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How To Get WordPress Blog Indexed In Technorati

At last, I managed to get my WordPress blog posts automatically indexed in Technorati.com!

It’s a really simple and easy job to get it done, but it’s not that straight-forward with WordPress powered blog!

Technorati.com most likely not fully indexing blog posts in WordPress 2.1 or any version that is defaulted to only ping an excerpts of posts content in RSS Feed / Atom Feed!
In addition, the unreasonable WordPress Visual Editor double the pain if it’s used to write and publish WordPress blog posts!

Apparently, related posts link are not updated by the bsuggestive function of bsuite plugin and Technorati spiders are unable to detect rel=”tag” link attribute to index the posts, after Visual Editor re-arrange rel=”tag” link attribute in the post content!

How to get WordPress blog post indexed in Technorati.com?
What’s a (technorati) post tag?
A tag is another way of searching relevant information from the database or the Net. For example, says that you’ve written an article about Paradox OEM BIOS Tools that turns a pirated Windows Vista to a Genuine Vista, you could categorize or tag this article with keyword Vista, Hack, Paradox, etc. When a reader clicks on Hack hyper-link keyword that added with rel=”hack” link attributes, a lists of related articles tagged for Hack will be presented.

Essentially, Technorati spider discovers a new post via full text FEED and index the post in Technorati.com according to the post TAG found in the feed.

For technical reason, Technorati spider prefers Atom feed over RSS feed, as the Atom feed works more consistent and explicit about several elements than RSS feed does. Technorati spider recognize WordPress category tags or rel=”tag” link attribute in a hyper-link of keywords.

Having says that, each of the WordPress blog posts must be tagged and presented in a full content RSS feed and Atom feed. Otherwise, Technorati will not able to index the posts.

The tags can be either WordPress category tag or the rel="tag" link attribute in a hyperlink.

Technorati spider will find the tags in both of these link formats
<a href="http://technorati.com/tag/YourTagWordHere" rel="tag">YourTagWordHere</a>

or using own blog URL instead of technorati.com
<a href="https://www.walkernews.net/tag/YourTagWordHere" rel="tag">YourTagWordHere</a>

Next, make sure the default WordPress 2.1 Visual Editor is turned off!
Turn off or disable WordPress default Visual Editor as it will automatically re-arrange a hyperlink attribute.

It’s a nightmare to troubleshoot the problem, such as getting Related Posts to work with bsuggestive function of bsuite plugin or getting published posts indexed in Technorati.com!

If WordPress Visual Editor is used to write and published posts, Visual Editor wills automatically re-arrange the hyper-link attributes inside the post content when it’s published. For example, suppose this is the hyper-link code written in the WordPress code editor
<a href="http://technorati.com/tag/YourTagWordHere" rel="tag">YourTagWordHere</a>

WordPress Visual Editor will automatically relocate the rel=”tag” attribute to the front of href=”” link attribute, as following
<a rel="tag" href="http://technorati.com/tag/YourTagWordHere">YourTagWordHere</a>

How to disable WordPress Visual Editor

1) Login to your WordPress blog admin page
2) Go to User page
3) Select your login account and click Your Profile page
4) Un-tick the Use The Visual Editor When Editing option

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