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Enable Windows Aero Interface In Vista Home Basic Edition

As you know, or you may not know, that the fancy Windows Aero interface is only available in 4 Vista editions – Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, and Windows Vista Ultimate!

Without Windows Aero interface, perhaps many will consider Vista as Windows XP Service Pack 3!
As of always, the first impression is critical. So as many people are impressed by the new Windows Vista GUI interface.

Windows Aero interface present premium visual experience in Windows Vista - to render a thumbnail-sized preview of content for open windows when the ALT+TAB key are pressed.
Windows Aero, the core that rendering premium visual experience of Windows Vista, features a transparent glass design (the look through effects) with subtle window animations and new window colors.

Windows Flip 3D or Windows 3D Flip is another features of Windows Aero interface that introduced to present premium visual effects in Windows Vista - press the Windows + TAB key together and get easily flip through the open windows in a 3D stack of windows.

Besides the transparent glass view, there is also Windows Flip 3D (press Windows + TAB key) that allows user to quickly flip through the open windows in a three-dimensional stack. Of course, the classic ALT + TAB key sequence is still working, but has been redesigned to show a small preview of the open window.

Windows Aero interface present premium visual experience in Windows Vista - to render a dynamic thumbnail-sized preview of content for open windows whenever the mouse pointer rest on top of taskbar buttons (the open windows)!

Windows Aero also includes a dynamic, thumbnail-sized taskbar preview of content for the open windows, whenever the mouse pointer rest on top of those taskbar button (the open windows)!

So, if you’re not using any of those Vista edition mentioned earlier, there is no Windows Aero effects at all! Even if you’re using one of them, Windows Aero interface will automatically turned off if your Windows Experience Index is overall lower or your computer is not of Vista Premium / Vista Ready hardware specification!

Anyway, I found an email about the Vista trick that said able to turn on the fancy Windows Aero interface in Windows Vista Home Basic edition, provided it’s running on a Vista Ready computer.

Vista trick to enable Windows Aero interface in Windows Vista Home Basic edition
Note, this guide involves editing Windows Registry. Error editing Windows Registry might fail Windows Vista to startup or operate properly! I’ve not personally tested this guide to prove it, as I’m not using a Vista Home Basic edition! Anyway, there is no harm to test it, if you’re interested to turn on Windows Aero interface, provided you’ve make a backup of Windows Registry and edit it with care.
  1. Click on the Vista Start button, type regedit and press ENTER. You can also press CTRL + ESC or Windows key follow by typing regedit in the Vista Search box and press ENTER.
    If you’ve not turn off or tweaking Windows Vista User Access Control, you’ll be prompted for permission to continue. Just press Continue to proceed.
  2. Locate the HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > DWM registry key on the left panel of Windows Registry box.
  3. On the right panel, search and double-click the Composition key and change the value to 1. Also, change the CompositionPolicy key value to 2.
  4. Click on the Vista Start button, type servives.msc, and press ENTER key to bring up Windows Services box. Locate the Desktop Windows Manager Session Manager and double-click it. Click the Stop button follow by Start button to stop/start or restart the Desktop Windows Manager Session Manager service.
    Alternatively, you can open a elevated-privilege Command Prompt and type net stop uxsms follow by net start uxsms, which do the same thing!

Almost done. This last step is to restart Windows Vista Home Basic, and experience the Windows Aero interface thereafter!

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  1. db 12-05-07@02:43

    Jeez…quit perpetuating wrong info. This hack doesn’t work, never has, and should be put forth as such. Neither flip 3d, or aero glass, are enabled–it just turns on the aero standard ability, which is there already. Do some freaking research (like 10 seconds of googling) before you post this misinformation.

  2. Walker 12-05-07@23:41

    As mentioned in the quote that I didn’t test this guide personally since my choice is Windows Vista Ultimate. I posted it just if someone out there has similar interest.

    Anyway, thanks for telling the truth with the rest of readers!

