at random until is started working lol 谢谢你们

  25. Liju Weng 10-05-12@14:53

    I found the “add”, but there is no response.
    I think there must have something to download, otherwise I can’t type Chinese character. Would you please tell me what software I have to download from microsoft?
    (free of Charge)

  26. Walker 10-05-12@22:10

    I don’t think additional download is required. Your problem maybe caused by permission issue or sort of.

    If you want to try download anyway, here is this 微软拼音输入法 2010 or try Google Pinyin

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