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How To Relocate IE7 Feed Folder In Windows Vista

Last Sunday, I write a post on redirecting IE7 Favorite folder to my user data files partition, i.e. D drive and not C drive or Vista installation partition!

But, how about the Feed folder that contains many useful web feeds subscription? Of course, I’ve redirected the Feed folder to D drive too. So, I won’t miss to backup IE7 Favorite and Feed folders when I reformat or reinstall OS to C drive.

How to redirect or relocate IE7 Feeds folder to D drive in Windows Vista? How to easily backup IE7 Feeds folder contents in one central places or user data files partition? How to create Vista symbolic link with mklink?
As the Feed folder doesn’t has any explicit option for redirection or relocation, I opt to use the Windows Vista symbolic link! As shown in the diagram above, my IE7 Feeds folder is zero byte and attached with an arrow as if it’s a Windows shortcut!
Back in Windows XP, there is a separately download Junction command that used to create and remove or detach Directory Junction. Except with the Junction command or other 3rd-party Junction utilities, Windows Explorer or Windows XP bundled file utilities (such as Del or RMDIR command) do not recognize Directory Junction. So, Windows Vista is the first generation of Windows OS that built-in to support symbolic link or Junction Directory!

How to redirect or relocate IE7 Feeds folder in Windows Vista via symbolic link or mklink command?

1) Click the Vista Start button or press the Windows keyboard shortcut, type


in the Start Search text-box (Vista smart-search feature) and press ENTER

2) Move the IE7 Feeds folder to D drive or user data files partition. In this example, it’s D:\IE7-Feeds-BACKUP

3) Go back to %LOCALAPPDATA% directory, right-click Microsoft folder, and select Open Administrator Command Windows Here to open an elevated-privilege Command Prompt windows at this specific folder

4) Type mklink /D Feeds D:\IE7-Feeds-BACKUP in the elevated-privilege Command Prompt window and press ENTER.

That’s all to get IE7 Feeds folder redirected or relocated to elsewhere! From now onwards, whenever you add or subscribe new feed via IE7, the Internet Explorer will automatically write the physical feed entries to the relocated Feeds folder (D:\IE7-Feeds-BACKUP).

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