  3. jake 24-05-07@13:12

    Thanks man. It worked well, before I even restarted!

  4. Walker 12-06-07@15:57

    I’m sorry to confirm that this trick DOES NOT work. DB comment is correct.

    As I mentioned in the blockquote, I haven’t tried the trick before I wrote it as I’m using Vista Ultimate – the mother of all Vista edition features!

    Today, I tried it on a real Home Basic editon, and confirm it doesn’t work – the semi-transparent or 3D Flip is both not presents, only the basic Vista theme!

    Once again, sorry for misleading information!

  5. db 26-06-07@02:22

    Thanks for following up, and for keeping such a nice tone about it (which I didn’t in my first post).

    Sorry to have been so harsh in that first posting. I had just been searching for a workable hack for so long, and it seemed like everybody was posting this one. I was getting a tad frustrated I guess, and took it out on you.

  6. Copy And Paste Text In Command Prompt – Walker News 27-06-07@21:53

    […] interface is intuitive to use, so as the attractive Windows Aero interface on some of the Windows Vista […]

  7. moe 16-08-07@03:40

    jeez, this trick dosen’t work at all
    maybe you have to try it first
    any ways I already have vista ultimate

  8. aziz 16-09-07@04:48

    hey db dude did u end up finding a way to get it or is it impossible cuz im getting frustrated too

  9. Viet 22-09-07@16:20

    i try this hack on my laptop , it use vista home basic OEM , but nothings happen . i think there are different from Vista home basic OEM and Vista home basic edition . Plase help me

  10. Walker 22-09-07@17:18

    Hi Viet, I don’t think the difference of OEM and retail version cause this trick to fail, as this trick has never turn on the Windows Aero feature that’s only available to Premium edition and above.

    If you’ve vet thru the comments in this post, you’ll certainly know it.

  11. rasta 06-10-07@16:06

    i just started to use windows vista home basic, and i’ve try to activate the aero just like you said, but it didn’t work properly….

    can anobody please help me out… i’m not too familiar with computer.

  12. ali 13-10-07@15:58

    i got vista basic worked fine! it only makes the windows trasparent when they are maximized dosnt work when they are minimized!

  13. peter 26-10-07@03:24

    i tried it does not work for me i dont believe in u

  14. mscracker 04-11-07@02:19

    I run vista home premium OEM (FSC)

    And this works perfect for me, however i dont set the regdb input to “2”, only “1” so i just get the aero glass theme.

  15. Steve 13-11-07@16:38

    Mscracker are you on drugs? Premium INCLUDES glass by default! Basic does not and this hack does NOT work in getting glass with its associated flip3d!!

  16. bhy 19-11-07@08:43

    How about asking someone with vista premium to sae their these as and then transfer it to the basic pc and load it up?

    i stummbled here looking to disable my aero due to a shit pc from a shit no name company

  17. DD 24-11-07@20:17

    I tried, it doesn’t work man

    Any thing else to try please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. res0tm5t 26-11-07@13:25

    did this just like it said and now I can flip which i could not before and all my windows when flipping are not transperant but stuff in my taskbar is. Also when I lower a window down a mini one pops up when cusor is on it. So I am going to have to say try it out for yourself, worked for me. Vista Ultimate Student Edition.

  19. savannah 30-12-07@12:03

    this doesn’t work anymore
    on the basic vista

  20. malik 03-02-08@01:26

    totally waste of my fuckin time. It is a waste. Dont believe it.

  21. cchs 06-02-08@22:32

    yeah i found a way to get windows aro on home basic but the steps to due it or no basic this sholu take 30 min to finish here they are as follow

    replace rundll.32 with a windows home primum rundll
    then restart after that your computer might not run so boot into safe mode
    then run services.msc and stop the desktop management service
    restart your computer and i should start normaly then open up regeit and Locate the HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > DWM
    and delete it then restart the computer and boot into safe mode open up services and start the desktop manage ment service then restart locate the file quartz and get full control of it and replace it with a windows vista homr primum version after that run regedit and go to hkey local machine software microsoft windows nt and rename the version of windows to home premium after that Locate the HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > DWM registry key on the left panel of Windows Registry box.

