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Office 2007 Add-in Direct Download For Firefox

WGA validation is required to passed before one can procced to download Microsoft Office 2007 add-in and updates!

So, in order to use the Save As PDF or XPS add-ins in Office 2007, you need to successfully validate Office 2007 before you get the download from Microsoft Download center.

Downloading Office 2007 Add-in Save As PDF or XPS required one to pass the Office 2007 WGA validation. So, how to retrieve the direct download links of Office 2007 Add-in for Firefox web browser?

But, what if you’re using Mozilla Firefox? You need to bypass the Office 2007 WGA validation requirement! In other words, you need the direct download links of Office 2007 add-in for Firefox!

For Windows Vista users, you might need to turn off IE7 protected mode before downloading Office 2007 add-ins for the first time, or an anxious and embarrass error code [0×80180112] will pop-up and says

The validation process could not be completed. Necessary files may have been tampered with. The validation tool is unable to verify whether your copy of Office is genuine!

Instead of turning off IE7 protected mode, get the direct download links of Office 2007 add-in!

Simple trick or hack to retrieve direct download link of Office 2007 Add-ins Save As PDF or XPS

In fact, it’s a simple HTML code “hacking”, which might be new to most novice!
  1. On a computer installed with Office 2007, using Internet Explorer to download Office 2007 add-in Save As PDF or XPS. For the first time, probably need to turn off IE7 protected mode in Windows Vista.
  2. After the WGA validation passed, click the Download button to proceed downloading Save As PDF or XPS add-in.
  3. Once you’re here, you can proceed to save or cancel the download dialog box, but DON’T close the page, leave it open!
    Simple HTML code hacking tips to retrieve direct download links of the Office 2007 add-in Save As PDF or XPS.

    Take a look on the line that says “If your download does not start after 30 seconds, click this link: Start Download”
  4. So what? Right-click the “Start Download” hyper-link and select “Copy Shortcut” option.
  5. Open Notepad editor and paste the copied hyper-link. You will see the “modified” version direct download link, as shown in the highlighted HTML coding:
    Simple tip or hack to retrieve Office 2007 Add-in Save As PDF or XPS direct download link from the HTML code.
  6. I tried to use it directly in IE7 and Firefox, both returning error that says something SERVER NOT FOUND!
    Tell you what, I replace the %3a with : and all the occurence of %2f with /, and it works perfectly!

Eventually, you’ll get direct download links of all Office 2007 add-in or update that required WGA validation, provided your friend willing to copy the “modified” version for you to tweak it!

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  1. Hassan 12-06-07@00:06
  2. Walker 12-06-07@08:43

    Teaching people how to fish is different from given one the fish!

    Bullshit? Is there any direct links offer explicitly by Microsoft? Let me know if you find that explicit link IN MICROSOFT DOWNLOAD CENTER without going through this similar trick!

    Of course, if you have no friends to rely on (sorry to your solo life-style), Google is your friend to search through sites that publish the direct download links outside of Microsoft official site.

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  9. Jamie 07-07-08@11:55

    Your a legend Hassan, your direct link works a treat!

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  11. Anonymous 04-02-11@00:46

    OK, this article is a bit too old, but I found here through Google. So maybe this might be useful:

    Put this in your browser’s address bar and replace “URLCOMESHERE” with the encoded link:


    For example for the URL from this article:


    Or even better:

    javascript:document.location='about:blank';document.write(decodeURI('%3ca href="http%3a%2f%2fdownload.microsoft.com%2fdownload%2ff%2f4%2fb%2ff4bfd843-a0b6-4031-aa98-0a3db7403d0f%2fsaveAsPDFandXPS.exe"%3edownload%3c/a%3e'));stop();

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