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IE 7 XML Feed Display & RSS Feed Validation

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 SP2 doesn’t directly support feed reading as Firefox web browser. The feed reading support is only built into the release of Internet Explorer 7, which is made available for Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista.

Default installation of IE 7 has explicitly turns on the feed reading view option. When IE 7 pointed to a feed URL, either a RSS feed or Atom feed, IE 7 wills automatically render the feed contents in an easier to read format, similar to other feed aggregators.
In the case of debugging, you might interest to view the feed XML codes rather than the rendering format. If you click a feed URL in IE 6 SP2, exactly XML coding of the feed will be shown. For IE 7, you’ve to disable the Feed Reading View option to get it display a feed XML codes.

How to view a Feed XML coding in IE 7?

1) Click on the Tools menu,
2) Click on the Internet Options sub-menu,
3) Click on the Content tab,
4) Click on the Settings button of Feed section to bring up Feed Settings dialog box,
5) Un-tick the check-box of Turn On Feed Reading View option.
6) Click OK all the way to close all opened dialog boxes.

Turn off IE 7 feed reading view in order to get it display XML code of a feed, which is useful in debugging.

How to validate RSS feed and Atom feed?

Get IE 7 to display a XML code view of the feed to assist in feed validation and feed debugging

There are many online feed validation tools to get assist you. For example, this Feed Validator can be used to validate both RSS and Atom 1.0 feed. Although it doesn’t support Atom 0.3 validation, this is another feed validator that capable to validate Atom 0.3 feed format.

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