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Free Uncensored Image Hosting At BayIMG

Pirate Bay is one of the world biggest BitTorrent resources portal.BayIMG is yet another new webware project from the Pirate Bay group, which is also one of the world biggest and popular BitTorrent resources sharing portal!

Currently, there are over hundred thousand of images in thousands “photo-album” hosted at BayIMG, together with over 3 million page views since its opening for service.

“Free Uncensored Image Hosting” is the tagline to wow everyone interest!
BayIMG is a free uncensored image hosting that provided by Pirate Bay, one of the world biggest BT resources portal.Simple web form interface, speedy image upload time, no user registration required, free of charge, freedom without censorship, image watermark and resizer functions, supports 140 image formats and even RAR or ZIP-compressed archive of images not more than 100MB, etc.

That’s all about BayIMG image hosting?! Keep on reading…

BayIMG supports image tag too! Though the TAG field is not compulsory, you should make use of it! Without tag support, searching specific images from the database could hardly be an efficient job. Tagging make images catalogue easier for everyone to locate pictures of the same interest!

Removal Code is one of the compulsory fields, at least one character (minimum requirement) – any alpha-numeric characters will do! It’s the uploader responsibility to keep the Removal Code, which is used to delete the image uploaded to BayIMG. [ That’s the only way to rescue yourself, if you happen to upload your own sexy photos rather than Britney Spears naked-bottom series of pictures! :-) ]

After the image uploaded successfully to BayIMG hosting, you’ll get an URL of the image, or in case you’re uploading RAR/ZIP compressed format of images (not more than 100MB), you’ll get an album-address for all the pictures inside of it! Just copy the URL and send it to your friend for sharing the photos that you’ve uploaded!

If you want to share the pictures at your own WordPress or Blogger blog or forum rather than displaying in BayIMG hosting site, you need one simple tricks:
  1. Open the URL in your web browser (using Internet Explorer 7 as example), where you’ll see the picture(s) and related information, along with Google Adsense in BayIMG website.
  2. Right-click the image that you’re looking for, select Properties from the pop-up context menu, copy the absolute URL/address of the image and paste it on your weblog or forum.

So, the new BayIMG image hoting can be an alternative of Flickr or Photobucket image hosting too!

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