    On the right panel, search and double-click the Composition key and change the value to 1. Also, change the CompositionPolicy key value to 2.

    then run device manager and upadate all graphic card drivers then reboot now create a new short cut on your desktop to C:\Windows\system32\rundll32.exe DwmApi #105
    then name it flip 3d after that grab it and move it over into your quick launch bar and click it now you have windows flip 3d on windows home basic

  22. Walker 07-02-08@13:12

    Has anyone tried CCHS tips? Please comment.

  23. James 13-02-08@17:01

    MAN CCHS all that to do windows flip 3d..havnt tried it but im too scared ill stuff up sumthing :P

  24. CCHS 15-02-08@07:58

    yeah guys it’s me cchs and do i have somthing for you
    i know the stuff i said above kinda frightend james a bit but i found a quick fast and safe way of getting the areo interface see there is this program called windows blinds 5.5 enhanced version if you can find it and download it i will give you a key if you need one but it must be the 5.5 enhanced version any ways once you downloaded it go on the stardocks main webpage and goto themes find a theme called windows vista and the author is “windows x” once you downloaded the theme import it into windows blinds and apply the theme and restart now you have the windows areo but not flip 3d but luckly there is an alterintive and it’s called topdesk if you download this i can get you a key for it after you got it all set up you have windows flip 3d and the wonderful areo on home basic but you still don’t got chess titans or majohn titans well no wory because this you can get easy all you have to do is locate the file vistaemulation.dll in system 32 and get full control over it once you got full control search google for vista emulation.dll ultimate version then replace it in your system 32 folder after that if you have a ultimate based machine around or you have a buddy you can copy the files from c:/programfiles/micrsoftgames and put them in your home basic machine now if your a heavy user like me and you want the drive encryption and windows defender you can get these files by scouring over the internet if you can’t find the files you want i can email them to you all you have to do is email me at dalecomputer@hotmail.com
    if you want everything windows vista ultimte can offer you can awalys buy the upgrade or borrow a buddys disc and install it sure you have 30 days but microsoft made a program called voak tools and it will let you re arm vista 6 times you do the math 6×30=160 days and even more funny change your product key with any one and get the 6×30 again and again but you can’t get updates and eventually micrsoft will fix this error they made but you can’t get introuble for somthing micrsoft made
    but back to areo it’s nothing more than another service pack for windows xp.

  25. rafa 23-02-08@07:07

    I tested on basic, it doesn’t works. At “youtube.com” there are lots of videos saying that works, but it doesn’t. Why some people feel pleasure on cheating us?
    But Basic visual isn’t so bad at all…
    hehehe xD LºL

  26. nano351 04-03-08@08:54

    microsoft patched this in a update…

  27. smooth 11-03-08@04:18

    i tried CCHS tips in full, didn’t screw up my vista install, but it didn’t enable transparent glass either, just aero, which i already had. there has got to be way to enable full aero glass in home basic by way of a crack / hack.

  28. meh 26-03-08@09:43

    this is just another example of where the internet is going.

    off an f’ing cliff with it’s pack of lemmings.

    it’s getting so bad now, that you have legions upon legions of ignorant youth yelling FAKE FAKE FAKE at just about everything they see or read on the internet…probably for good reason, but it’s funny and sad at the same time. There will be so much misinformation on the internet that quality, craft, ability, skills….they’ll all be lost on the instant gratification generation.

  29. Passerby 29-03-08@01:31

    This doesn’t turn on Aero.

    If you have a fresh install of Vista Home Basic, the above settings only bypass the Windows color and Appearence and set the Theme to Vista so that you can change the color of the taskbar and such with the smokey colors. You can do this same setting by righ clicking on your desktop.

