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Restore IE 7 Menu Bar To The Top

As usual, a new release of software comes with enhanced functionality and improved user interface. So as IE 7, that’s developed for Windows Vista, but is also made available for Windows XP SP2 and above. Anyway, not all of the IE 7 interface changes are winning users’ heart. One of these is the hidden menu bar in IE 7 default installation.

Yes, it’s really easy to enable or restore IE 7 menu bar. However, the default position of IE 7menu bar is a bit strange than it’s used to be in IE 6 SP2, Firefox 2.x, or most of other Windows programs. Anyway, the ITBar7Position registry key is able to restore IE 7 menu bar back to the top of window, exactly on top of IE 7 address bar.

How to enable menu bar in IE 7?

Default IE 7 menu bar position

Right-click on IE 7 tools bar (blank area below address bar) and select the Menu Bar option. This is to enable or restore IE 7 menu bar, if you really miss it.
How to restore IE 7 menu bar to appear on top of address bar?
Edit registry key with Registry Editor that comes with Windows XP 2 or Windows Vista is easy and safe. However, careless editing could corrupt Windows Registry and cause Windows Vista fails to boot up.

1) Click on START button followed by RUN menu, type regedit in the RUN dialog box, and click OK to bring up Registry Editor.

2) Locate registry key path
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser

3) Look for ITBar7Position registry key. If it’s not there, create ITBar7Position registry key of DWORD key type.

Editing ITBar7Position registry key value

4) Set the ITBar7Position registry key to 1 will fix IE 7 menu bar to exactly appear on top of IE 7 address bar, as it’s seen in IE 6 SP2 or Firefox 2.x.

Hacking ITBar7Position registry key to restore IE 7 menu bar back to the top of window

The default value of ITBar7Position is 0, which fix IE 7 menu bar to appear below IE 7 address bar.

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