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Internet Problems With Kaspersky Internet Security 6 Default Installation

Kaspersky Internet Security 6 ( is the latest, reliable all-in-one security software, that is made to be compatible with Windows Vista User Account Control.

According to the independent anti-virus software comparison test, Kaspersky product beating some of the reputable big boy in security software territory, such as Symantec-Norton & Mcafee (not to mentione Microsoft OneCare), and rated as the industry top 6 most reliable anti-virus software!
Owed to this honour, the default installation of Kaspersky Internet Security 6 has unreasonable causing some problems with Internet browsing or web surfing!

For example, with the default Kaspersky IS 6 installation, you couldn’t access or login to Statcounter account, cannot get a security code prompt to login HSBC Internet banking account, or can’t even have chance to see most banners from adbrite.com, doubleclick.com, google adsense, etc!

At first, I thought it might because of IE 7 or Windows Vista Ultimate is to blame for. But, I found the same problems on Windows XP and Firefox with Kaspersky IS 6 installed.

Initially, I’ve found the solution by tweaking Kaspersky IS 6 anti-banner setting and port setting.

Anti-banner is not a serious security feature, except that it helps to take out almost all of the ads found in the websites.

Take a look of anti-banner setting, there are few hundreds ads-related domains blocked by default installation, including those AdBrite.com, DoubleClick.com, Google Adsense, etc.

Kaspersky Internet Security 6 default installation setting will block hundreds of ads-related domains that appears as banners in most websites, such as those from Adbrite.com, doubleclick.com, Google Adsense, etc. This setting will cause problem when login to Statcounter account as well.

Banner-ads itself is not high-risk threats, except those adult-related ads.

For parent who wanted to safeguard their children from exploring or exposing to adult-related ads, Kaspersky IS 6 anti-banner default setting is good and reasonable enough. But, for me, sorry!

That’s not mean I’m fancy to adult-ads, but some others useful ads that draw my attention – not all ads are useless!

Next, I turn off the secured-Internet port checking (HTTPS or Internet port 443) in order to get access to HSBC Internet banking. I’m not sure that this setting has affecting other secured Internet Banking, but I can say it works for HSBC Internet Banking!

Kaspersky Internet Security 6 default installation will enable checking on secure, encrypted internet protocol such as HTTPS port 443. This has caused problem of login to HSBC internet banking account.

Today, I found that it’s better to completely turning off both anti-spy and anti-spam modules of Kaspersky Internet Security 6, in order to fix the performance issues. Depending on your comfortable level, you may need to spend some time to further test and tailor Kaspersky Internet Security 6 setting for your personal experience!

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  3. Dinesh 12-10-09@16:57

    Kaspersky Internet security is blocking my c drive The system is showing 0 free space in c drive. Can anybody help me plz to solve this problem?

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