    Again, This doesn’t turn on Aero because Aero is not on Home Basic.

  30. bob 30-03-08@22:36

    I have Vista Home Premium, but my computer doesn’t meet the system requirements to run aero. U need 1 GB of RAM, some good graphic cards and a bunch of other stuff for it to even appear in the appearance list. It works, but ur computers don’t meet the requirements, so u wont see it.

  31. Michael 12-04-08@21:36

    Massive respect I can 3D flip now :D w00t

  32. raxxa 27-04-08@12:49

    Hi, not all people can get the windows aero view, you hardware needs to support it, I had a look at a few of the comments never see anyone give this advice “Sorry if you did”, for it too work, you have to run as Administrator, so Turn of the User Accounts Control or Right click on the command prompt icon in the start menu and select run as Administrator….

    Hope that helps some people

  33. sam 14-05-08@04:23

    this worked for me…thanks!! even b4 i restarted

  34. DhRuv 21-09-08@15:42

    not working yar… its totally time waste……………………..FAKE

  35. Frances Marie 10-10-08@22:32

    I want to be able to have the windows cascades on the desktop at an angle, is this aero, windows blinds, windows flip, flip 3D, not real tech savy! Would appreciate some guidance………..I’m willing to give it a shot if the directions are BASIC……for me to get my Windows Home Basic functioning how I want it on my budget ; ) Thanks for your intellect and input!

  36. Kalu 26-10-08@01:24

    Guys, the instructions work, but what I guess is happening can only point to the fact that if it didnt work for you, you dont have the right hardware.

    For you guys that tried it last year (2007) am quite sure most of you didnt have a high end laptop system.

    Mine is a Dell Vostro 1510, i only upgraded the ram to 4GB but running vista home edition

  37. ranveer 28-10-08@14:12

    thanks the trick explained above works

  38. husskii 02-01-09@21:18

    Hi friends. I have had vista ultimate before and know that my note book is Aero compatible 3D. But it was a pirate copy and as usual they are shit and possibly full of bugs.

    I have tried the regedit path as explained above but there is no difference. I recon Aero has to be able to work since its the one DVD that has all versions of vista on it and depending on your product key, that’s the version you get, such as basic product key gives u basic and ultimate key gives you ultimate.

    Please if anyone does know of a working method, can you reply. Once you’ve had flip3D u cant go back. lol


  39. McLovin 10-01-09@18:01

    The hack works guys. I use Vista Basic and I somehow managed to enable transparency on the windows. See:

  40. John 20-01-09@00:58


    This worked easily and completely in Vista Ultimate.

    Nothing else had worked. This was simple and fast and effective.

  41. zah 10-02-09@22:02

    it’s only an issue, we can’t believe it, its not working dude

  42. usman 16-02-09@08:04

    is there an application file for this? can’t we just install an add-on or a program that gives these kind of features?

  43. ea 24-02-09@08:54

    this didnt even work…wtf?

  44. ggman56 16-03-09@00:01

    Go to Google and type in Vista Glazz and download it it works!!!!!! And its free!!

  45. esvom 17-03-09@14:41

    this is a fake, this method doesn’t work on windows vista home basic.

  46. David 20-03-09@12:20

    not work :s, i do all that and nothing hapend— any solution?

  47. DIogo 04-06-09@22:41

    ON WINDOWS 7 RC 1 Ultimate works and it is not fake…

    THanks man ;)

  48. pumpplow 14-06-09@06:45

    It does not work in SP1″db” dumbass!

  49. JoJo 16-07-09@07:53

    No good on Vista Home SP2. This blog is an example of a total waste.

