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Storm Codec II Dominant Windows Media Player

Unlike its earlier versions, the latest Storm Codec is no longer a pure codec pack! Its new tag-line promise that every new media file formats will be supported within 72 hours!

Storm Codec 2.0 and above comes with its own media player (no more Gabest’s MPC) and a Media Expert Engine (MEE)!

Storm Codec II is absolutely Vista-compatible FREEware and is already the dominant Windows media player in Chinese market! Storm Codec 2.4 includes 245 codecs and new media file formats that are not currently supported will have their respective codecs ready for update within 72 hours!

Basically, MEE is a media rendering module that’s said able to intelligently pick up the most efficient or appropriate codec for the media file format in play-list. According to the official statistics, MEE is able to smoothly open and render media file in just 189 milli-seconds!

In its latest specification note, Storm Codec 2.4 supports 245 media file formats as at the end of May 2007! With this ultimate codecs pack installed, you’ll less likely encounter “codecs missing” problem or similar error message! For those new media formats that are currently not supported by Storm Codec 2.x, Baofeng assured end users that the respective codecs will be ready for update within 72 hours!

What are the new features of Storm Codec 2.x
  • Dynamic skin changer to dress up Storm Codec Media Player GUI interface in irregular shapes and patterns,
  • Boss key – keyboard shortcut to immediately hiding the player from Windows Desktop or Taskbar,
  • Direct screen-capture to save screen-shot of movie scenes into JPEG, BMP, etc file format. (forget about the Print-Screen of keyboard, it won’t able to capture all movie scene!)
  • Powerful equalizer that supports 20 types of sound effect,
  • Normalize volume for all media files in the play-list,
  • Digitally boosting 10x the volume of original media file,
  • Support DRM media file playback,
  • Support encrypted media steaming over the network that require password authentication,
  • Support multiple CD/DVD-ROM playbacks as well as recognize software-emulated or virtual CD/DVD-ROM devices,
  • Windows Vista-compatible FREEware!

Looking at its features, you can safely ignore Windows Media Player 11 – let Storm Codec 2.x be the master media player! Indeed, Storm Codec is already the dominant media player in China Windows system, and is further catalyzed by Microsoft latest round of WGA validation!

What are the downside of Storm Codec 2.x?
Starting version 2.x and above, there is no release for English version! Also, it’s not an Unicode software!

If you’re not Chinese literate, Storm Codec 2007 Perfect edition is the last English version!

For Chinese literate, you can download the latest Storm Codec II from BaoFeng official site.

As it’s not written in Unicode, the Chinese characters encoding will not be rendering properly in English version of Windows. Although, it’s perfectly OK for Windows Vista Ultimate edition (any language version will do, be it a genuine or perfect OEM SLP2.0 cracked version)!

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    This did not download the right file. got 127 k file supposed to be like 27 m

  4. Sam 10-07-10@12:54

    Real player for my nokia n73

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    I hope it will work on my nokia n73

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