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Replace Windows Vista OEM Logo With Pirates Of Caribbean Poster

How to replace Windows Vista OEM logo with the company logo. Or, you might just want to impress your beloved by using her pretty portrait as Windows Vista OEM logo!

For example, here I replace the Windows Vista logo with the Pirates of Caribbean poster!

How to replace Windows Vista OEM logo with office logo, beloved pretty portrait, or Pirate of Caribbean poster

Vista trick – Replace Windows Vista logo in System Properties window with Pirates of Caribbean.
You can open the System Properties dialog box by clicking the Vista Start button, type System, locate System from the program list, highlight it and press ENTER. Or, you can just press Windows + Pause shortcut key to bring up System Properties dialog box.
  1. Using your favourite picture editor, prepare the new Vista OEM logo in 120 x 120 pixels picture and saved as BMP format (Windows Bitmap Picture).
    For my case, I use the bundled Microsoft Paint to “cut” an equal size of Pirate Of Caribbean poster, save it as BMP format, and re-size it to 120 x 120 pixels with InfranView.
  2. Copy the new Vista OEM logo to C:\Windows\System32\. If you haven’t tweak or disable Windows Vista UAC, you will be prompt with consent to proceed.
  3. Now, this step involves editing the Windows Registry. Stop here if you’re not comfortable with Windows Registry editor. Click the Vista Start button, type regedit and press ENTER to bring up Windows Registry editor.
    Besides the new Windows Start button, Windows Vista search box is also a new and smart searching feature. As user typing the program name, Windows Vista search box will display the most matching program in the search program list.
  4. Browse to this registry path
  5. Locate the Logo key in the right panel. If this key is not exists, right-click OEMInformation or any blank area in right panel, click New option from the pop-up menu, click String Value to create a new key of string value type, and rename the new key as Logo
  6. Double-click Logo, type in the full path of your own OEM logo, click OK to save the change. In my case, its value is
  7. Now, open the System Properties dialog box, you should have seen your new Vista OEM logo, as my Pirates of Caribbean poster shown in above.

What other registry keys can be added to OEMInformation registry path?
  • Manufacturer (string value type) – type the office name here.
  • Model (string value type) – type model information of the Windows Vista PC here.
  • SupportURL (string value type) – type in a valid URL. If you boss didn’t ask for it, take initiative to impress him by adding this registry key and point it to the company official home page!

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