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Re-create Show Desktop Shortcut And Quick Launch Toolbar

Windows Vista new Start button that called Vista Start Orb, the IE-installed Quick Launch toolbar, and Windows task-button in Windows TaskbarThe Quick Launch toolbar provides an easy way to open frequently used programs or documents. But, it’s not part of Windows component. It’s the Internet Explorer that install and turn on the Quick Launch toolbar next to the Windows Start button. By default, there are shortcuts of Show Desktop, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and Windows Media Player.

How to re-create the Show Desktop shortcut if it’s deleted or missing from the Quick Launch toolbar?

The Show Desktop shortcut is a special type of Windows shortcut. Having say that, you can’t use the conventional method to re-create it. According to Microsoft KB-190355, you can create the Show Desktop shortcut in Windows XP (or version prior to Windows Vista) with these few steps:
  1. Right-click any folder, select Open Command Window Here from the pop-up context menu, type notepad "show desktop.scf" and press ENTER to create a new Windows Explorer Command file (press YES to create it).
    Basically, this step require you to create a Windows Explorer Command file called “Show Desktop.scf” (a special type of Windows shortcut that end with “scf” file extension) using the Notepad editor. But, I like the convenient of using Vista’s Open Command Windows Here shortcut for Windows XP!
  2. Copy and paste these lines of code into the “Show Desktop.scf” file that you’ve created in step 1.

  3. Save the changes made in “Show Desktop.scf” Windows Explorer Command file.
  4. Right-click “Show Desktop.scf” file and drag it to the Quick Launch toolbar, release the right-click and select “Move Here” option. Done!
Why bother to use the Show Desktop shortcut?

The fastest way to show desktop is by pressing Windows + D or Windows + M keyboard shortcuts, if you’re using a compatible Windows keyboard.

What is the different of Windows + M vs Windows + D keyboard shortcuts?
  1. Windows + M only minimize windows that has a minimize window button
  2. Windows + D really minimize all windows, including those dialog box that has no minimize button!

If you’re using a Tablet notebook or touch-screen PC, the Show Desktop shortcut is the easiest way to access Windows Desktop!

How to add new shortcuts of program or documents in the Quick Launch toolbar?

Simple Windows tips and tricks to add new shortcut in the Quick Launch toolbar.

Right-click the program or document and drag it to the Quick Launch toolbar, release the right-click and select “Create Shortcuts Here” option.

As shown in the diagram, I drag the PowerArchiver to the Quick Launch toolbar – the “shadow” that seen at the right-side before I release the right-click!

If you’re using Windows Vista, you may interested on how to create shortcut of an elevated-privilege Command Prompt in the Quick Launch toolbar too!

How to turn on / off Quick Launch toolbar?

Simple Windows tips and tricks to enable or disable Quick Launch toolbar that is installed and turned on by Internet Explorer default installation.

Right-click the Windows Taskbar, click the Toolbars menu, and tick or untick the Quick Launch option to enable or disable it.

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  1. mohamed 22-10-07@18:10

    thanks man u are genius

  2. the bu 29-11-07@02:46

    Man this has been driving me wild!!!! I accidentaly deleted the shortcut and couldnt get if back whatewer i tried. Thx a looooooooooooooooooooooooooot.

  3. Puch 12-09-08@16:54


    This was a great help fro me. By mistake i cleared some cache files from my system and I don’t know how the quick launch tollbar itself disappeared.

    From this, I could recreate the same I had before.

    Thanks for this nice and informative post

  4. Afzal 17-02-09@18:26

    Thanks a ton !!

    It was killing me !! You came as a saviour !

  5. Phani 17-07-09@10:02

    Open the show desktop file in editplus and see the code.You will find the same code there also.

  6. sarath 14-11-09@15:13

    Thank you for your sevice

  7. Dave 14-03-10@07:11

    You Rock!! Thanks, brother…

  8. robert 05-03-11@05:07

    Sorry doesn’t work! I get the right “icon” image but once I put it in the tool bar and click to minimize…… nothing happens!


  9. hcker 22-05-11@14:14

    Even faster way is to assign a Keyboard shortcut to the link.

    Right Click on the ShortCut, assign a Shortcut key. (Ctrl+T, for eg.)

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