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Relocate IE7 Favorite Folder Hack

While I was using Windows XP, I used to relocate or redirect IE7 Favorite folder from its default installation directory to D drive, which is dedicated for user-related data files.

The good point of this practice, is to make backup easier and centralized for my user data files. Also, I won’t forget to backup IE7 favorite folder before I formatting and re-installing Windows XP. So, I keep the same practice after switching to Windows Vista!
Unlike Windows XP, however, the Windows Vista UAC and IE7 Protected Mode will not allow me to add or create new bookmark in the relocated IE7 Favorite folder, with a clueless error message “Unspecified error”.

IE7 pop up error message Unspecified error when I add WalkerNews.net to IE Favorite!

IE7 pop up error message “Unspecified error” when I bookmark WalkerNews.net, after relocating IE7 Favorite folder to D drive!

How to relocate IE7 Favorite folder from C drive to D drive?
  1. Create a new favorite folder in D drive. In my case, it’s D:\IE7Fav
  2. Press CTRL + ESC or Windows keyboard shortcuts to bring up Windows Vista Start menu, type %USERPROFILE% in the Start Search text-box (Vista renowned smart-search feature) and press ENTER.
  3. Locate the IE7 Favorite folder – the new-looking of folder icon appears in semi-transparent green color attached with a golden-yellow star!
  4. Right-click the IE7 Favorite folder and click on Properties option from the pop-up context menu.
  5. Click on the Location tab follow by the Move button
  6. Browse to D drive, highlight the new IE7 Favorite folder (D:\IE7Fav) and click the Select Folder button
  7. Click the OK button follow by Yes button to confirm moving all of the files (IE7 favorites) from old location to new location. Depends on the Favorite folder size, it may takes some minutes to complete.

After this step completed, the default IE7 Favorite folder in %USERPROFILE% will disappear and the IE7Fav folder in D drive will be converted as the new IE7 Favorite folder.

Now, if you attempt to add or create a new bookmark while Windows Vista UAC is turned on and IE7 is running in protected mode, you’ll likely prompted with “Unspecified Error” message!

How to resolve IE7 “Unspecified Error” message after relocating IE7 Favorite folder in Windows Vista?
  1. Right-click this new IE7 folder in D drive and select Properties option
  2. Click on the Security tab follow by Edit button to bring up Permissions For Favourites dialog box.
  3. [ SKIP this step if your Vista logon user name is in the “Group or user names” list-box ]. If it’s not there, click the Add button, type your logon user name, click Check Names button, locate your logon user name for the local Vista machine, highlight it and click OK.
  4. Highlight your Vista logon user name, tick the Full Control check-box in Allow column. This is essentially “allow” all permissions on this particular folder – the new IE7 Favourite folder.
  5. Click OK all the way to close all the dialog boxes. Now, you may RESTART IE7 and attempts to add bookmark again to the new IE7 Favorite folder!

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