  50. xPROx™ 19-07-09@12:24

    there’s no way u a=can get that by editing the regedit as it had already stated Windows Vista Basic,no Windows Aero

    HOw can U GeT WinDows AeRO in vista basic by editing _|_ -_0||| _|_
    | | | |

  51. Dont take a shit from bill gates 28-07-09@02:11

    Ok i have made a some research and for now i found a way to have the transparent window effect in windows basic .. for the moment i dont know how to get the flip 3d this is just to get the trasparenci effect on windows

    go to this link and follow the instructions there i just do it and it work but you have to modifi some files and have some patience but that is better that give more money to microshit


  52. Tracy 13-08-09@02:23

    wow, i seen this hack on so many web sites. it will not work, UNLESS you have a computer or know someone with Premium or Ultimate. then u need to get a copy of the C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Aero folder and copy it into your C:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder. Try that, it worked when i copied it from my Ultimate to my other Basic Edition.

  53. Meerkat 12-10-09@23:48

    I have Vista Home Basic and have tried the registry hacks and they don’t work. However, if you have home basic and want the glass effect, try either Windows blinds (Free 30 day trial) or a freeware programme called True Transparency. This will give you the glass effect. If you want the 3D Flip effect, download a freeware programme called WinFlip. WinFlip uses the same keys to operate as the normal editions of Home Premium etc. The only downside to WinFlip is that it uses a lot of memory, but that said, the quality is very good. I have tried both of these and they work very well in Home Basic. What you don’t get though, is the miniature window when using the Alt and Tab keys, you just get the thumbnail.

  54. david 31-10-09@00:07

    i agree with the 1st post stop posting crap that dont work idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Walker 01-11-09@22:30

    I am not the best who can solve all problems, but I do have little talent to fix some of them.

    While you reading the 1st comment, please take some time to vet through the rest, particular those highlighted comments, especially the 2nd.

  56. Fabio Potter 05-11-09@05:36

    Tks. The trick work in my Vaio laptop….Congratulations.

  57. Kira 28-11-09@03:30

    Hi peeps one tweak worked way too easy on me

    Just use Tune Up Utilities 2010

    And download this:

    it worked perfect on me by using Tune Up


  58. Meh 06-12-09@09:10

    Kiras advice worked for me and i use a vista home baisic it was too easy as he said all i did was get the windows 7 theme and activated it useing tune up

  59. Meh 06-12-09@09:11

    and im not lying i as getting a lil frustrated like you guys and found somthing that work btw even if this doesnt work for our excat computer i suggest not using you tube i serched a week for it to work and i finally got it too

  60. johnny 21-01-10@10:24

    just try VistaGlazz patch your system with this in order to apply non official themes, and download a transparent theme from anywhere and install it. I’m currently using: bmx glass se7en final, and I can’t tell no difference between a premium and a basic. its so simple. you also can install a program called deskpace to manage multiple desktops its like a cube, and I swear man your pc will rock more than a vista ultimate.

  61. Patrick 25-01-10@01:22

    thanks it worked very well. who don´t know how to use it stay quiet

  62. ndci 10-03-10@06:07

    i didn’t have to da that cuz my laptop was already enbaled with aero but the standard abilty version. i duuno y it did that. same on my friends laptop.

  63. Jump 12-03-10@14:13

    The “Hack” may help those with higher versions of Vista get there Aero portions working again.
    But if you want any of the features, Aero Shake, Transparency, Flip, – just load the features you think you would like from here:


    There you will find Free programs that will do these features. And with all XP/Vista Basic programs like these, you will find more and better programs so keep searching and trying different ones – Windows always seem to have Basic everything in no matter what version you purchase. That’s why they have Power Toys and TweakUI etc.

    Hope this helps

  64. DK 28-08-10@20:02

    Hey husskii I figured out a way install this lil software which will give u an aftermarket version of flip 3D


    Cheers mate

  65. Clint 29-10-10@04:42

    Despite all the naysayers this did work for me (Home Basic).

    Thanks, it was easy.

  66. ddiescast 27-01-11@23:17


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