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How to Hide New Blogger Navigation Bar

When I started to write my first blog post, I wrote it on Blogger, which is now dubbed as New Blogger.

New Blogger is a free weblog service provided by Google Inc.Even now and then, I believe that most of the first-time bloggers will register at Blogger.com, WordPress.com, etc, simply because these are the FREE blogging service as of time being!

For each of the blogs at Blogspot.com, the domain name of free blog hosting for Blogger, there is a notable Blogger navigation bar (also known as NavBar) at the top of each blog pages!

Blogger hacks to hide the Blogger NavBar that appears on all freely-hosted Blogspot.com domain name.

According to Blogger, the NavBar will appear on all Blogger blogs that are hosted for free at Blogspot.com. The NavBar can only be disabled if the Blogger blog is at your own web-hosting, and not by mean of New Blogger Custom Domain feature.

Well, that’s the official guide of Blogger. In fact, there is a really simply CSS hack to perfectly hide the New Blogger Navigation Bar! Although, I’m not sure that this will against the Blogger TOS at this time being or in the future. So, take it at own risk, please!
To hide or not to hide the Blogger Navigation Bar, or NavBar?

In fact, the NavBar is one of the tool to promote a new-born blogger / blog at Blogger space. Other Blogger readers will find your new blog when they click on the Next Blog link or Search Blog function on the NavBar.

After all, the most important spirit that everyone should practice is SHARING! We can’t be solo and isolate, especially in the new era of cyber-space. Hence, be sociable!

Moreover, it’s too common that a free service has to be compensated by other means. Instead of an annoyance nag here and there, New Blogger has only placed a neat and tidy navigation bar at the top-corner, with a link back to Blogger.com! Fair enough, right?

How to hide New Blogger Navigation Bar or NavBar with CSS hack

To apply the CSS hack, you need to access the New Blogger HTML template and then add the following CSS code for NavBar DIV tag inside the CSS declaration:
#navbar {
      height: 0px;
      visibility: hidden;
      display: none;

If you’re new to HTML / CSS coding, get someone to help you. If you dare to open the New Blogger HTML template, my best advice and guide to you is make a backup before change and place that block of code right after the body{...} CSS style, as similar to this snapshot:

A simple CSS hack to hide New Blogger Navigation Bar or NavBar.

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