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How To Maximize Windows Vista Command Prompt Window

How to enable full-screen Command Prompt window in Windows Vista? Windows Vista Command Prompt does not support full-screen Command Prompt window.By just pressing ALT+ENTER keyboard shortcut, one can easily enable full-screen Command Prompt in Windows XP / Windows 2000, etc. However, the Windows Vista Command Prompt will refuse to function in full screen mode, when you press ALT+ENTER key, with an alert dialog box that says This system does not support full-screen mode!

How to fully maximize Windows Vista Command Prompt window?

There are at least TWO ways to either fully maximize or enable full-screen Command Prompt window in Windows Vista.

How to fully maximize Windows Vista Command Prompt window?

As shown in the snapshot at above, the Vista Command Prompt window is fully maximized with both horizontal and vertical scroll-bar. Although, it’s not the full-screen mode in Windows XP/2000, this maximized Command Prompt window is easier to scroll up/down or left/right for your convenient of reading a long command line output, such as directory listing or command help information.

Fully maximize Vista Command Prompt window
  1. Open an elevated-privilege Command Prompt window,
  2. At the Vista Command Prompt, type wmic and press ENTER,
  3. Click the Maximize Window button of the Command Prompt window (the middle button at the upper-right corner) to maximize it,
  4. Type exit and press ENTER,
  5. Right-click the Vista Command Prompt Title-bar and select Properties option menu,
  6. Without changing anything, click OK button to close the Command Prompt Properties dialog box,
  7. Type exit and press ENTER to close the current Vista Command Prompt.
  8. Now, re-open the Vista Command Prompt window again (as in step 1), it should have automatically and fully maximized to fit your Desktop resolution! I tested it successfully in Windows Vista Ultimate, and I suppose this tricks will works on other Windows Vista editions as well!

You may also manually configure or set the window size of Vista Command Prompt, via its Properties dialog box, in the Window Size of Layout tab. Though, that’s trivial to configure both the width and height value for different Desktop resolution!

Enable full-screen Command Prompt window in Windows Vista
Please take note that this trick will not working if you’re using Windows Aero interface.

Windows Aero interface present premium visual experience in Windows Vista - to render a thumbnail-sized preview of content for open windows when the ALT+TAB key are pressed.

The full-screen Vista Command Prompt will only work if you have disabled the Windows Aero GUI – the look-through, classy window GUI that’s only available on Windows Vista Home Premium (and above) and is running on Vista Premium type of computer systems!
  1. Open an elevated-privilege Command Prompt window,
  2. Right-click the Vista Command Prompt Title-bar and select Properties option menu,
  3. In the Options tab, set the “Full Screen” option in “Display Options” section.

Remember that this “Display Options” setting is not available or seen in the Command Prompt window Properties dialog box, if Windows Aero interface is turned on.

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  1. Walker 30-06-07@22:13


    I found that the real FULL SCREEN mode is enabled in Windows Vista Ultimate running in virtual machine, where the Windows Aero is disabled due the virtualized display driver – so I thought that was due to Windows Aero interface.

    However, I read a Microsoft KB926657 today, that the Windows Aero is not directly fail a Command Prompt full-screen mode. In fact, the new Windows Vista device drivers (based on the Windows Vista Display Driver Model, WDDM) do not support running all of the DOS video modes!

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    […] exist to allows user executing a Windows program without open up the Command Prompt window or browse through the Start menu or Windows Explorer, as long as the program specified can be found […]

  3. guest 16-07-07@07:24

    You got some mad skills brother

  4. visitor 11-11-07@23:53

    Great tip !!

  5. Subha 15-03-08@16:23

    How can I run C++ in full screen mode? Whenever I start Turbo C++ it shows that the system doesn’t supports fullscreen mode…plz help thanx in advance…

  6. jaikrit 19-03-08@01:22

    Same problem I’m having to………..!

  7. sw 07-01-09@04:40

    ok same to me but in free pascal still no solution thanks in advance

  8. priyanka 07-03-09@14:35

    i have a problem with vista. it does not support full screen mode for turboc++. please help me. thanks in advance

  9. Walker 07-03-09@20:42

    You may reinstall the display driver with the one built for Windows XP, i.e. a driver that is not based on Windows Vista Display Driver Model (WDDM).

  10. Randolf Richardson 13-03-09@14:44

    I hope Microsoft releases some updates soon to fix this because I really like using FAR Manager in full-screen mode since the text is crisper and easier to read.

  11. IT_rais 28-03-09@14:45

    Thank buddy this information is very useful resourse.

  12. Ugonna Nwakama 05-05-09@18:39

    This has just made MySQL so much better now. Thanks a lot.

  13. Kashif Memon 04-06-09@18:04

    I would like to use foxpro on windows vista

    but when i press alt+Enter the massage apper this system does not supprt fullscreen mode.

    how can i solve it.


  14. Walker 04-06-09@19:16

    If you’re using a WDDM class of display driver, you can’t activate full screen mode Command Prompt window with the ALT+Enter hotkey. (See my earlier comment at above).

  15. my iran 06-08-09@03:15

    it is easy.
    dos work: change your windows resolution. for example 1024*768 or 800*600
    if you work turbo c++ & C & pascal (CLASSIC), read this link
    love world

  16. Vishal 04-09-09@15:54

    Try This One…Its Working n I Hav Tested It………. just uninstall the intel media accelerator driver n then try.it will automatically run in fullmode……….graphics r also working……..

  17. prashant 06-01-10@23:42

    How can I run C++ in full screen mode? Whenever I start Turbo C++ it shows that the system doesn’t supports fullscreen mode…plz help thanx in advance…

  18. Walker 06-01-10@23:49

    You need to use XP-based display driver for that, or refer to the 2nd last comment before you in this post.

  19. OldSklTelco 12-06-10@06:28

    This worked great, but I do not always want to be in full screen mode. How do I go back to the original settings?

  20. Anshul Rohilla 14-08-10@01:17

    thnx budy…it really works..

  21. SANJEET SHAH 12-10-10@13:41

    as i am using foxpro in win xp.
    and now i am using window vista and in that command prompt dose not support full-screen mode
    so can any one help me to enable cmd to run in full screen mode

  22. Jakej 04-07-11@01:46

    I’m using W7 Home Premium which has no support for full screen in the DOSprompt window. I tried your solution for Vista above, but no success. Full screen mode in DOS is supported by XP and W2k as I’m sure you know. It’s been recommended to upgrade to W7 Professional and install the XP Mode utility. Have you any experience with that? I’m only looking for confirmation that it’ll work before I blow 99 bucks on unreturnable software. Thanks.

  23. Walker 04-07-11@23:10

    Am not sure what is XP Mode utility.

    Please see the first comment – the real full screen DOS window is only possible if you downgrade WDDM display card driver to XP compatible driver provided FREE (if there is one) by graphical manufacturer.

    Or, replace the graphic card with one used by XP machine might also help (just make sure it’s not WDDM driver).

  24. Caleb 18-05-12@07:56

    Yeah…. How do I change this back now? :)

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